Dec 25, 2010

Helvis (or "How to grow big your penis")

Fuck christmass, who cares anyway about a fucking insane prick who wants us to turn our other chick when the fuckers hit us. No way, man. This is the perfect soubdtrack about bringing the "war" home. Here you'll get the unbelievable Genocider 7'' that has this great sloppy crust feeling, a truelly negative anthem that i've buyed in 2000 and i was been stunned and the also heavy and metallic having it's roots more on sludge/hardcore roots and motorhead "reverance the sacrifice" cd from 2002.

hair like shit
A brief introduction : Helvis was a band from uk featuring Bloody Kev on vocals who runs the great Keep it in the family blogspot. The band features also members from other infamous bands like the Varukers and Iron Monkey, Hard to swallow etc and is the most under-rated band from the ones the members participated, (i'm so fucking bored / maybe this is the last fifteencounts post).

So, go ahead and check them.

reverence cd

genocider 7''

Dec 7, 2010

Link - Self titled Lp (2010)

Oh my god, already a year passed since i started this damn blog. One year of joy doing some posts and sharing with all of you some interesting views about our favourite music, i met some great persons through bloging and still like it.

One year ago, Trouble on your system blog has posted "fifteen counts of arson" album from his hero is gone and since i wanted to start a crust blog (in the way, we got more on hardcore roads) plus the countless arson attacks happened in the greek state i thought that this was the most perfect name. I start this thing mainly 'coz i'm a bit stubborn, i have faith in my music choices and wanted to say what i think about my favourite albums 'coz i believed that i can do it better than others (fool....). In this weird trip i met guys that doing this bloging think much better than me and still they are fucking cool guys. Bill from 7inchcrust, foris from crustcracker, marc from fugitive equilibrium (thanx for al the great rips you have sent me man) and finally bryan from trouble on your system.

I thought that posting fifteen counts album as a gift to all of you would be great, but then i thought you already have it, so i changed my mind on LINK's new album. This stuff is not yet released (if i'm not mistaken). Propably will be released on 14th of december through Moshpit tragedy.

So, Link is a belgian crust band including members of Silence means death and Last legion alive. Here you get 8 great tracks of "no glimpse of hope" neo crust full of brutal and heavy riffs, male and female vocals that delivers a great feeling of winter's despair. Imagine something like Remains of the day, later-Hiatus, Visions of war, Counterblast, Jobbykrust, Oroku or even The Makai and other heavy crusty shit. You won't be dissapointed. This goes out to R.


Nov 27, 2010

"Utterly fearless for your luscious flesh, I've got an appetite like a war and I always hunger for more"

As the title says, this is my offering to a man's war appetite. This new various artists double seveninch includes propably the best new bands that great albion has to offer. You propably know the bands already, so let's make a brief introduction.

On side A we have Closure, who are propably the most well-known band from the four bands participatinng here. Continuing their dark as night hardcore and go one step forward where their incredible 7'' stopped. More gloomy atmosphere, some sludge for the ugliness and the terrific vocals coming straight from a shattered mother's womb. They give me the impression that the 6 tracks they participate here is one and ugly song mixing power-violence with great bridge-structure. Judge for your own.

Side B : Here we find Mouth and their straight-up hardcore (the motherfuckers have great movie-samples! i envy them) from the heart. More or less, usual ass-kicking hardcore, i already love them from their demo. Youth crew sound meets thrash/core with lunatic vocals.

On side c we have Torn apart, which their self titled 7'' couldn't find anywhere. Here we have the best bass-guitar sound, making their power-hardcore a fucking knife in the heart. The powerful recording and the tight playing ensures your running for escape. "Nightstalker" is a killer (i swear it's on your new car cd-comp)

And finally, my favourites : Bonestorm. Here you get everything that the meaning of words Bone and Storm means when they come together. Fucking blast. Enjoy


Nov 24, 2010

Boktorva SS - gig report

Date and time have been arranged. Pack my things like a lunatic and catch-up the subway. My driver and dear companion through the next two days d-beat odyssey, d-bill has been late so i got the chance and enjoyed a cold coffee. As we finally hit the road listening to some old good Pink's tunes (u & ur hand etc) i couldn't imagine what i will go through the next hours but time were our ally...

Arriving on the university of patra was a pain in the ass but finally we did it, even if we have not seen the first two bands. My Turn were on stage and played really rad. Short songs, nice black flag's riffs with a positive feedback, so i didn't miss the chance to do some backing vocals on "can't tell no-one" cover. Deathbed who?

Now, let's get to the point. Seeing some familiar faces going in the first line for the upcoming war i fueled my throat with some stinking fix beer and got my place στα χαρακωματα του βουκολικου πολεμου.
The four horsemen of the crustcore apocalypse occupied stage with their axes well sharpen. Wearing wigs, they started to slaughter our ears and the only words that can describe the feelings brings in my mind the bay-area thrash of '80s : "On through the mist and the madness, We are trying to get the message to you. Metal Militia. Metal Militia.". Soon enough, we - the fans(lol) -  hit the stage and every-single-one member of the band was upon our backs, we lift them again and again while guitar solos and drum blast-beats hit back on us like tornados. We tried to lift also the drummer up but the only think we managed was to destroy his drumkit, while he was trying to play his hi-hat with his body turned upside-down. A masked-man attacked midas on his guitar solo number 1342516278115, hitting him hard on his stomach. He only made his solos be meaner and eviler. Agathocles and Extreme noise terror covers just made the pain lust (and last) longer. The band was tight as good as a pair of denim jeans on Lemmy's legs. I have to admit that my vocals on cripple commander were shit mainly to the admire i have to the bassist of the band - known as Machete - so i lost my words, shit happens. Great gig and great people.
Conclusion : First gig for such a great band in twelve years, and propably we'll have to wait another twelve to see them again. Support the band, drink whiskey.

Nov 22, 2010

Για την δική του αναρχικού Γιάννη Δημητράκη.

6 Δεκέμβρη 2010, μια προγραμματισμένη ημερομηνία για την εκδίκαση της έφεσης του αναρχικού
Γ. Δημητράκη. Πέντε σχεδόν χρόνια εγκλεισμού, αλλά και χρόνια αγώνα για τον ίδιο, χρόνια δράσεων αλληλεγγύης, χρόνια επιλογών μέσα στο κίνημα από την πιο ένθερμη υποστήριξη ως την πιο παγωμένη αποστασιοποίηση, χρόνια γεμάτα λέξεις και πράξεις. Πώς να συνεχίσει κανείς να είναι αλληλέγγυος στο σύντροφο και να το κάνει δημιουργικά και ουσιαστικά χωρίς απλώς να επαναλαμβάνεται; Πώς να αξιοποιηθούν τα πέντε αυτά χρόνια και η υπόθεση στο σήμερα; Θέλοντας να κινηθούμε σε αυτή τη λογική, επιλέγουμε να μιλήσουμε ξανά γύρω από την υπόθεση και τη σημασία της συμπεριλαμβάνοντας με έναν κριτικό και αυτοκριτικό τρόπο τον αντίκτυπό της μέσα στο κίνημα...

Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε όλη την δωδεκασέλιδη μπροσούρα ΕΔΩ.

Nov 14, 2010

Crude - 1st Lp

Thanx to great guy the japcore world know as fabian...take his words for granted and cut your throat!

