Mar 25, 2011

Sucked dry - tape & 7''

Some time ago, while i was chating with Dan from, he told me that he will release a 7'' from a new band from Kansas city called Sucked dry. I somehow (or dumbhow) found a digital copy of that 7'' (called "falling apart at the seams'') and i was blown away. Heavy and clear bass lines played super fast, drums that makes the less of the less turns, great angry vocals and catchy riffs. You know that i love everything that combines old-school hardcore played in our time. Fresh, ultra-violent, pessimistic and strong like tornado (Βαγγουρα τσεκαρε). Does Out Cold comes in mind? It should be, 'coz this young lads delivers first-class negative hardcore like the "fathers" did. On the bottom of the post you'll find a download link. The folder contains both the new casseette and the "falling apart..." 7''.
I sent the band an e-mail and we start chating, the rest column you can call it an (extra-mini) interview (but it's not). SUCKED DRY have my respect, time for you now :

FC : Who the fuck are you?
SD: Hi, I'm nic. I'm 21 years old, I'm the guitarist and vocalist. David (drums) is 19, and Jake (bass) is 22. We've been playing bands together since we were 15-ish, but nothing of note, really. Jake and I went to elementary school together. We live in a house on the East side with 3 other guys.

FC: What is like living on Kansas city? any notable hardcore bands i should check?
SD: Kansas City is cool. It's not different from any other smaller sized city. I think we're the 9th most dangerous city in US, but that might be a little misleading. We live in pretty serious Crip neighborhood (listen to Fat-Tone), but we've never had any problems. The neighbors are all really nice to the weirdo white kids, and this group of little girls from down the street are always hanging out with us on the porch and asking us dumb questions. We've got a lot of great hardcore bands, too: Dark Ages, Der Todesking, Sorry Excuse, Kicked In, and No Master (which Jake and David are now in doing their respective instruments after our friend Johnny passed away last year.)

FC : Are you politically active (in general)?
SD : It's hard to be really politically active in the Midwest, let alone the US in general. Political candidates don't really disclose their views or policies very earnestly, so public knowledge on the people you vote for tends to be fairly vague and murky, so needless to say, it's pretty discouraging. Plus, you know, whatever. Fuck those guys. I mean, college tuition in England gets raised a pound and people are burning buildings down, while in the US college tuition is tripling (in some cases quadrupling) the rate of inflation, and there's an immense feeling of, not necessarily apathy, but a kind of impotency. At least, I feel like there's very little I can do to change anything.

FC : Your songs are fast and mean. What's the fuel that makes you write those hateful lyrics?
SD :  The songs we write don't espouse a very specific political agenda. The lyrics are more of a reflection on what it means to be a person these days. We're all pollution producing, boot licking egomaniacs. It's almost inescapable.

FC : why are you hating the police?
SD : The boys in blue don't miss out on our dedications. ACAB

FC : Last comment?
SD : We're all vegeterians.


buy the tape here

Mar 21, 2011

Cross stitched eyes - II

Here we have my latest obsession. Cross stiched eyes comes from different countries (uk, germany and usa) to deliver the one and only deadly thing: Amazing hardcore punk. Tim Crow (check out desperately Bad Influence and Zygote if you haven't already) plays the bass guitar.


Now, here we have their recording called "II". It consists of their first ep ("I"), some newer studio recordings and some demo versions. It has thirteen tracks, some of them are highlights such as : "cross', "cast out", "suffer" etc. They blend with a nature feeling totally different stuff with a great spell. Awesome vocals that reminds early uk crust, some Rudimentary peni atmosphere, With a solid foundation of heavy, pounding drums, dark, driving riffage, and an overall evil/scary ambience, they are truelly a great band and i'm glad i finally got to listen their records.


Mar 11, 2011

Burning Leather - Daylight Nights

After some time i finally found the new Burning leather lp. I know you might seeking for this one for some time now, so now you can get it.

In case you're waiting for a brand new album i will let you down. This Lp has 10 tracks, 6 are from the first demo and the rest 4 are new material. The tracks from the demo have more driven sound, some extra guitars, more mid-paced feeling and in general rocks. The new material continues the Burning Leather. Dirty, stinking alcohol, motorhead-friendly and ear-bitting. I think that i prefer the sound of the first demo 'coz it gives you more ENERGY but i honestly believe that this one is rock'n'roll diamond, and remember this statement after ten years. Mesmerised in pain. hahahah. Have a good listening, and check also the previous post about Burning leather here with a lot of infos.


Mar 5, 2011

Words that Burn - Profits of the christ 7''

I'm feeling so lucky when great guys like mr. 7inchcrust sends in my mail some great seveninches to review and post that make me blush. Thanx a lot billy, i owe you.

couldn't find other pic, sorry
So, here we have Words that Burn from wisconsin. Lately i have re-invent my love for hardcore-punk in general, when bands like this one, like mauser or Cross stitched eyes come across my stereo. Words that burn have also another lp called "spawning ground for heroes".

This 7'' has 5 tracks of great heavy and solid crust-punk in the vein of early Profane Existence releases (yep, i mean the 90's, mate) even if "profits..." released somewhere in 2004. The first song "666 pack" has that stupid lyrics about alcohol passion and the rest stupid usual crusty theme (the lyrical approach on crust-punk about alcohol i can say is the only thing i really hate about crust, even more than patches.) but the guitars are thick and they have something like an intro that reminds me a lot the greek hardcore / crust scene of the 90's in greece, bands like Chaotic end or Forgotten prophecy comes in mind. Think something between Amebix and Nausea. Strong, thick and mid-tempo.

And as i like to do, i'll borrow some words : "the more serious tracks attacking corporate greed, war, religion, etc. are fine by me. Typical, but fine. "Badges won't pay for life, Those who choose to serve, To breathe the death, As they stand and fight, Irresponsible technology swallows, His dreams for tomorrow are chemically burned..." Another solid release from Words That Burn. It's really nothing new, but it still delivers."

Enjoy and leave some comments, m/fuckers