Sep 30, 2010

Sleazy inc. operated - Sleazy listening

Before i start to explain my choice to post a not so familiar for the blog band, i have to say sorry for the lack of posts lately. Hanging out too much with the Destino final guys has burnt my braincells (fucking morons...).

Sleazy inc. operated is an all-female trio, based on leipzig, germany. I can describe their tunes as a mix of old-school riot grrrl punk with tones of indie rock and grunge influences. You may be asking what the fuck is going wrong with me, but i have to tell you that sometimes everybody needs a "time-off" of all the noise. Hope you'll understand.

I have been among the lucky ones that saw that beautiful girls giving an unplugged show in a squat here in athens before some years and i was stunned from their approach in several topics as the "women" thing, daily-life or even the attitude. My smiley face gave me the opportunity to get their sleazy listening cd for free (just kidding, they were kind enough to give it to me for free 'coz i was broke). I have to admit that i had a crush on the girl behind the drum-kit. So, be prepared for some up-tempo but in the same time melancholic songs with not so much distortion, but played by the fucking heart, and i guess that's the important thing. Not forgot to mention, these girls played in the movie Meer is nich.


Sep 23, 2010

va - abstruct madness tour cd - Balzac & Delta & Rocky and the sweden

Once again i'm waiting dbill to write some inglorious words about WB2D. As the time passes i said : "screw him. let's make a good post". So, here we go. This 3 way split is a fucking rare and ugly japanese treasure and the only reason i post it is Delta.

This split cd has been released back in 2001 by Diwphalanx in japan in only 600 copies as a limited tour edition and was available only in the shows these three japanese bands made together in 2002.
Balzac is a very famous band in japan widely described as the japanese Misfits. You know what you'll get so i don't go further 'coz i neither like misfits nor the death-rock stuff. Then it was time and after that was Rocky and the sweden. The guys are great. They mix japcore with some good old punk with amazing great backing vocals. They remind me a lot bands like Paintbox, Forward or even Judgement. The usual great japcore, you know what you're coming for... They participate two tracks, one theirs and one is a great cover on "Crime for revenge" from Ultra Violent. Now, let's get to the point....
S.D.S or Delta? I can't tell
Delta is the legendary continue of S.D.S. Yep, the japanese Antisect and one of the best crust acts ever. As my comrade 7inchcrust has described very well in the past (check two posts about S.D.S here and here). Now, Delta is a more thrashy and metallic version of S.D.S while the clear early '90s crusty elements is everywhere on the recording. Delta continues where S.D.S stopped. Rough vocals, unstoppable drumming and crazy driven riffs. I forgot to mention that here we have three guys from the original S.D.S line-up plus the Iconoclast drummer. Not bad, ha? They had schedule to release a 7'' on MCR company but the band sadly broke-up. FUCK!


Sep 20, 2010

Janitor - Exterminate My Generation

Hours after hours, i'm feeling tired. Lately i'm listening a lot of old-school hardcore in your face punk. Including Sucked dry, straightjacket nation, Mad world etc. You got the picture.

Janitor was a houston based, thrashy hardcore band. They play fast-forward thrashy punk (and this is the worst review since... i don't remember) awesome thinks described better as way too punky for your white rich ass hardcore. The guys really have it and you got to check'em out.

"We recorded a 19 song LP at Texas Music Studios in Houston sometime in July 1996. Originally, we wanted to release it as a 19 song LP but LPs were too much to press and, at that time, hardcore punk wasn't very popular. In the end, we released a 10 song 7" on green vinyl about 1998 on our own label. It sold fairly well and was very well recieved by MRR, making one of the top ten lists. They asked for an interview and all that shit but at that point we had called it quits."

Fuck-off, good-night. And buy it here. Janitor in your ass.


Sep 14, 2010

Out Cold - Goodbye cruel world

We are in 1989, in a small suburb of massachusetts (προφερεται Μασατσουτσετς), called Dracut. Four young kids start to play awful but straight from the heart hardcoreFUCKINGpunk. Two of them were also part of the infamous band Worse than Useless. They started play with some real menace. Especially in some fucked-up years. Metal was starting overthrowing the hardcore scene and to play some old-school Negative approach meets Poison idea punk was "out of trend". These kids not only played this genre but they did it for 20 years!
Καπου στο 2003 : οι Out Cold πατουν τα ιερα χωματα του Βιολογικου στη Θεσσαλονικη
Let's make a good fast-forward to the year 2004. Some of the original members have been out of the band while the first bassist of the band Mark Sheehan (formerly guitarist of GG Allin!) have already taken the vocal duties, behind drums we have also John Evicci while the guitar & bass goes to Deuce and Mikey Flynn (both from the great band called Last in Line). The band after a crazy tour in europe goes back to the studio to record "Goodbye cruel world". Fucking prophetic as it's the band's last full-lenght album.

"I can feel you burning on the inside"
But before we go to the core, i have to say that as i read their interviews in different zines i have to pay respect to one of the most honest and truelly great bands. And what a great spell of dedication when they say : "Unfortunately, most of the bands are broken-up now but that's the great things about records : They endure long after the people who made them". And fuck yeah, Out Cold are missed.

So, let's go the album. The first guitar riff is opening the gates of hell while the maniac drumming skills of mr.Evicci gives "take as needed for pain" the extra credit for what is really is, a track about drugs and for drugging speed freaks. While some of the album's tracks deals with misanthropy ("misanthrope"), isolation / solitude, human stupidity and back-stubber attitude ("i feel the death on the back of me"). Tracks like "Doomsday guy" could easily be someone's soundtrack of his life with all the desperation within the human society. Well, the "Hello disaster" goes to more mid-tempo parts (Θα 'θελες μεγαλε, εδω η φαση ειναι παρ'τα στα μουτρα) and i have to stop right here 'coz i can go on forever..