- Fabian, the mongoloid behind Burial's drumkit :

So, what to write about CRUDE/s album from 1996...I am not really sure when it came out but it was recorded in 1996, 14 years ago. I think it came out on Straight Up Records in Japan and on some label called Dynamite kids from Belgium. Whatever, like their earlier stuff it's a little raw, which suits the songs really well. There are ten tracks on this record, the first song being kind of an intro which is pretty atmospheric and moody. My favorite track is the fourth song on the first side with a Japanese title. A real punk stomper they perform live on a regular basis. Come and get wild! And bring weed for them, they will appreciate that. I am not sure if they will like Tzatziki as much as I do, but you should try. Back to the record. On the LP they were a four-piece, now they turned into a three-piece, having two original members left, the drummer and the bass player who are brothers. Weed-adorers. Potential Tzatziki-fetishists. Unfortunately their new LP is already sold out, for all of you who wanted to buy it...but so you can safe your well-earned cash and get `em some dope. Opa opa, otsukare!!!


Nov 9, 2010

Frustration - self titled 7'' (2010)

I have to say sorry for the lack of posts lately, guys but i'm very very busy (and tired). I was among this 7'' and the brand new Lp of Raw Nerves, both released by Inimical records (blame them for the great Sahn maru Lp also) for my blog's next post and i've chosen this one due to the great mix of crusty sound while they play some type of dark hardcore punk, not that the raw nerves lp is bad, exactly the opposite. It's great and you have to check it out.
So, what the fuck with those punks? They come from seattle and if you are in the same music background as i am - to make myself clear i mean if the only bands that you know from seattle are Decrepit and Soundgarden - you are in the right place. This is a band that combines both of them. Weird ha? Not really. Pay some attention.

I'm joking you with guys, even if i like Soundgarden (this is an inside joke with Deathraid's drummer Devon - when i told him that stupid joke about soundgarden he told me : go tell it to jim. he used to play for Decrepit!!! Lovely guys all of the Deathraid crew..cheers guys), they couldn't been playing grunge-shit. Now, back to our theme. Frustration! This is a great band that combines in a perfect way some melancholic (d-)beats alongside Motorhead-type of vocals, while the bass and guitars are heavy and destorted. As i was under a Complications spell, this 7'' is everything i want to continue into the darkest seas of sanity, imagine Motorhead-meets-Leatherface-meets-Complications-meets-Coldbringer that finally meets Quarantine. Add an all-star line-up including members of Consume, Snuggle, Cop on Fire, Decrepit, Blackout, and Calloused. Do you need any more? Guess not.


Oct 31, 2010

Selfish & Liberate - split - The only thing between life and death ... is you

Let's get once more, "back in the day". It was propably 2001 or 2002 when alex from hibernation sent me a bag of cool stuff. Detestation's "the inhuman condition" 7'', Cavity's "Fuck diablo" 7'' and this masterpiece split between two of the greatest japcore bands of the planet... I couldn't find it ripped anywhere, that's why i rip it. Since i can't trace it anywhere and as it was a request of buddy 7inchcrust here we go...

This 7'' has been released from H:G fact records (H:G fact-111 release) in japan and contains 4 songs of ultimate destruction...Songs to drink beers, songs to cry, songs to wake-up from hangover or songs to stare at birds (Liberate's "need the power..."). Also, Sugi's artwork is amazing and propably one of the best drawings the dude ever done.

On a-side we have Liberate from Tokyo, japan and the only think i know about them is that they are ex-members of ACID and Macrofarge and pre-members of Crossface.
Now, the sound is thick, modern japcore with great metallic riffs and crazy vocals like a dog barging before the bite. the japanese motherland has the tendency to offerr us... thanx for that... (and the bassist is Kawagutsi that i can not recall...other bands maybe?)

Selfish on the other side, is more or less well-known as one of the best japcore bands outside japan (alongside Burial). They started as a crustcore band with uk influences and soon change their sound to japanese hardcore. This is the first 7'' with the usual solid japanese sound. Tight ass maybe is the most ugly and sing-along song Selfish ever wrote and has a secret magic power to make you wanna do harakiri..Yeah right, and you know something... Chelsea (from Death side and Paintbox) do the guitar-solos here... The grave is open, go on and hide... Last chance.

Never gonna lose it

Oct 26, 2010

World burns to death (What do you, still, seek to know?)

-DBILL, the lazy malakas... :

Mike has been expecting this review for about a month (or maybe three months, bill?), so i can guess the look on his face when he reads these words. My apologies Mike, but better late than sorry!!!! the point now:

World Burns to Death. Fuck! A band that continues to surprise me with their 7'' releases. It's not that their LP's are bad, it's just that their 7'' are so fucking ''knife to the bone'' that without wanting it, you let their 12 inchers aside.

"So welcome home heroes to a sea
of "made in china" U.S. flags
Ceremonial burial shrouds
For these, your honorable dead"

I'm referring to the split 7''s with Japans Slang and Blowback, as well as (actually ESPECIALLY) the ''The War Can Go On Forever'' 7''. The band seems tighter, faster and more ferocious than ever before. Imagine ''the Graveyard of Utopia'' era songs, blown out to total punk chaos hymns. Like a 10 ton bulldozer building up speed, the songs just grow and grow and grow, eating up everything. These new 7'' also celebrate the inglorious return of that echoing effect on the guitar leads I was missing since ''No Dawn Comes...Night Without End'' 7'' and the split with Sick Terror (NEVERENDING WAR...what a song!)...all hail that echoing effect!!

Actually I've been listening to the World Burns to Death sides so intensively (almost like some drug overdose religious ceremony...) I haven't gotten to the Japs kidding...
I'll leave a comment though when I get to them!

World Burns To Death - The War Can Go On Forever EP

World burns to death - splits with Blowback and Slang

(some rips are stolen from fugitive equilibrium)

Oct 22, 2010

Quattro Stagioni - Self Titled LP 2010

Here we have Quatro stagioni from Trier / Germany. The band existed from 1998 to 2008 and this Lp released some months ago from 625 Trash records and RSR records. As i clearly enjoy 625 releases i didn't lose any time and pick this Lp up, first sight. So, these pizza-makers (yep, Quatro stagioni is a type of pizza) do it the right way. Groovy style hardcore mixed up with low-tuned old-school grindcore and the usual power-violence assaults to make the whole thing packed (δενει το γλυκο που λεμε). The only shitty thing is that the lp carries no lyrics. Who needs lyrics in grindcore, you may say but i think lyrics is equal to the music.

When you're guitarist plays with gloves (check the right hand) and a helmet, you can't go wrong. Check also here for previous releases : s/t 7'' and split with Iron lung.


Oct 18, 2010

La casa fantom - fredlos

Some days ago i reached the little social centre called pikrodafni, in a suburb of athens to watch La casa fantom. The gig was among friends, via mouth to mouth communication - no posters, internet etc. The 50 bastards that saw the norwegians i can say that were more than lucky if i can judge from the smiling faces right after the gig. A 30 minutes set with a drummer that stands for 10 drummers together, and a rythm bassist with great voice. As my shirt was completely stinky sweat i knew that i have to make a post for La Casa Fantom.

La casa fantom started back in 2000, when two friends - Lars and Bard - start to jamming in the livingroom of their collective outside the city of Oslo. Staying in the forest of oslo, eating from the garbage of the "civilized" society (the band has a track that means "dumbstep diving"), using amps that they found'em among trashes and fixing 'em by themselves i dare to say that these guys have made their own big refusals against modern society normes and capitalist system.

"Our name comes from a do it yourself wine kit which gives you 20 liter of redwine in 24 hours. It was just like our music, fast & dirty with a lot of nerves."

