Jan 26, 2012

Bombenalarm - tape & 7''


Once upon a time, i used to love german hardcore punk, and still i do. Some bands where fucking brilliant, that's for sure and as i can recall Bombenalarm was the blast. The knife-fighter, the small kid with the shiny eyes, the one that you can't think of ripping you off and he sure do, he always rip you off. If Monster put me back to the game, Burial gave me the shouts to the world and The Now-Denial made me to sing along and copy the front-man grooves in front of my mirror, then Bombenalarm made my life worth to live for. Songs like "Black hope", "Worth nothing" and "Another cheap excuse" although are painted in the most bitter and dark colors, i feel that they are trying to say "You have nothing to lose in this world, so fight for a change".

Shapesifter records (reach them through this mail : shapeshifter57@hotmail.com) from Mexico released the band's first demo and the "Destination : Fucked up" 7'' as a digipack cd (pic above) with great sound. Mountza store gave me this brilliant release for free and i have to thank them. I ripped the cd in 256kbp. The sound is perfect, the songs are brilliant, a bit more fast than the later releases. the vocals is the highlight as much as Fabian's crazy drumming. Suit yourselves lads.

Jan 19, 2012

Down in Flames - Discography

Two years ago, I’ve made a post about Down in flames. I think it's time to write about this band again. Down in Flames was a hardcore punk band from New Jersey that have released some of my favorite hardcore tunes. Blistering, mean and powerful short tracks with yelling vocals from four kids, i mean kids. Checking some photos from the band's live appearances i saw that these guys must have been in high-school when their first 7'' released.

Last two days, i can't stop listening to that fast US hardcore from the late '90s / early 00's. Deathreat, Tear it up, Sleeper cell (i uploaded a new rip - check here), a lot of Out Cold (once more), Last in line and the likes. And then i just saw that someone created a bandcamp for Down in Flames and thought "fuck yes, I’ll do a new post". I still remember the first time i gave a spin to the self titled LP and I was so unprepared for what i was listening to. Heavy, in your face, sometimes like screaming at a wall. So energetic that i couldn't deal with it. Still today this is one of my favorite hardcore records (check for example "waging a war"). So, i uploaded their whole discography again, on 320kbp rip this time and started to mosh my house's walls. Here we have 37 tracks of ultimate negativity. No childhood, no happy family, no good friends and aunts with great gifts and sunshine holding your beloved girl's hand. No, this is not My Turn. This is DOWN IN FLAMES. Lyrics are bitter and sound like the soundtrack of a ruined life in my ears. If you're into fast pumping non-stopping hardcore ejaculation and you like bands like Die Kreuzen, The Gate Crashers, Hero dishonest, Think i care, Life's Halt, What happens next?, Career Suicide and you don't know these bastards, you have to pay some attention. The band have released records with labels such as Broken Glass records, 625 thrashcore, Coalition records and Gloom records. Some of the band's members have been involved with THE RITES (i think) and Another social disease.

Tracks :
1-5 from the split 7'' with the Gate Crashers released 2001
6-15 from the "start the fucking fire" 7'' released 2001
16-19 from the split 7'' with Tear it Up released 2001
20-37 from the self titled Lp released 2002

"My acceptance was followed by the warm touch of my own palm
looking in the mirror i ask myself
Is this all that life has to offer?
i fucking hope it's not"


Jan 17, 2012

Ramlord & Condensed Flesh - split tape

I just got this amazing split tape by mail. Colin from Stimulation addict records sent me the link from this beast and i was totally sick. Here we have two new amazing bands from New Hampshire that totally kick blackened asses.

Ramlord (that rips Battle of Disarm's logo - and you can't go wrong with that) offers a heavy blend of the usual old-school crust alongside sludgy parts that go away only for more brutal assaults. I really love the vocals, well done to the singer. Somewhere i read that they are like Artimus Pyle. I'll agree but they are more into slow-fast part changes.
On the other hand we have Condensed Flesh, a more bleak representation of sludgy crust, the one with the blackened garnish. Their side is one track and is a live recording, but it sounds good. They have also great screaming vocals (they eat nails for breakfast), the usual proto-blackmetal sounding and axes instead of guitars. This split shreds and you should give it a try and if you like it buy it through Colin (see link above). And as Ramlord says : "Smoke weed // Kill Cops".


KingTerror loves company...

