Aug 31, 2010

Go filth go - no escape from noise dis-truction (tape)

From the burrows of kotzi city, tzapan, here comes the power-quartet well-known as go filth go.
Go filth go are the true wolves under Kawakami's holy belt where the mist of raw, d-beat noise wisdom comes...
Including members of black trinity, dyspnea and terrorismo musical these guys are your new fix for good, old-school dis-core like the "parents" first played.

Pure noise D-Beat in the old Discharge way, but with the reverb,distortion and tremble turned up until the buttons on the amp fall off from overturning!!! (dbill's holy words - sideburn's of the guy are way more punkier than kawakami's). Go check dis-or-die.blogspot 'coz the guy behind it also sings for GFG, so ask him for distribution etc or use the band's mail for further infos : (buy some copies mates, it's worth everyfucking cent). Skip the rest article (greek fucking language) and on the bottom of the post, you'll see a download link. Hit it.
What else to say for these fuckers? ENOUGH SAID! enjoy the filth...

Είναι πολύ περίεργο συναίσθημα να  προσπαθήσεις να περιγράψεις τον ήχο ενός συγκροτήματος, το οποίο συμπαθείς και θεωρείς φίλους (τουλάχιστον ένα απ'τά υποκείμενα που το αποτελούν). Θα βάλω τα δυνατά μου.

Μιλώντας συχνά πυκνά με τον Δημήτρη (κιθάρα σε black trinity / Go filth go) δεν μπορώ να κρύψω την συμπάθεια μου προς τη μπάντα και αυτό όχι για μουσικούς λόγους. Νοιώθοντας ότι μοιραζόμαστε κοινά εδάφη, τρόπους επικοινωνίας, ιδεολογικά και πολιτικά πεδία καθώς και αγάπη για την αυτοοργάνωση και την καλή μουσική (θα αφήσω τις ταμπέλες έξω για λίγο) νομίζω πως δε θα είμαι αντικειμενικός με αυτούς τους μπουγατσαδες από το Κοτζι city.

Εδώ, λοιπόν, έχουμε να κάνουμε με την πρώτη κασέτα (ναι, βγαίνουν ακόμα) με τίτλο “no escape from noise dis-truction” που πρόσφατα οι συμπαθέστατοι θεσσαλονικείς κυκλοφόρησαν. Με το τεράστιο πνεύμα τον Confuse να κυριαρχεί αυτά τα νόθα παιδιά του γιαπωνέζου Cal (aka Kawakami) κατάφεραν να ακούγονται φρέσκοι και πολύ δυνατοί. Συνδυάζοντας τα καλύτερα στοιχεία των Discharge, Disclose και Contrast attitude με ολίγη από Disable δηλαδή αυθεντικό “γαμώ-τη-μανά-σου-DBEAT” με κιθάρες πιο βρώμικες και από ένα Morbidangel-ικο βόθρο (γίνεται απλά : παίρνεται το πιο φτηνό guitar-distortion, το πιο φτηνό ενισχυτή των 15 watt και τα βάζετε όλα στο 10 για να μη πω στο 11. Η συνταγή αυτή βρίσκεται επίσης στον πρώτο δίσκο των Entombed. Nicke Anderson’s τσελεμεντές, εκδόσεις Clandestine, έτος 1989.)

Επίσης θέλω να σταθώ στα φωνητικά της μπάντας. Ο man πίσω απτό μικρόφωνο τυχαίνει (?) να έχει τα καλύτερα copy-paste φωνητικά του πλανήτη. Εδώ να υπογραμμίσω ότι το λέω αυτό με θετική χροιά. Ακούγοντας ειδικά τα φωνητικά του με black trinity θεωρώ ότι ούτε ο nocturnο culto μπορεί να κάνει πλέον τόσο καλά τα – ιδία του – τα φωνητικά όποτε καταλαβαίνετε λοιπόν ότι ούτε ο Kawakami (πόσο μάλλον ο Tsoukasa) θα είχε πρόβλημα (μάλλον θα σιγονταρει άπ'τον επουράνιο θρόνο του). Τέλος, ο ίδιος άνθρωπος βρίσκεται πίσω απτό οπότε τσεκάρετε το και αφήστε του μηνύματα και παραγγελίες της εν λόγο κυκλοφορίας ή επικοινωνήστε με τη μπάντα στο mail :

Η κασέτα κυκλοφόρησε πρόσφατα και μπορείτε να την βρείτε σε χίλια δυο όμορφα μέρη η να επικοινωνήσετε απευθείας με την μπάντα. Περιέχει 13 κομμάτια "χορευτικού" hardcore με διασκευές σε Discharge και Disclose (πως και έτσι?). Οπότε μη χάνεται χρόνο.

