Jun 22, 2011

IRE - I discern an overtone of tragedy in your voice

On the last masakari's album we can find a song under the title "pain convicted as a tool", perhaps the verb convicted may not be the right one but the canadian powerhouse that combines the three letters IRE is the true description of how the human mind can create or describe a painfull atmosphere. Ladies and gentlemen, from '97 comes the vocabulary of grief, the mighty "I discern an overtone of tragedy in your voice".

Members of IRE have been or still are on famous bands of the canadian scene such as: Cursed, The black hand, Land of Kush and Cobra noir. Not bad at all, huh?

Ire delivers four tracks in more than 24 minutes, mixing the technical hardcore and enmocore of the mid-90's scene aka Catharsis with ultra sink(y) parts, the guitars are deep inside shit, the mind that came up with that riffs is deadly ill while some black metallic blast beats creates a nightmarish environment. Have in mind that we are in '97 and still bands have something to say (i can't understand why people are so impressed with bands like Light Bearer and the other boring kind).

I made an arrangement with bat from fugitive equilibrium to make a short tribute to IRE so here you can find the split with seized and their self titled 7''. He will also post their other Lp "What seed, What Root?".