Words are very unnecessary

Jan 11, 2012

Avgrund Livet

Σίγουρα, δε θα μπορούσα να είμαι αντικειμενικός για ένα συγκρότημα του οποίου τα μέλη είναι όλοι φίλοι μου. Άνθρωποι για τους οποίους τρέφω απεριόριστο σεβασμό, με τους οποίους έχω οργανώσει συναυλίες και όχι μόνο, άρα η κριτική μου δεν μπορεί σε καμιά περίπτωση να ειδωθει ως αντικειμενική.

Οι Avgrund Livet (σημαίνει νομίζω “Χαμένοι στην Άβυσσο”) προέρχονται απτήν αθηνα και ήταν ενεργοί για αρκετά χρόνια, αν και, αν δεν κάνω λάθος δε πρέπει να έπαιξαν πάνω από 5-6 συναυλίες στα χρόνια που υπήρξαν ενεργοί. Αποτελούνταν από διάφορους γυρολόγους της ελληνικής “Καν'το μόνος σου” σκηνής. Ο Δ και ο Τ έπαιζαν στους Reality Bites και αργότερα στους Ατοπία, ο Β (ή αλλιώς D-Bill) στους Antimob και schwartz and anger, ο Χ στους Antimob και ο Μπ στους Kalazaar και Jagernaut μεταξύ άλλων.

Συγκρότημα δημιουργημένο κυρίως μέσω της παλιάς συναυλιακής της Villa Amalias Από άτομα που ασχολούνταν (άλλοι περισσότερο και άλλοι λιγότερο) με τα μουσικά δρώμενα της εποχής. Πρόβα με τη πρόβα στο ανήλιο μουχλιασμένο υπόγειο (ας το πούμε προβαδικο) δημιουργήθηκε αυτό το βαρύ και ασήκωτο γκριζωπό Caterpillar που λίγοι καταφέραμε να απολαύσουμε. Αλλά για να κατανοήσουμε το μέγεθος της σπουδαιότητας του εν λόγω συγκροτήματος πρέπει να κοιτάξουμε καλά το περιβάλλον στο οποίο ανδρώθηκε.

Είναι η εποχή που δεν έχει καταλαγιάσει ακόμα ο θόρυβος γύρω απτό επικό Vengeance των Tragedy, τα σημάδια είναι ακόμα νωπά απτά μεγαλειώδη live με crust μεγαθήρια που ήρθαν απτό εξωτερικό. Χαρακτηριστικό παράδειγμα ότι μετά τις συναυλίες των Jeniger και The Dagda μεγάλο κομμάτι των πανκς ήθελε να σχηματίσει συγκροτήματα τέτοιου ύφους. Προσθέτοντας και τους μεγαλειώδης δίσκους που κυκλοφορήσαν τότε οι Isis και Neurosis μπορούμε να καταλάβουμε τις καταβολές του group. Μεγαλειώδες σε στιγμές, βασανιστικό crust hardcore με μικρές post πινελιές. Μελωδικά riffs που συνθλίβονται από ασταμάτητα blast-beats και φωνές από τα τάρταρα. Κομμάτια γραμμένα για “όλες τις καμένες εκκλησιές” από φοιτητές της θεολογικής σχολής. Να προσθέσω πως οι Avgrund Livet ήταν ίσως η πιο δυνατή μπάντα που έχω δει εγώ μαζί με τους Schwartz and anger επί σκηνής. Χαρακτηριστική η “κόντρα” των δυο, όταν οι Schwartz διασκεύαζαν Πρωτοψάλτη και “πάμε χαβαυ” οι Avgrund παίζανε διασκευή Χάσμα 5 φόρες πιο γρήγορα με blast-beat και ουρλιαχτά. Ακόμα θυμάμαι το live με τους Ballast (Canada) και το πόσο εξουθενωμένος ένοιωθα με ένα συναίσθημα ασφυξίας να διαπερνά την σπονδυλική μου στήλη. Ballast who?
Δυστυχώς, δεν κατάφεραν να κυκλοφορήσουν τίποτα και αυτή η πρόβα απτό μακρινό 2006 είναι το μοναδικό πειστήριο μιας ακόμα καταπληκτικής μπάντας που κλειδώθηκε για πάντα στο χρονοντούλαπο της ιστορίας.

Jan 9, 2012

Arguing about Discharge...

