Aug 30, 2012


It was the other night while i was chilling with my friend bill on his apartment talking about our vacations, the rising of right wing in athens and europe and the struggle against, the hot girls that we never saw this summer, the mojito against sex on the beach cocktails, the nisiros against astipalaia islands, and a whole of other craps that can go passing by a punk's mind on an august afternoon. Then his roommate came in after his 8 hours daily grind on a shitty job. We said "hey, man" he spared a look at us, he went straight up to the turntable, picked up Wasted Time's "No shore" 7'' and he started to break his neck fast to the "Hostage" track (i have to say that we listened to side A three times straight). I can say that i loved their lp when it came out ("Fatherland" is THE track musically and lyrically) but i never pay attention to their seveninches (same thing with Government Warning, and their drummer plays also here) and two days now i'm listening only this masterpiece. I know that the majority of you, listeners, you already know how amazing this 7'' is (it came out 2007 through Grave Mistake records) but for all the nerds that passed down of your nose, give it a spin. Music judgers, bloggers and confectioners told me that they sound like Poison Idea, Negative approach and SSD.


Aug 24, 2012

Trauma - self titled lp

Get back to my beloved city of athens, oh man, it was ages, right? And with ages i don't mean paul ages , brother of Todd who destroys the drumkit on the latest Trauma album. Trauma is a hardcore punk band from Portland, Oregon and i remember when billy from crust-demos posted their demo back in 2010. back then i thought that these guys would like just to deliver top finnish (or scandi if you prefer) hardcore. Listening again their tracks i have to say that Trauma is the most close thing to Deathreat. Short, sharp, loud hardcore songs nearly over one minute per song. Billy from Deathreat, From ashes Rise, Tragedy is playing guitar and Todd from Tragedy, Deathreat, His hero is gone is playing the drums and some dude from Final Warning doing the vocals. Songs like "fall in line', "Soma" and "Fear us now" are truly unique - not that they re-inventing the wheel but - in a style of destructive, catchy and in your face punk with a touch of true threat floating around. I'm glad that the above mentioned Tragedy members can play first class punk (still..) and the latest tragedy album is just a bad parenthesis (or i hope....). Buy it wherever you see it. It really worths it.