Jul 25, 2010

Straightjacket Nation - Cheap kicks (lp) & Ep's (discography)

The previous review on straightjacket nation was in the worst-5 of the blog so i owe a good one this time.
Straightjacket was a hardcore band from melbourne that changed their name to Straightjacket Nation (featuring members of great aussie bands like Far left limit) due to the already existence of two different bands with the same name. While i was bollocking (haha!) on the net i fell into a SN interview from 2006. Wow, i said with the things i read. Drug addicts, fanzine owners, yellow teeth smilers and hardcore (give notice : hardcore) punkers. What else do you want?

straightjacket nation: bended noise

I remember when i first read an interview in mountza fanzine with one of the SN guys that also runs Distort fanzine. These guys have opinion and they're not afraid to express it. They talk about all the fucked-up modern hardcore scene, the consumerism and tough guy stupidity that lies within.

"The entire hardcore scene suffers from a paucity of thinking, so it’s no wonder that most interviews are fucken boring. Second of all, I think the reason that bands don’t have much to say in interviews is because they’re actually not saying very much as a band. There’s a huge difference between hardcore bands who play hardcore and hardcore bands who are hardcore.
I’m an overly analytical person by nature, I always have been, and I think part of being hardcore and punk to me has been to question and understand feelings like “anger, desperation, isolation”, etc., not just perform them or romanticise them."

Yeah, speaking about music. Fast, fast, fast, no grooves, no mosh-parts, fast / hardcore punk. Fuck, i like them so fucking much. Tracks seems to builting up in the old way, riffs thrown away, drums all over the place, bass lines from a jihad maniac. Later, they go for rehearsal and this chaotic manifesto seems to work really fine. Using as a background simply outraged punk rock riffs and true feeling they channel their forces into apocalyptic in-your-face simply addicted music. And as my companion dbill has already written : "Straightjacket Nation play pure pissed off 80's american hardcorepunk, the way no greek band will ever get close to play, and this is really sad to admit...fuck....".

Here you'll get their cheap kicks Lp from 2008 and a collection of 7'' (that contains a great punk-rock cover to The Saints). Ha, not bad. I have say it before and i'll say it again.
Straightjacket nation plays hardcore as it should be played.

Also, one of the tracks is called "herdcore", and the explanation is :
"Herdcore is just a term I borrowed from Inside Front fanzine to describe bands and people who use the term ’hardcore’ to describe what they’re doing, but offer the most weak, spineless fucking trash, both musically and in the ideas they’re encouraging. Just this weak scene of shoe gazing sycophantic fucking herbs with the same style and thought processes. Herbcore is another accurate term."

you can find the whole interview here, and i start to really like yourfuckingtubevideos (it's the last time, i swear).

fuck trends, this is hardcore


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