Straight to the point. No mood means time for Discharge. As I was net surfing I saw some bloggers comments and I had a silly smile on my face because it's things i've always thought about Discharge. So, the dialogue is between Aesop, the cosmic keeper, and the Wizard, the cassette ripper. Enjoy.

the wizard :
-Is it bad that I think DISCHARGE are overrated? Does it make me less punk? Am I horrible for thinking that 75% of the DISCHARGE ripoff acts are actually better to listen to than DISCHARGE? Is it funny that when they toured the US in 200? with that VARUKERS dude singing, my friend had to describe to the drummer what "D-Beat" is, and that indeed there was an entire genre based upon his drum beat that he invented because he couldn't really play?

awww, never mind, I'll just go read that first comment again. That's way better than asking a bunch of pointless questions.

Aesop :
-Okay, Wizard. Yes, Discharge is overrated but only because they were so fucking great, make sense. They may not have been as good as everyone says but "Hear Nothing..." remains as one of the greatest records of all time. This Dis bands that followed never really interested me because they adopted the visual aesthetic but never quite got the power and simplicity of Discharge at their best. It doesn't bother me the drummer didn't know of d beat, they never called themselves such, it'd be dumb. Hell I invented all kinds of shit that I have no idea what the kids might be calling it, shit like flim flam, green core, titpunch, and ramshackle!!! Discharge certainly merits the attention they received, unlike hack bands like The Exploited, UK Subs, and the Varukers. When it comes down to it, there were only three truly truly great UK punk bands...

Rudimentary Peni

the Wizard :
-I did choose my words carefully, knowing this would be your response. While I do think that many (though certainly not all) modern Dis bands are indeed more interesting to listen to than Discharge, I would never contend that they are even marginally important in comparison. It doesn't really matter how well you ape something...you are still merely trying to channel something that has already been done (and probably better).
It doesn't bother me in the least about the drummer either, I just found it amusing that there are thousands of kids trying to recreate something he had done totally on accident, and out of necessity.
And as for the shit you invented? Well, that was really just you trying to figure out how Frank Beard might sound were he blessed with a chance to play for a high as shit pop punk band, or some grey met'lers, right?.

You can find the whole dialogue here.

now, here you get Discharge's second ep, "Fight Back" from 1980 released on Clay records. I have to take Aesop's side cause i think discharge albums are way more interesting than the ultimate metal boneheads that came back to punk with labels as Earache with money as their aim (this is what i think, i may be wrong). No chance bands as Raw Noise, Disgust or Death Dealers to get on the scales with Discharge. And if anyone tell to me again that only the first two albums are good, i'll say "all the hipsters say so...".

"I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that Discharge was the greatest punk band of all time, and possibly the greatest band of all time in general"

Jan 2, 2012

Abolition - jesus was a fucking dick 7''

Christ, forgive? Forgive? I vomit for you yeisu. Shit he forgives.”(Crass-Asylum)

Every christmass the same old shit. Churches, priests, stupid preying idiots, politicians and the great (any-)nation history (that turns out a nationalist story). Pictures on the news everytime it's the same. People on their consuming drugs, buying and buying, and now with their social state benefits chopped-off by the same bastard bosses they vote in the first place. Is this a drama? Sure it is.

Religion is a fraud as Disrupt use to say. How ignorant is the fact that you believe in something that you can not even see. Jesus saves? Yes, for sure...

By the way, this blog turns out three years old. Three years of high-octane hardcore / punk, three years with some good posts, some really bad and also mean posts (reflections of my inner state, dare I say), three years of meeting new people, of love and also of despair... Three years of the greatest of hope turned to ashes... We are strong and we're struglling for our future.

Now, you may know the band Abolition. Their 7'' “Jesus is a fucking Dick” I think is the most hilarious way to sing along all together “fuck-off” to all of those scums that rule our lives and suck us dry (check their great lyrics on the track “Sadistic soldiers of the Lord”). This is old-school hardcore / punk the european way. Bad recording (more likely like a rehearsal demo), clear bass lines and male/female vocals more shouting than crawling. Take some influences Infest, No comment, Yuppicide, Neaderdal and the rest fast hardcore powerhouses. This is great euro-hardcore with political lyrics and a 16 booklet with explanations and guess what : scans included here. The individuals behind the band were fucking active with releases of fanzines (Amok/Confronation zine) and a small label called Equality records. Later, they changed their name into STACK. this defenetily a ripping record, back from the day that heart meant more than plastic production and masterings....

Wish we have a good new year, but I can't see it coming...take care