Τέλος, να πω και το παράπονο μου. Έχοντας δει 2 φόρες live τη μπάντα έχω να πω πως παρότι είναι καταπληκτικοί και πολύ δεμένοι, τα set υπερβαίνουν κατά πολύ τη μια ώρα κάτι που κουράζει συνήθως. Μάγκες κάντε κάνα 35 λεπτό set-ακι ώστε ο κοσμάκης να φωνάζει ρυθμικά το όνομα σας (sic) και αφού δε θα κάνετε encore γιατί δεν είστε τίποτα φλορούμπες, θα περιμένει καρτερικά την επόμενη συναυλία……


Aug 27, 2010

Invasion - discography

Yeah, right : Destino final, finally will come to town(s). 24 & 25 of september athens and thessaloniki will feel their grounds shaking and huge volcanos will pop-up when the mountains eventually turn to grey. But before that, it was Invasion. I kindly requested d. (guitarist of black trinity / Go filth go) to sit his ass down and write a proper review about these spanish dudes. He said : "Yeah, why not? Do i have a dealine?" and after 12 hours he sent a ball-breaking review in FifteenCounts headquarters. Enjoy him (and Invasion).

Amazing grace :

something like Invasion (destino final live)
Old school: two words that I really really love to use!
Also two words that I never used when I was talking about Spanish bands the last few years. Fortunately Invasion came to change this!
Here we have the previous band of the vocalist and guitarist of Destino Final. They released a demo and two LP’s. Destino Final is a great band that I like very much and I really wanted to listen to the Invasion stuff too. So, Mike gave me the chance and here I am. And I am very pleased with what I listened to!
Invasion played true old school punk! With the right sound and attitude! Simple song structure, but it has it all! Great riffs, kicking up-tempo drums, delayed spitting vocals. Nothing odd, no exaggerations. Just punk! Everything is where is needed to be. Less is more, as we say…
But what’s really good after all is that they manage to have a quite personal sound. I mean, you can see their influences, but all filtered perfectly in their sound. There are some old Swedish and Finnish punk influences, some late 70’s punk along with some Stooges and G.B.H., some Japanese (their spirit is burning alright!) and also a bit of old school metal for the final touch.
A plus (for me at least) is the fact that they keep their music close to politics.
I got to tell you. I love the raw sound of the instruments, the ultra-delayed vocals (reminded me a lot of the Hellhammer demos) and the evil laughters of the vocalist here and there, the energy and the darkness! And after you finish listening to their records (and you are a bit sweaty because you were banging the whole time) you instantly get the thought “Ah, it would be great to watch them live!”
Hopefully, we can do this with Destino Final. They still play a couple of Invasion songs live (their sound hasn’t changed much), so that’s just great!
Download or piss off!!!

Mitsos or Meatsauce


Aug 23, 2010

The lost self who beats your ass

Last days i find my self in a spiritual nirvana. Lately i'm so obsessed with weird (for me) music styles like stoner rock or even sludge (i'm sick, doc.) reminds me the first days as a "university" student, back then i was loving the first two Spiritual beggars albums and the "In the mushroom" cd of LID. Nowadays i discovered 16 (holy shit), Laughing hyenas (they are weird, aren't they?) and witchcraft. On the other hand i have to listen one time per day (pharmacy's prescription) Poison idea's "Feel the darkness" and Out cold's "Permanent twillight world" (Oh my god, i haven't done a single post about OUT COLD).

But, what the hell i'm talking about? If the hell could speak in tongues, it's name would be WARHEAD :

thanx to penny lane for the photo - thanx, (pin-up) girl!

So, warhead is one of the most underrated bands from japan. When everyone talks about Gauze and Stupid babies go mad (???) here's the real deal. Hailing from a city outside Osaka called Kyoto these punks have released one lp, two seveninches and a split 7'' while they have a 4 way split with DSB, Zone and Extinct Government. they have toured uk and usa (with Tragedy if i'm not mistaken) and they have write some of the best thrashy songs.

