Oct 30, 2012

Padlock - Reason to fight

Once again, i'm so bored to upload shit, so once again some friend have to make this dirty job. This time V. drummer of GUTTER (and 1 million more bands) try to explain how we should eat sushi :

-V. oiled machine:

Reason To Fight is the second release of Padlock released somewhere in 2004. 5 explosive Songs with catchy choruses, the japanese way of cool melodic chord progressions and furious solos.
The production is better than in their debut, with the drums and guitars on the forefront. But the vocalist is so vicious! It sounds like he is struggling to be heard between the loud instruments. One could think that after the sessions he should not be able to speak for a week or so...haha! Yes! The vocal delivery is so intense!
There is no doubt that "Wait For The Sunrise" is their most recognisable track, and one of my personal favorites. It just brings a feeling of "whatever the bleak future brings to oneself he will find the willpower to face the difficulties in life" kind of way...But as a whole this record is so addictive and short. A great shot of adrenaline! Served cool with a shot of a Jameson irish whiskey.


Oct 24, 2012

Civic Progress // Formaldehyde Junkies // Quick Fix

Holy fuck, earlier yesterday i stunned when i saw Civic Progress demo's artwork on robert's blog and read those fucking words : hardcore punk. Yep, civic progress are hardcore, simple and genius. I downloaded the demo and i was "fuck, this shit is good" (είναι οτι καλυτερο μετα τους Limp Wrist και μάρτυς μου ο θεός αμέσως άρχισα την προπαγάνδα γι'αυτούς, πες Dbill) and the fucking basque cunt sent me the mail about em. Fuck, he's got taste, that's for sure. So, we're gonna do it like we're on fugitive equilibrium. Three bands, five seveninches, one post....Hit it borja :

-Borja, the angry transsexual :

in Athens everyone knows mike, specially as the godfather of the hardcore punk assholes. this is my last fucking review for his blog and i hope he has the generosity of loading it on the blog. if not, i will force him to live in tositsa street for one week. soon i will be back, soo mike don't fuck with my reviews... :)


there is a city in the US called St. Louis. i don/t know where the fuck this city is and i don/t care. but from this city there is a band called civic progress and the play hardcore. great raw, aggressive, tight and brutal hardcore. the demo and the first ep (petroleum man) is a call to the arms. when a ep starts with a song called KILL THE PRESIDENT, and the singer saying I WANNA KILL THE PRESIDENT, the you know that hardcore is still alive. that hardcore is not just 4 dudes playing music, but as well a riot. this record is one of the fucking best shit i listened in my life. middle 2000/s hardcore from the states kicking a lot of asses. if this band could be called like a horse, i would call it Total Fury...


when i listen this band the first time i freaked out. after some years i still freak out when i listen to them. the seven inch from Formaldehyde Junkies (are a total wreck) is one of my favorite hardcore records ever made. this is one of these bands, where i don/t give a fuck if the guys are nice, wankers, straight, junkies, proles or retarded. they might arson my home, but after a gig of them and i wouldn't mind. this is kind of band playing such a spastic, frenetic and powerful hardcore that i really don/t mind if they puke all over my record collection. from all the bands in the US which started to play again old school hardcore punk the last years, this is definitely my favorite. not government warning, direct control, wasted time, social circkle... (all fantastic bandssss...) this is gg allin but on a hardcore punk way. and fuck it, that's great

QUICK FIX - 6 track ep (sweden)

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... six songs in 4 minutes and 30 seconds... THIS IS FUCKING HARDCORE!!!!!!!!! why to play long songs if you could smash your mind in 30 seconds hardcore punx assault. mix furious hardcore like modverat likvidation, crude ss and mob 47 with american hardcore from the 80/s like koro, deep wound, neon christ, wasted youth or ultra-fast shit live the neos (ok, they are from canada) and then kick it.... kick it fast and hard till it fucking breaks!!! sweden was in the 80/s a country where hardcore was made in a brutal way. in finnland they played crazy fantastic hardcore, but sweden was just brutal. the best shit from sweden since i don/t know if quick fix are from there, but this is one of the best hardcore hurricane storms if listened in my live. fast, tight, dirty and frenetic! one of the best bands i have listen to in fucking years...

totally in the spirit of bands like absurd, rappresaglia, no thanks, anti cimex, arroganta agitatorer, asocial, dtal, discard, protes bengt, no security...