The band has already released two lp's (including Fredlos) and a bunch of 7inches, in their own label Iskrem Plater records (means icecream records) and all of them are great. This lp starts with a great simple intro with a little bit pessimistic lyrics to continue with a death-hymn full of blast beats and broken voices. These guys mixing so fucking good melancholic atmoshferes with crust, black metal (Norwegians, remember?) with grindcore. Jazzy grindcore (or post-crust) would be the most accurate description for the band's sound, as a friend told me in the show and i have to agree with him. Lars, the drummer, also palys in the sludge-hardcore band Hombre malo that features members from Ictus and This thing called dying.

You just need a drumkit with an octapus instead of a drummer, two voices that spitting venom, a bass with plenty of pedals with a dreadlock guy for the arms and... who the fuck needs guitars?

If you are familiar with this type of experimental noise, i'm sure you'll love La casa fantom. Give it a listen, in this rainy and numb day it's the perfect soundtrack.


p.s. dedicated to d.

Oct 14, 2010

Isterismo - Non Puo Sopprimiere Il Mio Conflitto 7''

This post - to be honest - was a huge fuck-off to the neo-trend band Kriegshog. Not that i have something to say about the band itself, but i have to criticize the hole "KVLT" thing that surrounds them. Kriegshog recently released a good - indeed - album on La vida es en mus records (spain) and H:G fact. The press made in japan and sent to europe overseas, so the guy from la vida had to pay extra taxes for the vinyls. The price of the lp is close to 19 euros (if you're lucky and have the privilege to afford to pay for 25 copies). So, why a god-damn lp of a diy band costs 20 fucking euros (in usa will cost close to 35 dollars!!!!!!!). And why all the guys go on and pay 20 fucking euros to buy a god-damn album. Is this punk? Are we so privileged nowadays? I ask that, knowing that the first press of the lp is sold-out. I don't know, i can't understand. Why do you pay 20 euros? Because they are japanese, they have distorted guitars, they make very intense shows, they have black and white covers, cool song-titles and because they are japanese. Oh, i told that already. They have plenty of elements to be the new cult. Fucking hipsters, i say. The album is good but not for 20 euros for sure (HELLOOOOO, it's a punk record). And for sure you ain't gonna see that album posted here!

So, I asked d. (black trinity / go filth go) to make a review about a very good band - that is not so trendy - called Isterismo. They are also from japan, they play distorted hardcore punk and as Tomorrow they are influenced from the late '80s - early '90s italian hardcore scene. They have released also a split tape with D-Clone and have been part of two great compilations called "Hard Core Inferno" (2010) and "Yotsuva" (2009). Both comps will be posted here in the next months. So, pay attention to d. :

Aaaaaarrggghhh!!! This is japanoize to the fuckin’ bone!!!
The name of this band describes perfectly what they are all about:
Hysterical japanese raw noise hardcore punk!
I first checked out Isterismo on their split tape with D-Clone on which both bands were absolutely insane! Here it’s the same.
Ultra raw, ultra distorted guitar sound, massive drum beating and frenzy vocals! Also a LOT of energy! Makes you wanna crush things! All the titles are in italian (?!). I guess they were listening to a lot of Wretched when they wrote them! But the title means “Can’t suppress my conflict” or something like that, which I like.
This EP (that lasts less than 7 minutes) is a shot of nitroglycerin!
Swallow and die!!!

d. (ownload)

Oct 10, 2010

Zegota - Reclaim!

Zegota also known as the "Konrad Zegota Committee",was a codename for the Polish Council to Aid Jews (Polish: Rada Pomocy Zydom), an underground organization of Polish resistance in German-occupied Poland from 1942 to 1945.
The Council to Aid Jews operated under the auspices of the Polish Government in Exile through the Government Delegation for Poland, in Warsaw. Zegota's express purpose was to aid the country's Jews and find places of safety for them in occupied Poland. Poland was the only country in occupied Europe where there existed such a dedicated secret organization.

Now, Zegota is (was?) an international conspiracy - members of the band lives in sweden, usa etc - of four great musicians and political aware individuals. They have released one seveninch and three full lenght albums. Reclaim was released in 2006 and it's their last record

We can say that this album is a little bit experimental, has a lot of tempo changes, some cariibbean percussion, some noisy parts reminds me mainly the european screamo scene of the 90's. The lyrics have that strong political message well-hiden to some self-destroying lyrics, screams against the cops and the capitalist system dressed with great cutting-up drums and sickening guitars (the strange thing is that the guitars have not so much distortion but you get a weird feeling, trust me). If you seeking a reason to cut your veins tracks like "never trust a cop" or "struck by the wild"  i think it's the right one. So much depression.

Also one guitarist has been session guitarist for Catharsis, that's why we have a strong connection between zegota and the great CrimeThink records. Also, interesting is the way zegota organize their own gigs or set-up gigs for other bands 'coz they use the "free-entrance" system (ελευθερη συνεισφορα το λεμε εδω αν και καποιοι φαινεται οτι το εχουν ξεχασει...). A very good release that comes in recycled paper so order a copy from crimethink and dance in the rain while you're crying.


Oct 8, 2010

Death some times is so ugly cold

You know already my love for Out cold.
Mark sheehan, singer - and bassist for some time - in OUT COLD (one of the best hardcore bands ever), guitarist of GG Allin and guitarist of Bad Chopper, died in the age of 41.

It's so terrible to try to describe how much a person (or a voice) had fueled your anger through the years. Even if i don't know Mark i can say that i was shocked when i first read about his death. Words can't do any good, so i stop. Long Live Mark Sheehan, hope we'll meet someday in another place and drink a beer together, talk and have fun. You're missed man and thanx for the memories.

Oct 5, 2010

Nightbringer - Inhale, the night begins 7'' (2010)

Just get home from my best friend's birthday party. Everything was fucking awesome. beer as well as wine runs in my veins. As i opened the door and pressed the pc-button i realised that i have a fucking gift. Drock from the canadian bulldozer called System Shit (check them here and here) sent me the new 7'' of canada's japunks Nightbringer released this year on Chris Colohan's (yep, Cursed fame) label High Anxiety records. I'm so fucking excited.
Motorhead meets Bastard. Can you call this life?
Here we have, ann arbor's nightbringer - consisting of Ruination, Earthmover and Life set struggle members among others - that offer us three raging hardcore hymns in the vein of their first demo but with more (or less.hahahah i'm drunk) japanese elements. Imagine judgement plays like Warcry. D-beat mania for the wicked. The second song is a fucking killer that starts with all that cliche motor engine (BIKES SOUND - JULIA’s 1984 HONDA VF500F and IAN’s 2003 KAWASAKI Z1000) giving heads to a great rock'n'roll riff, fucking reverbed vocals and a bass-guitar like a five-speed fueled engine. Something like Burning Leather αλλα φουλ πιο αλητεια. Yes, they play both kinds of rock n and loud, indeed. The sound is great, dirty and punky as it should be - Chris Colohan made a great job as producer - and if you like i can upload also their previous demo that is solid as hell but i know that you now found your new fix, one way or another, you have to ask for it. Finally, if i have a statement, this propably is :

"I stormed the gates of heaven
And found their god was gone
Despite all those converted
By the sword and by the crown"

Nightbringer - Inhale, the night begins 7''

Nightbringer -  demo 2008 & live concert

Sep 30, 2010

Sleazy inc. operated - Sleazy listening

Before i start to explain my choice to post a not so familiar for the blog band, i have to say sorry for the lack of posts lately. Hanging out too much with the Destino final guys has burnt my braincells (fucking morons...).

Sleazy inc. operated is an all-female trio, based on leipzig, germany. I can describe their tunes as a mix of old-school riot grrrl punk with tones of indie rock and grunge influences. You may be asking what the fuck is going wrong with me, but i have to tell you that sometimes everybody needs a "time-off" of all the noise. Hope you'll understand.

