Jul 31, 2013

Selfish - Life Has No Vacant Time

You already know Selfish. You may know the fellow finnishpunks to be the most boring punk band ever to watch live but they've released some the best japcore albums ever. Life has no vacant time is their latest album on Feral Ward records. It's been recorded some years ago but never saw the light of day until now. Heavy and in your face like a fighting movie scene directed by Chan-Wook Park. "life in every breath" kicks in like a kick trying to destroy an enormous door. oh man, i had a long time to listen such a good jap record. The flying solos and the biting vocals, the fast tempos. Everything is absolutely perfect here, nothing will make you feel numb or bored. Grab a huge glass full of london's finset dry gin with tonic, hold this record in your hands and go to the nearest beach bar. Grab the neck of the stupid dj, hit him hard and play SELFISH louddddddddddddddddd.....you know Life has no vacant time.


Jul 8, 2013

RAPPA - the still grey sky

Oh God, why japan have to be so fucking brutal? I think Disturd is the best crust band out there right now - and they have a new two-track cassette released - but Rappa came as a hurricane in my face. Brutal and aggressive hardcore with lots of crust hints. Crazy speed drums, axe-giutars and lunatic vocals with all tracks nearly to 1 minutefrom ex-members of GOUKA. That's crazy stuff. If you think this blog is dead, well it is, but RAPPA deserve to be here.that's what bombing out my stereo alongside to Violent arrest and Chokehold, it worth your time.