Oct 11, 2012

Snaggletooth - demo 2012

Snaggletooth is the fanged face that serves as the symbol of Motörhead, but also Snaggletooth are some freaked out guys from Singapore. With their first three track demo they deliver cathchy as hell up tempo dity metallic punk with lots of rock'n'roll in it. They listen to MIDNIGHT with breakfast, they drink coffee with BURNING LEATHER and they spitting steel all night long with MOTORHEAD. If you like your balls catching fire Snaggletooth are gonna punish you for being so cunt for not knowing them already. members of Distrust and Vaarallinen (finnish punk at it's finest - check them). Lay down your souls to the gods rock 'n roll


Oct 8, 2012


Arnakia (Lambs) started as a band back in 1984 jamming under the sounds of the Clash, Stranglers etc in various basements around exarchia and kipseli in the center of Athens, Greece. They participated two tracks on the infamous various artists LP “Syllogh Antithanatou”. The band changes constantly members till '88 when bassist Dimitris Papatheofilou meets during his army's service Haris Papasideris who joins the band as a guitarist, soon after that an advertisement on the “Pop & Rock” magazine brings Antonis Protonotarios in the band as their new drummer and that's their final line-up. They recorded the LP “Sto stoma tou lykou” (In wolve's mouth) somewhere in 1992 and in 1996 they started to record for their new Full-Length, but suddenly Antonis after the drums recording session dies due to heart problems. The rest members record later that year the tracks on antonis pre-recorded drums and finally release their second LP “To Ergostasio” (the factory) in 1999. Arnakia is a band that take equal parts from the 90's rock alternative scene of Athens as of course elements from the 80's punk scene. They may have a clear and bass-driven sound but you can definitely listen some huge tracks, nice melodic vocals and lyrics that goes from personal frustration to social rage all written in a personal way. The last track of the second LP (that everyone knows as their self titled LP and not as “To ergostsio”) “Imouna nekros” (I was dead) it's written for the death of the greek anarchist Christoforos Marinos. Here you get the second LP on a 256kbps rip from my hard-copy and this LP is my favorite tune for my running sessions lately because it fills me with a great feeling of inner peace. Take care.


Oct 3, 2012


live in Villa Amalias squat somewhere in 1998
I'm trying some time now to find the right words to start explain my feelings about one of my favorite bands of my childhood. Alt T.C were a band that I got so fucking much of, mainly to my friendship with one of the band's members, Doros who was the bassist of the band and the first person who copied tapes for me. He opened the magic world of punk in front of me with cassettes of Blitz, One way system, GBH, Dead Kennedys, Antidrasi, Genia tou Xaous, Negative Stance, Naytia and so many more great bands so this post is also a big THANX dude. Alt t.c born in July of 1994 in the island of Corfu, greece. Four young men that wanted to express their concerns and beliefs and anger through their music, they released one demo and a 7'' till 1998 that they changed vocalist and they added a second guitar with the sound going-on more on the anarcho-punk scene of that era, sharp and tight punk with dual angry vocals. They self-released their second demo Akoma Zontanos (Still Alive) with ten great hardcore punk songs. The sound is not the best but, for a one-day recording on a four-track I think it's dynamic and powerful. I remember like it was yesterday -back in the high-school years – when mom was going to take a nap after her work I was snicking in her car and played fucking loud this cassette. Three years later they released a split LP with 20 minutes de chaos from france on the anarchist collective / record label Maloka. Better production and sound enforce the synthesis with melodic riffs, tight rhythm section and political lyrics. I can say that this band did it for me back in the day and from time to time when I feel frustrated I put the demo on the player and start screaming the lyrics right through my heart. Maybe the greek answer to Sin Dios? Enjoy...