I have been among the lucky ones that saw that beautiful girls giving an unplugged show in a squat here in athens before some years and i was stunned from their approach in several topics as the "women" thing, daily-life or even the attitude. My smiley face gave me the opportunity to get their sleazy listening cd for free (just kidding, they were kind enough to give it to me for free 'coz i was broke). I have to admit that i had a crush on the girl behind the drum-kit. So, be prepared for some up-tempo but in the same time melancholic songs with not so much distortion, but played by the fucking heart, and i guess that's the important thing. Not forgot to mention, these girls played in the movie Meer is nich.


Sep 23, 2010

va - abstruct madness tour cd - Balzac & Delta & Rocky and the sweden

Once again i'm waiting dbill to write some inglorious words about WB2D. As the time passes i said : "screw him. let's make a good post". So, here we go. This 3 way split is a fucking rare and ugly japanese treasure and the only reason i post it is Delta.

This split cd has been released back in 2001 by Diwphalanx in japan in only 600 copies as a limited tour edition and was available only in the shows these three japanese bands made together in 2002.
Balzac is a very famous band in japan widely described as the japanese Misfits. You know what you'll get so i don't go further 'coz i neither like misfits nor the death-rock stuff. Then it was time and after that was Rocky and the sweden. The guys are great. They mix japcore with some good old punk with amazing great backing vocals. They remind me a lot bands like Paintbox, Forward or even Judgement. The usual great japcore, you know what you're coming for... They participate two tracks, one theirs and one is a great cover on "Crime for revenge" from Ultra Violent. Now, let's get to the point....
S.D.S or Delta? I can't tell
Delta is the legendary continue of S.D.S. Yep, the japanese Antisect and one of the best crust acts ever. As my comrade 7inchcrust has described very well in the past (check two posts about S.D.S here and here). Now, Delta is a more thrashy and metallic version of S.D.S while the clear early '90s crusty elements is everywhere on the recording. Delta continues where S.D.S stopped. Rough vocals, unstoppable drumming and crazy driven riffs. I forgot to mention that here we have three guys from the original S.D.S line-up plus the Iconoclast drummer. Not bad, ha? They had schedule to release a 7'' on MCR company but the band sadly broke-up. FUCK!


Sep 20, 2010

Janitor - Exterminate My Generation

Hours after hours, i'm feeling tired. Lately i'm listening a lot of old-school hardcore in your face punk. Including Sucked dry, straightjacket nation, Mad world etc. You got the picture.

Janitor was a houston based, thrashy hardcore band. They play fast-forward thrashy punk (and this is the worst review since... i don't remember) awesome thinks described better as way too punky for your white rich ass hardcore. The guys really have it and you got to check'em out.

"We recorded a 19 song LP at Texas Music Studios in Houston sometime in July 1996. Originally, we wanted to release it as a 19 song LP but LPs were too much to press and, at that time, hardcore punk wasn't very popular. In the end, we released a 10 song 7" on green vinyl about 1998 on our own label. It sold fairly well and was very well recieved by MRR, making one of the top ten lists. They asked for an interview and all that shit but at that point we had called it quits."

Fuck-off, good-night. And buy it here. Janitor in your ass.


Sep 14, 2010

Out Cold - Goodbye cruel world

We are in 1989, in a small suburb of massachusetts (προφερεται Μασατσουτσετς), called Dracut. Four young kids start to play awful but straight from the heart hardcoreFUCKINGpunk. Two of them were also part of the infamous band Worse than Useless. They started play with some real menace. Especially in some fucked-up years. Metal was starting overthrowing the hardcore scene and to play some old-school Negative approach meets Poison idea punk was "out of trend". These kids not only played this genre but they did it for 20 years!
Καπου στο 2003 : οι Out Cold πατουν τα ιερα χωματα του Βιολογικου στη Θεσσαλονικη
Let's make a good fast-forward to the year 2004. Some of the original members have been out of the band while the first bassist of the band Mark Sheehan (formerly guitarist of GG Allin!) have already taken the vocal duties, behind drums we have also John Evicci while the guitar & bass goes to Deuce and Mikey Flynn (both from the great band called Last in Line). The band after a crazy tour in europe goes back to the studio to record "Goodbye cruel world". Fucking prophetic as it's the band's last full-lenght album.

"I can feel you burning on the inside"
But before we go to the core, i have to say that as i read their interviews in different zines i have to pay respect to one of the most honest and truelly great bands. And what a great spell of dedication when they say : "Unfortunately, most of the bands are broken-up now but that's the great things about records : They endure long after the people who made them". And fuck yeah, Out Cold are missed.

So, let's go the album. The first guitar riff is opening the gates of hell while the maniac drumming skills of mr.Evicci gives "take as needed for pain" the extra credit for what is really is, a track about drugs and for drugging speed freaks. While some of the album's tracks deals with misanthropy ("misanthrope"), isolation / solitude, human stupidity and back-stubber attitude ("i feel the death on the back of me"). Tracks like "Doomsday guy" could easily be someone's soundtrack of his life with all the desperation within the human society. Well, the "Hello disaster" goes to more mid-tempo parts (Θα 'θελες μεγαλε, εδω η φαση ειναι παρ'τα στα μουτρα) and i have to stop right here 'coz i can go on forever..

The rip is from my buddie Sergeant Batguano. Man you are great, thanx again. Everytime i hear their stuff i recall your phrase : "this one is my favorite album as long as I'm not playing one of their others". This one have been released from Kangarro records in europe so go and get it.

This post is dedicated to my good friend K. His greatness has been aknowledged by Out Cold themselves by saying : "We would like to extend a huge thanks to K., who set up all the shows here in Greece and did a really good job holding everything together despite some unexpected shit".

"Out Cold had become a pillar of consistency and it seemed like they would just always be around, recording amazing records and playing shows every once in a blue moon. However with twenty years under their belt, they managed to put almost every other hardcore band in history to shame."

Goodbye cruel world (we miss you, you human-haters)

Sep 9, 2010

Hiatus - The brain & El sueno de la razon produce monstruos

I'm glad to continue where the previous post of 7inchcrust stopped. Hiatus. Hiatus was a crust / core band from liege, belgium. They released some of the most energetic and influential albums of all (crust) time in their brief history. But first i have to tell my own story of "fell-in-love" with hiatus. Read it or not, the download link is on the bottom.

Destroy me
Before thousands of years, Alex from Hibernation used to run a distro called "Drapetes tis siopis". There was a time with no internet, so all the distro news, 7inches etc was written by hand. If you were a good boy, sometimes alex sent over some great new albums for free (yeah, he was a "large" guy). Someday, i read in a new issue of his distro : "Hiatus. for many people this is the best crust band ever". I was shocked. What do you mean with the word best? I knew Doom and E.N.T and no-one else could be "the best". So, i ordered one copy from this cd re-release. It has the two last albums before the band fell in hiatus (hahaaahha) "The brain & El sueno de la razon produce monstruos" and has been released by Nabate records.

The sound is more technical than the first hiatus 7'' while the vocals remaining great doggy-shouting. The mixing of old Doom d-beat with metallic riffs makes this a classic and still nowadays i can't feel boring with these Hellgians, not for one single second. The first 8 tracks is "the brain" 12'' and you can compare it easily to Skew whiff (two of the hiatus members continue the legacy), track 9 is a rehearsal and the rest is from "El sueno...". If you are lucky enough buy this cd. It comes with a huge booklet foul of pics of the band, posters from that era, lyrics and a great euro-tour review in two languages (english and french). The guys were drunk all the fucking time. And yes, i can say THIS IS THE BEST CRUST BAND EVER.

the rip is from my own cd and i hope you'll enjoy it. The Hiatus puzzle seems to getting close to the end, right billy?