Raging thrashy hardcore / crust. If you wanna hear a madman who drunk some shinning nails you have to hear this. Do you need anything else?
Here you'll get :
-Cry of truth 7'' (1991 self released, later on Amok records)
-What to do with this Yearning & The lost self and beating heart (Ugly Pop records, reissue - Batguano's rip)
-Drive it in your head (1999, Fast nail records)

Judge dredd (movie) is starting up, so i'm leaving you in "good hands". Enjoy  (also check a very good article about japanese hardcore here)

Just, potatoes and rice (usual stuff - Japcore. press the fucking button)

Aug 12, 2010

Decrepit - discography cd

Decrepit was a crust-core band from seattle, active from 1994 to 1999 (i think so). In their brief history they released a 12'' lp, a self titled 7'', and some split 7''s.

While i was reading Lo-res viscera blog i misunderstood his Decrypt post with Decrepit. Decrepit came like natural in my mind, so i thought this is a good way to say "have some nice vacations guys, 'coz i'll certainly have! starting tomorrow - see you in september". Sweeten things up, i added - again - a cool pic of the band.

As i have already wrote decrepit was from seattle including members of Whorehouse of representatives (a great band too), Whipped, Cease and desist. Later on the mighty Consume also. Jim plays bass on Deathraid nowadays (great guy).

So, if you wanna hear some crazy crust-meets-grind tornado, here's your new favorites. Decrepit is one of the most vicious, fast, catchy crust band of all time. Imagine a drummer that when he was a baby his mother instead of milk gave him galons of gas so now he destroys sidewalks with his sticks. Very impressing "players" when it comes to the "game" aka grindy-fucking-crust. they have some great lyrics dealing mostly with politics (call me : ageism, elitism, pacifism, militarism, homophobia, and the God myth). I can describe them as more extreme Disrupt-meets-Resist group.

Extra tip is that in the thanx list of this cd they  include Agrinio's punx. First time i read this, i was laughing to death, knowing that agrinio is a small city in the centre of greece, full of moody weather and active punks (not the all-day drinking type of think-or just back in the day). So, i had a conversation with one of the agrinio guys that arrange them and said me that Decrepit and Detestation were the best guys they have ever meet (from the amount of crust bands that have visit greece in the late '90s). They had stayed in agrinio for three days, drinking tsipouro in the old-school cafe of the city among dirty farmers (imagine 60 years old guys seeing some crusty dudes with patches

I know that the good friend batguano loves them and you can read some things about'em in his blog here.

And one friend of mine still ows me my Decrepit t-shirt, i "loaned" him - back in the day - with those gas-masks...aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (mmmm, and a disrupt cover, did i mention that?)

Aug 8, 2010

Deathreat - The Severing of the Last Barred Window... Plus Early Tracks 97-99

It's a weird feeling when you wake up and you know that you saw Deathreat in your sleep (a live concert). Good or bad? I don't know, but i'm searching the blog for this band and i can't find any. So, it is time...

Travelling back in time we go to 1996. A shit-playing band called His hero is gone (Fifteencounts...remember?) has already "died". Some members go to form other bands. The burdette brothers moved on and from memphis go to portland. Deathreat started. So simple...

Speaking with todd for a little bit (as far as my english allowed me to..) when Tragedy came in greece for three gigs, i got the impression that the guy doesn't do just gigs but he lives for it. You can see the blood boiling inside him and his eyes going mad while every single word coming outta his mouth like a kalashnikof shoot. And when the gig is over is so calm and friendly and all these stuff making me wonder "how is it doing it", the "grandpa" fucker. Check an interview of tragedy here by the way.

Let's start with a family tree of the band known as Deathreat. Here we go : On guitars we have Paul burdette (well-known as a great drummer!) and Stan Wright. On Drums we have Todd burdette (well-known as a terryfic(!!!!) guitarist). Brad boatright on bass and Billy Vavies on vocals...
These guys have been in the diy scene for centuries with bands such as : His hero is gone, Tragedy, Signal lost, From ashes rise, Lebanon, Call the polise, Copout, Criminal damage, Severed head of state, Warcry, Trauma and No parade. And please name me one mediocre band of the above mentioned, not bad, just mediocre. It does not exist. All their bands were great. So it is DEATHREAT.

