Jun 24, 2012

Crime Wave - Savage Reaction

You have been drinking for hours, you driving the rubbish called car a night ride near by sea, you wear your favorite Midnight shirt and your tight pants, Motorhead delivers “On parole” and you wanna puke. Take a deep breath, throw Crime Wave cdr into your stereo and let it work. Here's just a brilliant three chord 12'' ep came out in 2010 from agrowax records (a great label, and Mike who runs it is the guitarist/vocalist of Janitor). Eight songs in less than 16 minutes and the lethal touch by No Talk, PMRC, Janitor and Sore Loser members offering the perfect soundtrack for a Monday morning bank robbery or a well planned stabbing on your boss throat. Some times I think that punk is just a metal chain on your hand and the ability of causing problems and Crime Wave flashes pics like that on my mind. Don't try to understand, just go with the flow “if you know what I mean”...


Jun 21, 2012

Padlock - Struggle in red

-Vangel. the oiled drum-machine :

Padlock is one of today's best japanese hardcore punk bands in the burning spirits style.I think I've read somewhere that they have broken up some months ago(??). Whatever. This is their first release from 2003 entitled "Struggle in Red".
Hardcore riffing with a touch of melody, a vocalist screaming like there is no tomorrow and a snare-backbeat like a trash can , which is also a signature in their other two releases. A great debut from a band that deserves more attention in my humble opinion! Check'em out! Up The Burning Souls!

"Borderline Disorder Where Is My Tomorrow... "


Jun 16, 2012

Gig in the streets

On friday, 22 of june we'll attend a road of Kerameikos territory and we'll unleash some deadly hardcore punk tunes. The show starts at 20:00 so be there and bring your money. Some of the best greek hardcore bands will be there. Our brothers from patras, Dirty Wombs, the zeke tribute band V8Carburetor, the crusty kids Inhuman Poison as also the snake biting hardcore of Antimob. That will be fun

Jun 8, 2012

song of the week : Jungle Beatings

feeling numb and bored. can't find the meaning in all of these. want to punch someone in the face. the lyrics on this comes naturally : Your father, your son, your husband - TRUST NO ONE. we lost our faith in humans. if you're going through a shitty week that's your soundtrack. Bring it on.

"It’s wrath, It’s lust
It’s envy that guides you
It’s slavery to impulse
To pettiness, to weakness
The bonds of blood
The bonds of love

Mean nothing, Mean nothing, Mean nothing

Your father, your son, your husband

Your wife, your friends, your family

All strangers, All humans, Your enemies

Your Self, Your self, Your self

Self loathing, Weak will
Naiveté Or Cold
Determined And soulless
We’ve All Suffered
At the hands of betrayal
And lost our faith in humans"

Jun 5, 2012

fuck you, this is Mau Maus

The kind asshole who their stepfathers called him borja, sent me another great review folks (and save me a huge amount of time) with the promise for another two columns (have you seen the length? alright then...). So, the pride of basque country delivers some aggressive punk / proto hardcore madness and you should take his words for granted as i am right now (these guys sounding like early Chaos UK with a bit of Blitz).

-Borja, the violent queer dancer:

I was surprised that Mike remembered our first conversation. It´s more or less true what he says. But whatever, thinking about Mau Maus and that he didn’t listen to them let me thougt a bit. I am a punk fanatic, I was born for punk and for hardcore. Specially for the aggressive and fast one. I don’t care where this bands comes from or if their lyrics are not 100% political. This is anyway a important point of view, because just singing about anarchy doesn’t make you an anarchist, and being one and talking all the day about it is quite boring. So after so many years listening punk and hardcore and trying to be an anarchist the moment came to talk about
Mau Maus.
I don’t remember the first time I listened to this band. I think it is a lot of years ago and for sure one of my friends from Barcelona who opened to me the fantastic world of European hardcore. Because this is a very important think to say. It is not about fucking countries and nationalism, but the European hardcore (not just the English, but the Italian, the German, the Spanish, the Yugoslavian,…) has become a shadow inside the world of hardcore. When in the 80s in the USA incredible bands started, in Europe there where as well totally brutal amazing hardcore bands. Even much more aggressive and rough, and not slower or something similar. One of this bands is definitely Mau Maus from Sheffield. This is HARDCORE!

Their first seven inch, Society's Rejects, is in my opinion their best. They don’t take fucking prisoners. Two, three, four… what a voice, you feel like a society's reject. A society you don’t want, and which definitely doesn’t wants you. The drummer hits the snare drum like a prisoner the bars of his cell. With hate and doesn’t regret it for a single moment because he wants to get through. Yes, that’s it, this single is a fucking hymn for every prison escape, into a society you hate and you want to tear down, nothing has to last, not even a single brick. If you listen to this during you are driving a car, you wanna hit every cop, crush into every bank… If you are still alive when you are listening. Leaders (song number six), the enter into Crisis, which starts soft, but the kicks your head. And at the end, when you listen the Oath, you´ll remember a band called like this and you will think that Mau Maus is hardcore and everything you listened before was just power pop.

The second, No Concern and the third, Facts of War, seven inches don´t miss a bite of the furiousness of the first seven inch. They are just more clean recordings. The aggressive moment when you want break every single of your bones in the library during you are listening to them wont stop. But you´ll do it more carefully, because after the first seven inch you´ll be already in a wheelchair. This is something forgotten, and it must be discovered again, hundreds of punks singing Mau Maus while they assault society, that’s a must, all what I want. They kids will have their say!