Sep 5, 2010

Drugged SS - I hate what you think about my life (tape)

-mikxxx, the stupid white-middle-class boy :
Yeah, i was looking for this tape (fuck yeah another tape) for a while. I finally ordered some copies from a norway-based distro and i payed a bunch of fucking euros. Thankfully this tape deserves it. As my tape-player has no line-in/line-out, i have not been able to rip it. Thanx to who sent me the rip.

Here we have three insane (unsane and mentally deranged) norwegians trying to play hardcore punk. I'm saying trying 'coz i'm not sure if their intention was to play ugly and uncompromising hardcore than fucked-up black metal. I don't care and you shouldn't too, 'coz the guys mixing it so fucking good. They remind me the s/t 7'' of Forced Expression mainly due to the raging tempos, the short tracks, the clever tricks in guitar and the blistering vocals. Six tracks on 4 minutes and 54 seconds. The recording is decent enough for a rehearsal (i guees it's a rehearsal. The "booklet" gives no infos). Check out the second track "enfants terribles" with this sick sludgy bridge on 18 second. Ugly...
Also, the band is part of the Black Hole Crew alongside Okkultokrati and Haust and hates swedish music.

This tape has been released by Ormeyngel records (blame Lars - a member of okkultokrati) and if you have a PayPal-account don't hesitate to order some copies for your friends. You can also give 'em as a gift while you had to write on the card "I hate what you think about my life". A great gift, indeed.

"Three piece hardcore outfit from Setesdal.
Drugged SS takes no part of the already established positive hardcore scene in the big cities - this is war, famine, pestilence, and death in your face!

This is hardcore as it should be in it's most primitive state.
Hardcore without baggage of principles other than wanting to tear up your bedroom walls, where football trophies and diplomas from school hangs like a bloody Jesus on the cross - a constant reminder of failure and reverence.
Finding no inspiration in the Oslo scene, we had to create our own form of negative approach.
Drugged SS are from Setesdal and are going to stay in Setesdal."

Also the band have some weird opinion about the label that released the above mentioned tape (laughing out loud, you fools) :
"Ormeyngel tells me the tape is close to being sold out. whatever. Ormeyngel is just a bunch of Oslo hipsters making money of our music anyway. they're talking about doing a new pressing of the tape. I don't care, I'm gonna go steal some gas for my car now. Fuck you all, and fuck every band from Sweden"
i love what you think about swedish music
-d. the black μπουγατσας from hell :
This is hardcore. Raw, ugly and hateful!

Drugged SS come from Norway and they are darker than almost every black metal band that came out the homeland of black metal the last years! It is a dark time that we live in, so dark is the music.

With no ray of hope left and dripping with venom, Drugged SS takes you down… and keeps you down!

The sound is very raw and primitive, the vocalist spits blood and guts, the songs are short and sharp.

And as they said with their own words: “This is hardcore without any baggage of principles other than wanting to tear up your bedroom walls, where football trophies and diplomas from school hang like a bloody Jesus on the cross  - a constant reminder of failure and reverence”.

I have nothing more to say.

This is war, famine, pestilence and death in your face!

The approach is negative…

Aug 31, 2010

Go filth go - no escape from noise dis-truction (tape)

From the burrows of kotzi city, tzapan, here comes the power-quartet well-known as go filth go.
Go filth go are the true wolves under Kawakami's holy belt where the mist of raw, d-beat noise wisdom comes...
Including members of black trinity, dyspnea and terrorismo musical these guys are your new fix for good, old-school dis-core like the "parents" first played.

Pure noise D-Beat in the old Discharge way, but with the reverb,distortion and tremble turned up until the buttons on the amp fall off from overturning!!! (dbill's holy words - sideburn's of the guy are way more punkier than kawakami's). Go check dis-or-die.blogspot 'coz the guy behind it also sings for GFG, so ask him for distribution etc or use the band's mail for further infos : (buy some copies mates, it's worth everyfucking cent). Skip the rest article (greek fucking language) and on the bottom of the post, you'll see a download link. Hit it.
What else to say for these fuckers? ENOUGH SAID! enjoy the filth...

Είναι πολύ περίεργο συναίσθημα να  προσπαθήσεις να περιγράψεις τον ήχο ενός συγκροτήματος, το οποίο συμπαθείς και θεωρείς φίλους (τουλάχιστον ένα απ'τά υποκείμενα που το αποτελούν). Θα βάλω τα δυνατά μου.

Μιλώντας συχνά πυκνά με τον Δημήτρη (κιθάρα σε black trinity / Go filth go) δεν μπορώ να κρύψω την συμπάθεια μου προς τη μπάντα και αυτό όχι για μουσικούς λόγους. Νοιώθοντας ότι μοιραζόμαστε κοινά εδάφη, τρόπους επικοινωνίας, ιδεολογικά και πολιτικά πεδία καθώς και αγάπη για την αυτοοργάνωση και την καλή μουσική (θα αφήσω τις ταμπέλες έξω για λίγο) νομίζω πως δε θα είμαι αντικειμενικός με αυτούς τους μπουγατσαδες από το Κοτζι city.

Εδώ, λοιπόν, έχουμε να κάνουμε με την πρώτη κασέτα (ναι, βγαίνουν ακόμα) με τίτλο “no escape from noise dis-truction” που πρόσφατα οι συμπαθέστατοι θεσσαλονικείς κυκλοφόρησαν. Με το τεράστιο πνεύμα τον Confuse να κυριαρχεί αυτά τα νόθα παιδιά του γιαπωνέζου Cal (aka Kawakami) κατάφεραν να ακούγονται φρέσκοι και πολύ δυνατοί. Συνδυάζοντας τα καλύτερα στοιχεία των Discharge, Disclose και Contrast attitude με ολίγη από Disable δηλαδή αυθεντικό “γαμώ-τη-μανά-σου-DBEAT” με κιθάρες πιο βρώμικες και από ένα Morbidangel-ικο βόθρο (γίνεται απλά : παίρνεται το πιο φτηνό guitar-distortion, το πιο φτηνό ενισχυτή των 15 watt και τα βάζετε όλα στο 10 για να μη πω στο 11. Η συνταγή αυτή βρίσκεται επίσης στον πρώτο δίσκο των Entombed. Nicke Anderson’s τσελεμεντές, εκδόσεις Clandestine, έτος 1989.)

Επίσης θέλω να σταθώ στα φωνητικά της μπάντας. Ο man πίσω απτό μικρόφωνο τυχαίνει (?) να έχει τα καλύτερα copy-paste φωνητικά του πλανήτη. Εδώ να υπογραμμίσω ότι το λέω αυτό με θετική χροιά. Ακούγοντας ειδικά τα φωνητικά του με black trinity θεωρώ ότι ούτε ο nocturnο culto μπορεί να κάνει πλέον τόσο καλά τα – ιδία του – τα φωνητικά όποτε καταλαβαίνετε λοιπόν ότι ούτε ο Kawakami (πόσο μάλλον ο Tsoukasa) θα είχε πρόβλημα (μάλλον θα σιγονταρει άπ'τον επουράνιο θρόνο του). Τέλος, ο ίδιος άνθρωπος βρίσκεται πίσω απτό οπότε τσεκάρετε το και αφήστε του μηνύματα και παραγγελίες της εν λόγο κυκλοφορίας ή επικοινωνήστε με τη μπάντα στο mail :

Η κασέτα κυκλοφόρησε πρόσφατα και μπορείτε να την βρείτε σε χίλια δυο όμορφα μέρη η να επικοινωνήσετε απευθείας με την μπάντα. Περιέχει 13 κομμάτια "χορευτικού" hardcore με διασκευές σε Discharge και Disclose (πως και έτσι?). Οπότε μη χάνεται χρόνο.