My first exposure to their sonic ear damaging was five years ago when i buyed their cd reissue of "the severing of the..." (this cd you'll download - the rip is from my physical copy) from Partners in crime records runned by billy davies (yes, the vocalist). While i was excepting clearly neo-crust full of great riffs and drums, melodramatic lyrics and acid-drenched vocals i was shocked 'coz i had to deal with simple-played hardcore!

Mixing all their influences from japanese thrashy hardcore to old-school american hardcore punk (i discovered Koro through their cover to the"Dear sirs" track) while some tracks ("who counts the bodies") reminds me the solid scandi scene. I'll have the sweet pleasure to see your ears pieced from within. Fast d-beat, great riffs and simple-angry vocals. and some skate-boards photos on the back. Great tracks like "Pay no mind", "First world imposition" or "Bodies pilled higher..." can't be recorded or written every-single-day. This is a masterpiece guys. 38 tracks in 36 minutes. Fuck yeah.
Even if i firstly was unsure if my buying skills was once more awful, three months later i put on this cd on my stereo and i felt a punch in the face. Speechless...

This cd contains the 1997's Lp "the severing...", the split with Talk is poison from 1999, the self titled 7'' from 1998 and the split with D.S.B (same period). Prepare to hear who the fuck all these "cult" raw hardcore bands nowadays have ripped the hell off. Guittars, sounding etc comes from Deathreat.
If you know them already and you have this one already, guess what. I don't give a fuck.

You're under careful control

Aug 6, 2010

White Male Dumbinance - Forced Vengeance 7''

I'm no big fan of powerviolence, that's for sure, but sometimes you have to recognise the power and genious of a band, even if the genre is not "worth dying for". Borrowing their name from the classic B.G.K album White male dumbinance is (was?) a great hardcore act from Newcastle, new south wales, australia. In this 7'' that have been released in 2008 they deliver twelve tracks of ferocious and pissed-off hardcore punk for fans of Charles bronson, Infest or Mind Eraser. Blastbeats just fills up the great riffs and the insane vocals, while the mid-tempo parts make you wonder "is it going to come in my head?". Add a crazy cover to INFEST's "why don't you" and political lyrics that deals with anti themes. They have released also a demo and a split with Masstrauma (and if you start begging in front of me i'll post them). Members have also been in the following bands : Arms Reach, Life.Love.Regret, The Dead Walk!, Conation (great!) and Captain Cleanoff! (greater!!).

I found a great text in the band's my(as)space and i think is much more useful to read it than read my own words. I'm still excited with bands that have something to say. by the way you propably will hear this 7'' 3-4 times 'till you finnish reading................

