Sep 16, 2013

Criaturas - Espiritu de libertad

“Πριν απο λιγες μερες εκει κοντα, στην οδο Βιλαντ, ειχαμε χορεψει για τα καλα καμια τριανταρια μπατσους. Χοροπηδουσαν κατω απ'τα κυματα της φωτιας. Οι μαυρες σκιες τους περιστρεφονταν αναρχα στις πορτοκαλιες λαμψεις της πυρακτωμενης βενζινης. Οι φωνες εκπληξης, φοβου και πονου, μας πυρπολουσαν την καρδια.”

Ζαν - Μαρκ Ρουιγιαν "Μισω τα πρωινα"

Not so much to say, Criaturas comes from austin, texas and they have already released two 7'' and a full-lenght. As a huge fan of the latino hardcore punk scene i couldn't have my hands on it. For those you are familiar with Desconocidos (whose members are involved here too) you know what to except. Criaturas i think is a more speed up version in the usual latin punk style. The self titled track is tha fucking anthem. This album is one of the contenders for the album of the year, guys. This is the spirit of liberation...