Jan 8, 2010

Zero boys - Vicious circle

The Zero Boys are a hardcore punk quartet from indianapolis, indiana..
In 1982, they released their first (full lenght) album Vicious circle that with their first release,
the ep "livin in the 80's" has established them as a very ass-kicking hardcore band!
Many punks expressed surprise that a band like the Zero Boys originated in the Midwest, their polished intensity suggested the larger and more established scenes in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York City and elsewhere.
The intelligent, ambitious lyrics of "Vicious Circle" tackled such themes as social stratification, teen angst, and political corruption!
These themes, set into a blazing, sonic buzzsaw with huge choruses and intricate changeups, set an influential stylistic precedent for hardcore punk which still resonates today.
This release we can say is more hardcore than punk in comparison with their other releases that's more in the Ramones punkrock vein

Soundtrack for VICIOUS CIRCLE pits (or mediafire)

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