Τέλος, να πω και το παράπονο μου. Έχοντας δει 2 φόρες live τη μπάντα έχω να πω πως παρότι είναι καταπληκτικοί και πολύ δεμένοι, τα set υπερβαίνουν κατά πολύ τη μια ώρα κάτι που κουράζει συνήθως. Μάγκες κάντε κάνα 35 λεπτό set-ακι ώστε ο κοσμάκης να φωνάζει ρυθμικά το όνομα σας (sic) και αφού δε θα κάνετε encore γιατί δεν είστε τίποτα φλορούμπες, θα περιμένει καρτερικά την επόμενη συναυλία……


Aug 27, 2010

Invasion - discography

Yeah, right : Destino final, finally will come to town(s). 24 & 25 of september athens and thessaloniki will feel their grounds shaking and huge volcanos will pop-up when the mountains eventually turn to grey. But before that, it was Invasion. I kindly requested d. (guitarist of black trinity / Go filth go) to sit his ass down and write a proper review about these spanish dudes. He said : "Yeah, why not? Do i have a dealine?" and after 12 hours he sent a ball-breaking review in FifteenCounts headquarters. Enjoy him (and Invasion).

Amazing grace :

something like Invasion (destino final live)
Old school: two words that I really really love to use!
Also two words that I never used when I was talking about Spanish bands the last few years. Fortunately Invasion came to change this!
Here we have the previous band of the vocalist and guitarist of Destino Final. They released a demo and two LP’s. Destino Final is a great band that I like very much and I really wanted to listen to the Invasion stuff too. So, Mike gave me the chance and here I am. And I am very pleased with what I listened to!
Invasion played true old school punk! With the right sound and attitude! Simple song structure, but it has it all! Great riffs, kicking up-tempo drums, delayed spitting vocals. Nothing odd, no exaggerations. Just punk! Everything is where is needed to be. Less is more, as we say…
But what’s really good after all is that they manage to have a quite personal sound. I mean, you can see their influences, but all filtered perfectly in their sound. There are some old Swedish and Finnish punk influences, some late 70’s punk along with some Stooges and G.B.H., some Japanese (their spirit is burning alright!) and also a bit of old school metal for the final touch.
A plus (for me at least) is the fact that they keep their music close to politics.
I got to tell you. I love the raw sound of the instruments, the ultra-delayed vocals (reminded me a lot of the Hellhammer demos) and the evil laughters of the vocalist here and there, the energy and the darkness! And after you finish listening to their records (and you are a bit sweaty because you were banging the whole time) you instantly get the thought “Ah, it would be great to watch them live!”
Hopefully, we can do this with Destino Final. They still play a couple of Invasion songs live (their sound hasn’t changed much), so that’s just great!
Download or piss off!!!

Mitsos or Meatsauce


Aug 23, 2010

The lost self who beats your ass

Last days i find my self in a spiritual nirvana. Lately i'm so obsessed with weird (for me) music styles like stoner rock or even sludge (i'm sick, doc.) reminds me the first days as a "university" student, back then i was loving the first two Spiritual beggars albums and the "In the mushroom" cd of LID. Nowadays i discovered 16 (holy shit), Laughing hyenas (they are weird, aren't they?) and witchcraft. On the other hand i have to listen one time per day (pharmacy's prescription) Poison idea's "Feel the darkness" and Out cold's "Permanent twillight world" (Oh my god, i haven't done a single post about OUT COLD).

But, what the hell i'm talking about? If the hell could speak in tongues, it's name would be WARHEAD :

thanx to penny lane for the photo - thanx, (pin-up) girl!

So, warhead is one of the most underrated bands from japan. When everyone talks about Gauze and Stupid babies go mad (???) here's the real deal. Hailing from a city outside Osaka called Kyoto these punks have released one lp, two seveninches and a split 7'' while they have a 4 way split with DSB, Zone and Extinct Government. they have toured uk and usa (with Tragedy if i'm not mistaken) and they have write some of the best thrashy songs.

Raging thrashy hardcore / crust. If you wanna hear a madman who drunk some shinning nails you have to hear this. Do you need anything else?
Here you'll get :
-Cry of truth 7'' (1991 self released, later on Amok records)
-What to do with this Yearning & The lost self and beating heart (Ugly Pop records, reissue - Batguano's rip)
-Drive it in your head (1999, Fast nail records)

Judge dredd (movie) is starting up, so i'm leaving you in "good hands". Enjoy  (also check a very good article about japanese hardcore here)

Just, potatoes and rice (usual stuff - Japcore. press the fucking button)

Aug 12, 2010

Decrepit - discography cd

Decrepit was a crust-core band from seattle, active from 1994 to 1999 (i think so). In their brief history they released a 12'' lp, a self titled 7'', and some split 7''s.

While i was reading Lo-res viscera blog i misunderstood his Decrypt post with Decrepit. Decrepit came like natural in my mind, so i thought this is a good way to say "have some nice vacations guys, 'coz i'll certainly have! starting tomorrow - see you in september". Sweeten things up, i added - again - a cool pic of the band.

As i have already wrote decrepit was from seattle including members of Whorehouse of representatives (a great band too), Whipped, Cease and desist. Later on the mighty Consume also. Jim plays bass on Deathraid nowadays (great guy).

So, if you wanna hear some crazy crust-meets-grind tornado, here's your new favorites. Decrepit is one of the most vicious, fast, catchy crust band of all time. Imagine a drummer that when he was a baby his mother instead of milk gave him galons of gas so now he destroys sidewalks with his sticks. Very impressing "players" when it comes to the "game" aka grindy-fucking-crust. they have some great lyrics dealing mostly with politics (call me : ageism, elitism, pacifism, militarism, homophobia, and the God myth). I can describe them as more extreme Disrupt-meets-Resist group.

Extra tip is that in the thanx list of this cd they  include Agrinio's punx. First time i read this, i was laughing to death, knowing that agrinio is a small city in the centre of greece, full of moody weather and active punks (not the all-day drinking type of think-or just back in the day). So, i had a conversation with one of the agrinio guys that arrange them and said me that Decrepit and Detestation were the best guys they have ever meet (from the amount of crust bands that have visit greece in the late '90s). They had stayed in agrinio for three days, drinking tsipouro in the old-school cafe of the city among dirty farmers (imagine 60 years old guys seeing some crusty dudes with patches

I know that the good friend batguano loves them and you can read some things about'em in his blog here.

And one friend of mine still ows me my Decrepit t-shirt, i "loaned" him - back in the day - with those gas-masks...aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (mmmm, and a disrupt cover, did i mention that?)

Aug 8, 2010

Deathreat - The Severing of the Last Barred Window... Plus Early Tracks 97-99

It's a weird feeling when you wake up and you know that you saw Deathreat in your sleep (a live concert). Good or bad? I don't know, but i'm searching the blog for this band and i can't find any. So, it is time...

Travelling back in time we go to 1996. A shit-playing band called His hero is gone (Fifteencounts...remember?) has already "died". Some members go to form other bands. The burdette brothers moved on and from memphis go to portland. Deathreat started. So simple...

Speaking with todd for a little bit (as far as my english allowed me to..) when Tragedy came in greece for three gigs, i got the impression that the guy doesn't do just gigs but he lives for it. You can see the blood boiling inside him and his eyes going mad while every single word coming outta his mouth like a kalashnikof shoot. And when the gig is over is so calm and friendly and all these stuff making me wonder "how is it doing it", the "grandpa" fucker. Check an interview of tragedy here by the way.