The rip is from my buddie Sergeant Batguano. Man you are great, thanx again. Everytime i hear their stuff i recall your phrase : "this one is my favorite album as long as I'm not playing one of their others". This one have been released from Kangarro records in europe so go and get it.

This post is dedicated to my good friend K. His greatness has been aknowledged by Out Cold themselves by saying : "We would like to extend a huge thanks to K., who set up all the shows here in Greece and did a really good job holding everything together despite some unexpected shit".

"Out Cold had become a pillar of consistency and it seemed like they would just always be around, recording amazing records and playing shows every once in a blue moon. However with twenty years under their belt, they managed to put almost every other hardcore band in history to shame."

Goodbye cruel world (we miss you, you human-haters)

Sep 9, 2010

Hiatus - The brain & El sueno de la razon produce monstruos

I'm glad to continue where the previous post of 7inchcrust stopped. Hiatus. Hiatus was a crust / core band from liege, belgium. They released some of the most energetic and influential albums of all (crust) time in their brief history. But first i have to tell my own story of "fell-in-love" with hiatus. Read it or not, the download link is on the bottom.

Destroy me
Before thousands of years, Alex from Hibernation used to run a distro called "Drapetes tis siopis". There was a time with no internet, so all the distro news, 7inches etc was written by hand. If you were a good boy, sometimes alex sent over some great new albums for free (yeah, he was a "large" guy). Someday, i read in a new issue of his distro : "Hiatus. for many people this is the best crust band ever". I was shocked. What do you mean with the word best? I knew Doom and E.N.T and no-one else could be "the best". So, i ordered one copy from this cd re-release. It has the two last albums before the band fell in hiatus (hahaaahha) "The brain & El sueno de la razon produce monstruos" and has been released by Nabate records.

The sound is more technical than the first hiatus 7'' while the vocals remaining great doggy-shouting. The mixing of old Doom d-beat with metallic riffs makes this a classic and still nowadays i can't feel boring with these Hellgians, not for one single second. The first 8 tracks is "the brain" 12'' and you can compare it easily to Skew whiff (two of the hiatus members continue the legacy), track 9 is a rehearsal and the rest is from "El sueno...". If you are lucky enough buy this cd. It comes with a huge booklet foul of pics of the band, posters from that era, lyrics and a great euro-tour review in two languages (english and french). The guys were drunk all the fucking time. And yes, i can say THIS IS THE BEST CRUST BAND EVER.

the rip is from my own cd and i hope you'll enjoy it. The Hiatus puzzle seems to getting close to the end, right billy?


Sep 5, 2010

Drugged SS - I hate what you think about my life (tape)

-mikxxx, the stupid white-middle-class boy :
Yeah, i was looking for this tape (fuck yeah another tape) for a while. I finally ordered some copies from a norway-based distro and i payed a bunch of fucking euros. Thankfully this tape deserves it. As my tape-player has no line-in/line-out, i have not been able to rip it. Thanx to who sent me the rip.

Here we have three insane (unsane and mentally deranged) norwegians trying to play hardcore punk. I'm saying trying 'coz i'm not sure if their intention was to play ugly and uncompromising hardcore than fucked-up black metal. I don't care and you shouldn't too, 'coz the guys mixing it so fucking good. They remind me the s/t 7'' of Forced Expression mainly due to the raging tempos, the short tracks, the clever tricks in guitar and the blistering vocals. Six tracks on 4 minutes and 54 seconds. The recording is decent enough for a rehearsal (i guees it's a rehearsal. The "booklet" gives no infos). Check out the second track "enfants terribles" with this sick sludgy bridge on 18 second. Ugly...
Also, the band is part of the Black Hole Crew alongside Okkultokrati and Haust and hates swedish music.

This tape has been released by Ormeyngel records (blame Lars - a member of okkultokrati) and if you have a PayPal-account don't hesitate to order some copies for your friends. You can also give 'em as a gift while you had to write on the card "I hate what you think about my life". A great gift, indeed.

"Three piece hardcore outfit from Setesdal.
Drugged SS takes no part of the already established positive hardcore scene in the big cities - this is war, famine, pestilence, and death in your face!

This is hardcore as it should be in it's most primitive state.
Hardcore without baggage of principles other than wanting to tear up your bedroom walls, where football trophies and diplomas from school hangs like a bloody Jesus on the cross - a constant reminder of failure and reverence.
Finding no inspiration in the Oslo scene, we had to create our own form of negative approach.
Drugged SS are from Setesdal and are going to stay in Setesdal."

Also the band have some weird opinion about the label that released the above mentioned tape (laughing out loud, you fools) :
"Ormeyngel tells me the tape is close to being sold out. whatever. Ormeyngel is just a bunch of Oslo hipsters making money of our music anyway. they're talking about doing a new pressing of the tape. I don't care, I'm gonna go steal some gas for my car now. Fuck you all, and fuck every band from Sweden"
i love what you think about swedish music
-d. the black μπουγατσας from hell :
This is hardcore. Raw, ugly and hateful!

Drugged SS come from Norway and they are darker than almost every black metal band that came out the homeland of black metal the last years! It is a dark time that we live in, so dark is the music.

With no ray of hope left and dripping with venom, Drugged SS takes you down… and keeps you down!

The sound is very raw and primitive, the vocalist spits blood and guts, the songs are short and sharp.

And as they said with their own words: “This is hardcore without any baggage of principles other than wanting to tear up your bedroom walls, where football trophies and diplomas from school hang like a bloody Jesus on the cross  - a constant reminder of failure and reverence”.

I have nothing more to say.

This is war, famine, pestilence and death in your face!

The approach is negative…