Apr 26, 2012

Schifosi - Half hit wolrld 7''

Schifosi was one of my first posts, when i first started this blog and i barely remember why i was writing so short columns. Looking around for some modern heavy crust i saw marc's latest post in fugitive equilibrium  and remember that i have to post good crusty hardcore since ages. Trying to remember any good crust band my mind comes automatically to Melbourne's finest crust act : SCHIFOSI. With members of ABC WEAPONS, TERRA FIRMA and PISSCHRIST. They have released one lp, a 45 rpm 12'', two 7''s and a split 7'' but unfortunately they disbanded sometime in 2008. This 7'' from 2004 is my favorite release with the ultimate grim anthems "Law is freedom" and "Drowning in the aftermath". The guitars are dark and heavy while the d-beat drumming helps the tireless amazon voice of kate to release true anger and despair  through some social political lyrics taken from a personal angle and thrown into the industrial environment of big city's life and guees what, the musical similarity to Tragedy (especially the long heavy riffs and the backing vocals) and Asebia is more than obvious and that's good, plus this is my own cd-rip on 256 kbps. Spare 11 minutes of your life and smell some darkness. if we start drinking concrete, pay for the privilege of breathing, eat paper and talking with numbers, then Half Hit World is our name.

  "a currency of blood, shit, pain and despair
in this caged hell
no air that we might breathe
no light that we might see
darkness and concrete
we are the measure of freedom"

Apr 6, 2012

Dismaster - No gods but Dismaster

Let's keep it simple. Dismaster are four guys from finland, delivering nice and catchy noisy d-beat hardcore. I know, that a lot of you will feel disappointed from this "the same old thing" style, but this seven track demo is really good. They threw some nice motorhead type rock'n'roll in the mix and the tracks came-out really tight and mad, so i guess you'll like it. Heavy naturally ached vocals and a drummer who studied the "grass-cutting machine" style. The name comes from two stickers the guitar player have on his guitar. The first one is from Disclose and the other one from the old-school death metallers Master. Dig it. D-Beat to the bone.


Apr 2, 2012

Dirty Wombs - We Rise cassette

“You can sample the sound of fire or the air in the woods. But, to sample the sound of rain, that is forbidden. And the sound of bell too. Especially, if it's used on a band's first demo or album. Any band that use a bell or a rain on it's first release it's doomed to fail.”

fenriz to metal hammer gr / 2001. No.201

Well, Dirty Wombs from Patras, greece did the sin in fenriz's black book. In their latest cassette they kick off with some rain sound only to start their attacks of speedy hipper energetic tunes of good old-school hardcore. I think i have to sent him this cassette, with the note “First album, rain sample. Kicks ass”. Nice guitar works and double shouted / gravy vocals by some nice and “down to the ground” kids (consider that they call a 27 year old girl “cougar” and you'll understand why I have to call them kids).
“Eternity shore” starts with a great japanese fa(s)t and tight heavy riff (just after the rain sample) that many bands would like to have on their releases, while the rest tracks nail you to the ground. So, com'on push the PLAY button again - you fuckers - coz these guys really deserve it.

They did also the great japanese trick. They wrote some of the couples in greek and filled the choruses with English (that's clever guys...) while the majority of the English shouts have that old greek accent (αξεπέραστη ελληνική προφορά στα όρια της θέωσης). They did a great cover to Death side's “Fight your way” changing the lyrics to the greek language and added a bouzouki instead of a piano. Goat followers, tzatziki eaters and larissa locals take care (η αλλιώς “η προβατίλα μυρίζει από μακρυά”). Fans of japanese – burning spirits style – hardcore check these malakes coz many bands would like to have this sound and most of all, many bands would like to have so good compositions. If you like bands like D.S.B, Crude, Death side and the rest in your face doomed hardcore punk legends these dudes doing it great filtering it, in their own unique style. Arigato...

P.S. Ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ, στον ντίνο και τον βάιο από dirty wombs που μας άνοιξαν το σπιτικό τους, μας σήκωσαν στον αέρα για να κάνουμε crowd surfing με χίλιες δυο βλακείες για soundtrack, μας σκλάβωσαν με τα καθαρά χαμόγελα τους και μας έδειξαν τα κατατόπια σε ένα πραγματικά απολαυστικό σαββατοκύριακο για όλους εμάς που δραπετεύσαμε για λίγο απ'τα νυχιά της μητρόπολης.