Let's start with a family tree of the band known as Deathreat. Here we go : On guitars we have Paul burdette (well-known as a great drummer!) and Stan Wright. On Drums we have Todd burdette (well-known as a terryfic(!!!!) guitarist). Brad boatright on bass and Billy Vavies on vocals...
These guys have been in the diy scene for centuries with bands such as : His hero is gone, Tragedy, Signal lost, From ashes rise, Lebanon, Call the polise, Copout, Criminal damage, Severed head of state, Warcry, Trauma and No parade. And please name me one mediocre band of the above mentioned, not bad, just mediocre. It does not exist. All their bands were great. So it is DEATHREAT.

My first exposure to their sonic ear damaging was five years ago when i buyed their cd reissue of "the severing of the..." (this cd you'll download - the rip is from my physical copy) from Partners in crime records runned by billy davies (yes, the vocalist). While i was excepting clearly neo-crust full of great riffs and drums, melodramatic lyrics and acid-drenched vocals i was shocked 'coz i had to deal with simple-played hardcore!

Mixing all their influences from japanese thrashy hardcore to old-school american hardcore punk (i discovered Koro through their cover to the"Dear sirs" track) while some tracks ("who counts the bodies") reminds me the solid scandi scene. I'll have the sweet pleasure to see your ears pieced from within. Fast d-beat, great riffs and simple-angry vocals. and some skate-boards photos on the back. Great tracks like "Pay no mind", "First world imposition" or "Bodies pilled higher..." can't be recorded or written every-single-day. This is a masterpiece guys. 38 tracks in 36 minutes. Fuck yeah.
Even if i firstly was unsure if my buying skills was once more awful, three months later i put on this cd on my stereo and i felt a punch in the face. Speechless...

This cd contains the 1997's Lp "the severing...", the split with Talk is poison from 1999, the self titled 7'' from 1998 and the split with D.S.B (same period). Prepare to hear who the fuck all these "cult" raw hardcore bands nowadays have ripped the hell off. Guittars, sounding etc comes from Deathreat.
If you know them already and you have this one already, guess what. I don't give a fuck.

You're under careful control

Aug 6, 2010

White Male Dumbinance - Forced Vengeance 7''

I'm no big fan of powerviolence, that's for sure, but sometimes you have to recognise the power and genious of a band, even if the genre is not "worth dying for". Borrowing their name from the classic B.G.K album White male dumbinance is (was?) a great hardcore act from Newcastle, new south wales, australia. In this 7'' that have been released in 2008 they deliver twelve tracks of ferocious and pissed-off hardcore punk for fans of Charles bronson, Infest or Mind Eraser. Blastbeats just fills up the great riffs and the insane vocals, while the mid-tempo parts make you wonder "is it going to come in my head?". Add a crazy cover to INFEST's "why don't you" and political lyrics that deals with anti themes. They have released also a demo and a split with Masstrauma (and if you start begging in front of me i'll post them). Members have also been in the following bands : Arms Reach, Life.Love.Regret, The Dead Walk!, Conation (great!) and Captain Cleanoff! (greater!!).

I found a great text in the band's my(as)space and i think is much more useful to read it than read my own words. I'm still excited with bands that have something to say. by the way you propably will hear this 7'' 3-4 times 'till you finnish reading................

"Chances are 90% of Psuedo hardcore kids have never heard this style before because we play Hardcore (Harder & Faster Style of Punk in case you didn't know!)
This is not fucking watered down uplifting MTV goth pop cock rock!
What gets me is the shit you call emo is sounds like uplifting praise music, its not emotional its not dark so why walk around looking all goth & shit calling yourself emo?
Ironically if Icehouse & Journey were to have formed today & not in the 80's, Iva Davis & Steve Perry would have become Hardcore Gods & they both don't even know what Hardcore Fucking is, Thats Right Modern Hardcore sounds like Van Halen with Evil Cartoon Monster Vocals!, Areosmith & Warrant are fucking amazing Harcore bands in comparisson to these new christian MTV hardcore bands
Fuck your myspace photos taken from distorted angles from above to hide your fat fucking features! Fuck your Fashion show!
Fuck your turn hardcore shows into a pick up speed dating event!
Fuck your hammer-on Van Halen guitar leads
Fuck your happy fingers hand dance whatever the fucking stab worthy dance is?
Fuck your weak instep which is just a unco-ordinated version of a NY Style strut!
Fuck your everybody look at me I'm in the pit weak ballet kick box moves & cart wheels & I don't even think for a second I don't notice that you when you finish doing them you always look around the room with the corner of your eye to see who saw you!
It seems like anyone who gets in the pit these days is only in it to hopefully get in a dogpile photo or to be seen by some fat pastey goth emo nerd chick who will suck off anyone with a tattoo & a hitler haircut!
Fuck these Fanzines with Fashion Tips & Model Pages & interviews with bands like Underoath etc etc etc etc etc, who do nothing but exploit hardcore
Fuck the local bands who charge $15 minimum to watch their cockpuppet show & Fuck the those who go to the shows & pay to see them, by supporting greedy elitist bands like that you contributing to raising the costs & the unethical demands of a movement that is non profit & anti establishment
How can you preach to Rage Against The Machine but build your own machine on the same Parallel principle, what are you thinking?
"You guys can have your shitty electronic pop star R & B & we will contradict & betray every single aspect of hardcore integrity that exists & stand against you with a billion dollar empire of hardcore bands & we will always rebel against you with the support of our mainstream underground middle to upper class movement because the poor hardcore kids cannot afford to be a part of our absolutist equilibrium"!
Fuck your speech about how its ok to profit from hardcore & sell out & raise the door prices because we just wanna make a living doing what we do & we want to sell more units because we want to reach a wider audience & you need to have door prices to pay your manager,promoter, roadie & merch guys!, if that is you it might be an idea to stop calling yourself a hardcore band or emo band or any other style of music that is a created by hardcore punk
You piece of shit you sound like every corporate identity, bankers, fascist, stockbrokers, marketers etc etc etc, Its always about you, There is no moral integral reasoning behind what you do, you are nothing but a sycophant scumbag "I just sell crack to babies because I need to make money to feed my family I have to invest in a business venture that builds Nuclear Weapons to to pay off my six mansions &  my little island in the carribean!",  My wants can be overlooked as not being greedy or as being an act of treason to a righteous movement because I am somewhat an exception so I think its ok if I exploit a movement because I paid my dues & I am nice guy, so let me fuck everything that was ever pure & real about the hardcore movement!, you use hardcore as a stepping stone for bigger things, you wanna write a little bio in ten years time how you had humble beginnings in a punk band & lived on your friends couch then boo ya you are now a figurehead & feel somewhat embarrassed about your past & having been associated with unsuccessful little shitkickers who have no assetts or careers in the big world!.
Fuck your $5000 wireless amps!
Fuck fuck quotes on shit that is tedious, predictable, self indulgent & non productive!
This Insanely Long Bitter Rant Of Truth Is Brought To You By Yours Truely


Aug 3, 2010

Digger barnes - Time Has Come

Everything has its ''Time''. Even the most pequliar things, and the extraordinary changes may happen to you...when their ''Time has come'' that is...!
If someone told me two years ago i'd be listening to a german guy singing about his shoes and about smelling ponnies in true american redneck accent, while playing hillbilly country on a banjo i'd most certainly shut his yaphole with a good old fashioned uppercut. But ''Time'' she is a harsh mistress and always gets what she wants in the end...

