Jul 6, 2010

Disharmonic - A Life Without Regrets

Some weeks ago Apostolis (vocalist of Disharmonic) asked me if I could post their last (and final) album "A life without regrets". Even if I was a little bit thoughtful due to personal issues about diy and the rest (yeah, i'm a little bit stubborn - or just old-school-way-of-thinking-fucker -  and i don't think diy bands must play club and bar shows, but that's an other conversation) i've chosen to post their album mainly due to my class consciousness (apostolis and i work together occasionally, plus he is a good guy). 

Disharmonic started back in 2001 in volos, and they released in their "brief" history two demos ("Kick over the traces" & "Unholy remains"), a mini-cd ("By your side") and this album. In their first steps, these pioneers of the huge volos hardcore scene (let's laugh...) used to play a mixture of hardcore with death metal. While the years pass the sound has changed, more modern hardcore listening i guess. The band have played a lot of shows all around greece and after their hiatus some members formed Ruined families (check out their euro-tour dates), Faithreat and Do something now! (a hell of a straight-edge name, ha?).

Their sound consisting of huge Stampin' ground and (later-) Kafka elements (that's what i listen here) plus some thrashy guitars and you get the picture. Their mid-tempo parts reminds me a lot "A new darkness upon us" from Stampin' ground and i think that's the strong point of the band. When they try to play faster the whole thing gets fucked up. I don't know, maybe it's the sound that i can't stand (full of NYHC stuff) or the drummer isn't dave lombardo, or.... I don't want to be a cruel jerk but this type of hardcore it's for sure not my cup of tea, but on the other hand you can check it out - maybe it's just me.

The folder contains all the artwork and has not been posted elsewhere yet.
so give it a try and please let me know what you think...

Choose or be chosen


Anonymous said...

the worst band ever....but good guys that make their music sound better!

mikxxx said...

i guess they're good for their own audience