"Chances are 90% of Psuedo hardcore kids have never heard this style before because we play Hardcore (Harder & Faster Style of Punk in case you didn't know!)
This is not fucking watered down uplifting MTV goth pop cock rock!
What gets me is the shit you call emo is sounds like uplifting praise music, its not emotional its not dark so why walk around looking all goth & shit calling yourself emo?
Ironically if Icehouse & Journey were to have formed today & not in the 80's, Iva Davis & Steve Perry would have become Hardcore Gods & they both don't even know what Hardcore Fucking is, Thats Right Modern Hardcore sounds like Van Halen with Evil Cartoon Monster Vocals!, Areosmith & Warrant are fucking amazing Harcore bands in comparisson to these new christian MTV hardcore bands
Fuck your myspace photos taken from distorted angles from above to hide your fat fucking features! Fuck your Fashion show!
Fuck your turn hardcore shows into a pick up speed dating event!
Fuck your hammer-on Van Halen guitar leads
Fuck your happy fingers hand dance whatever the fucking stab worthy dance is?
Fuck your weak instep which is just a unco-ordinated version of a NY Style strut!
Fuck your everybody look at me I'm in the pit weak ballet kick box moves & cart wheels & I don't even think for a second I don't notice that you when you finish doing them you always look around the room with the corner of your eye to see who saw you!
It seems like anyone who gets in the pit these days is only in it to hopefully get in a dogpile photo or to be seen by some fat pastey goth emo nerd chick who will suck off anyone with a tattoo & a hitler haircut!
Fuck these Fanzines with Fashion Tips & Model Pages & interviews with bands like Underoath etc etc etc etc etc, who do nothing but exploit hardcore
Fuck the local bands who charge $15 minimum to watch their cockpuppet show & Fuck the those who go to the shows & pay to see them, by supporting greedy elitist bands like that you contributing to raising the costs & the unethical demands of a movement that is non profit & anti establishment
How can you preach to Rage Against The Machine but build your own machine on the same Parallel principle, what are you thinking?
"You guys can have your shitty electronic pop star R & B & we will contradict & betray every single aspect of hardcore integrity that exists & stand against you with a billion dollar empire of hardcore bands & we will always rebel against you with the support of our mainstream underground middle to upper class movement because the poor hardcore kids cannot afford to be a part of our absolutist equilibrium"!
Fuck your speech about how its ok to profit from hardcore & sell out & raise the door prices because we just wanna make a living doing what we do & we want to sell more units because we want to reach a wider audience & you need to have door prices to pay your manager,promoter, roadie & merch guys!, if that is you it might be an idea to stop calling yourself a hardcore band or emo band or any other style of music that is a created by hardcore punk
You piece of shit you sound like every corporate identity, bankers, fascist, stockbrokers, marketers etc etc etc, Its always about you, There is no moral integral reasoning behind what you do, you are nothing but a sycophant scumbag "I just sell crack to babies because I need to make money to feed my family I have to invest in a business venture that builds Nuclear Weapons to to pay off my six mansions &  my little island in the carribean!",  My wants can be overlooked as not being greedy or as being an act of treason to a righteous movement because I am somewhat an exception so I think its ok if I exploit a movement because I paid my dues & I am nice guy, so let me fuck everything that was ever pure & real about the hardcore movement!, you use hardcore as a stepping stone for bigger things, you wanna write a little bio in ten years time how you had humble beginnings in a punk band & lived on your friends couch then boo ya you are now a figurehead & feel somewhat embarrassed about your past & having been associated with unsuccessful little shitkickers who have no assetts or careers in the big world!.
Fuck your $5000 wireless amps!
Fuck fuck quotes on shit that is tedious, predictable, self indulgent & non productive!
This Insanely Long Bitter Rant Of Truth Is Brought To You By Yours Truely


Aug 3, 2010

Digger barnes - Time Has Come

Everything has its ''Time''. Even the most pequliar things, and the extraordinary changes may happen to you...when their ''Time has come'' that is...!
If someone told me two years ago i'd be listening to a german guy singing about his shoes and about smelling ponnies in true american redneck accent, while playing hillbilly country on a banjo i'd most certainly shut his yaphole with a good old fashioned uppercut. But ''Time'' she is a harsh mistress and always gets what she wants in the end...

Digger is no stranger to the punk/crust underground. At least for those of you who remember one certain band called Jeniger, and their athenian live gigs in Villa Amalias at 2000 and 2001 respectfully (αν έχει συμπληρώσει την diy δικογραφία σωστά ο punk εισαγγελέας Στάθης!). ''Time'' then demanded more violent musical outbrakes from this young deutchlander...

Pluralism is the symptom of the lightheaded, so there is no need to repeat that ''Time'' takes things in her own matters, and changes you according to her will. Apparently for Digger, this meant mellowing his tunes out, but the punk stays in him. Don't expect pityfull lovesongs on this LP, but catastrophological lullabies about preachers preaching the end of the world, sweet songs about sweet murderers, and tails of the suffocating desert and its snakes against an armed with a golden gun woman.

But Digger has his light side too with gentle songs about his missing pony, about those special brown boots that take you places...Digger is also the pat in the back, and the good voice telling you to take care.

This is an all-weather LP...whether you're at some distant beach, letting the cool summer-night breeze flow around you, or whether you are gazing through the window holding a warm cup of coffee after sleeping at a friendly house (cause the heavy rain never let you leave). This record speaks to the heart in awkward and warm ways!

Digger has previously released the ''Trailer Tapes'' on tape (duh!), and two 7'' ''Digger and Allie'', as well as the ''My name is Digger''.
Accompanying Digger visually is the very good graphic designer Pencil Quincy.

-Dbill, covered in engine oil, kicking the kickstarter, and trying to bring to life Kimon's '93 Honda XR650L...may the motorgod not rest it's soul yet!!!!

Time has come  (yep. download)