Digger is no stranger to the punk/crust underground. At least for those of you who remember one certain band called Jeniger, and their athenian live gigs in Villa Amalias at 2000 and 2001 respectfully (αν έχει συμπληρώσει την diy δικογραφία σωστά ο punk εισαγγελέας Στάθης!). ''Time'' then demanded more violent musical outbrakes from this young deutchlander...

Pluralism is the symptom of the lightheaded, so there is no need to repeat that ''Time'' takes things in her own matters, and changes you according to her will. Apparently for Digger, this meant mellowing his tunes out, but the punk stays in him. Don't expect pityfull lovesongs on this LP, but catastrophological lullabies about preachers preaching the end of the world, sweet songs about sweet murderers, and tails of the suffocating desert and its snakes against an armed with a golden gun woman.

But Digger has his light side too with gentle songs about his missing pony, about those special brown boots that take you places...Digger is also the pat in the back, and the good voice telling you to take care.

This is an all-weather LP...whether you're at some distant beach, letting the cool summer-night breeze flow around you, or whether you are gazing through the window holding a warm cup of coffee after sleeping at a friendly house (cause the heavy rain never let you leave). This record speaks to the heart in awkward and warm ways!

Digger has previously released the ''Trailer Tapes'' on tape (duh!), and two 7'' ''Digger and Allie'', as well as the ''My name is Digger''.
Accompanying Digger visually is the very good graphic designer Pencil Quincy.

-Dbill, covered in engine oil, kicking the kickstarter, and trying to bring to life Kimon's '93 Honda XR650L...may the motorgod not rest it's soul yet!!!!

Time has come  (yep. download)

Jul 31, 2010

Amebix - Redux

I don't know why i really post this 12'' that is already everywhere on the net. Reviews, downloads, merch etc. I may owe this to myself. I have been raised as a crustypunk (not an a exception to the majority of crusties) with music influences like Hiatus, Doom, Active minds, Detestation, Positive/Negative and Amebix. As far as i'm concerned Amebix was not the creators of a new genre or playing-quality masterminds. No, for me amebix was that. Was the fire that burned slowly in the dark, the most hateful word from the most ugly tongue. Amebix was IT.

After 23 years (notice that their last album "monolith" was released in '87) the 2/3 of the original line-up decided to re-record some already classics as a first taste to an upcoming proper album with brand new songs. Rob "The Baron" Miller and his brother Stig joined up with new drummer Roy Mayorga (who is also the producer/recorder of this 12'' while the mastering was made by rodney Mills). Also roy mayorga was a member of Stone Sour and Soulfly and this is really strange for Amebix to hire a professional drummer, but let's not forget that Mayorga got his start with Nausea, who – along with Amebix – are probably amongst the top five most noted bands associated with the "crust punk" genre. When i first heard that, i had a reaction like many other guys (i guess) : "you are amebix, why you have to do that. You are not Judas priest, you don't need it". Even if i don't have the answer on that question yet, i have to admit that this ep (12'' on 45rpm to be more specific) is a fucking killer.

Two days now and i can't put it off my stereo. For those who can afford to listen every part of the Amebix's legacy, metal-one and punk-one as a friend once stated : if you want to know if a guy is a punk or a metal-head you should ask him what album does he prefers. Arise or monolith? If he say arise he is a punk, if he says monolith he is a fucking metalhead. Even if i prefer monolith, this ep makes a good work overall and you have to check it out, especially if you don't like the re-record shit - it might change your opinion.

First track is the best amebix track ever (for me) : Arise.
The recording is great making the guitars so fucking sharp, the bass is heavy but wellheard while the great tupa-tupa of the new drummer is awesome. The voice of The Baron has become by the years a little bit "broken" and sounding like a demonic-witch spelling some real bad curses ("The Baron's voice is bound to be compared to Lemmy's growl. But, where Lemmy seems to perpetually have a wad of mucous and glass spinning in his throat, The Baron spits the bile out, letting his inflection twist and churn as it crawls into your ears"). Especially the voice gives the whole recording an Evil touch, especially when baron "sings" :
"We will set out with a fire in our hearts
When this darkness gives way to the dawn
In the light we're united as one
For the kingdom of heaven must be taken by storm!

Second track is winter (released in 1983 as a 7'') :
Best re-recording of this session. If the original one was simple haunting this one is apocalyptic. The tight sound had made it a truelly war theme, a fucking hymn. Trumpets of death and the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the northern part of nowhere:
"This is the season of the fire, this is when the reaper crawls.
Feed the flames and make them higher.
No sanctuary behind four walls.
Red sky at night, the shepherds delight but nothing left by the morning.

Third one and last track is Chain reaction.
a song that has been sang from so many mouths. Has been a logo and briefly a state of mind. I can say that is the only not so powerful track of this session. They put on it a lot of synths that made it more atmospheric.
"We swear allegiance to none.
Be not become
There is no one upon whom praise we will shower
I believe that the sin,
Is the first to give in
On the path towards the ultimate power

Telling tales round the bonfire at night!

Jul 25, 2010

Straightjacket Nation - Cheap kicks (lp) & Ep's (discography)

The previous review on straightjacket nation was in the worst-5 of the blog so i owe a good one this time.
Straightjacket was a hardcore band from melbourne that changed their name to Straightjacket Nation (featuring members of great aussie bands like Far left limit) due to the already existence of two different bands with the same name. While i was bollocking (haha!) on the net i fell into a SN interview from 2006. Wow, i said with the things i read. Drug addicts, fanzine owners, yellow teeth smilers and hardcore (give notice : hardcore) punkers. What else do you want?

straightjacket nation: bended noise

I remember when i first read an interview in mountza fanzine with one of the SN guys that also runs Distort fanzine. These guys have opinion and they're not afraid to express it. They talk about all the fucked-up modern hardcore scene, the consumerism and tough guy stupidity that lies within.

"The entire hardcore scene suffers from a paucity of thinking, so it’s no wonder that most interviews are fucken boring. Second of all, I think the reason that bands don’t have much to say in interviews is because they’re actually not saying very much as a band. There’s a huge difference between hardcore bands who play hardcore and hardcore bands who are hardcore.
I’m an overly analytical person by nature, I always have been, and I think part of being hardcore and punk to me has been to question and understand feelings like “anger, desperation, isolation”, etc., not just perform them or romanticise them."

Yeah, speaking about music. Fast, fast, fast, no grooves, no mosh-parts, fast / hardcore punk. Fuck, i like them so fucking much. Tracks seems to builting up in the old way, riffs thrown away, drums all over the place, bass lines from a jihad maniac. Later, they go for rehearsal and this chaotic manifesto seems to work really fine. Using as a background simply outraged punk rock riffs and true feeling they channel their forces into apocalyptic in-your-face simply addicted music. And as my companion dbill has already written : "Straightjacket Nation play pure pissed off 80's american hardcorepunk, the way no greek band will ever get close to play, and this is really sad to admit...fuck....".

Here you'll get their cheap kicks Lp from 2008 and a collection of 7'' (that contains a great punk-rock cover to The Saints). Ha, not bad. I have say it before and i'll say it again.
Straightjacket nation plays hardcore as it should be played.

Also, one of the tracks is called "herdcore", and the explanation is :
"Herdcore is just a term I borrowed from Inside Front fanzine to describe bands and people who use the term ’hardcore’ to describe what they’re doing, but offer the most weak, spineless fucking trash, both musically and in the ideas they’re encouraging. Just this weak scene of shoe gazing sycophantic fucking herbs with the same style and thought processes. Herbcore is another accurate term."

you can find the whole interview here, and i start to really like yourfuckingtubevideos (it's the last time, i swear).

fuck trends, this is hardcore