Jan 9, 2012

Arguing about Discharge...

Straight to the point. No mood means time for Discharge. As I was net surfing I saw some bloggers comments and I had a silly smile on my face because it's things i've always thought about Discharge. So, the dialogue is between Aesop, the cosmic keeper, and the Wizard, the cassette ripper. Enjoy.

the wizard :
-Is it bad that I think DISCHARGE are overrated? Does it make me less punk? Am I horrible for thinking that 75% of the DISCHARGE ripoff acts are actually better to listen to than DISCHARGE? Is it funny that when they toured the US in 200? with that VARUKERS dude singing, my friend had to describe to the drummer what "D-Beat" is, and that indeed there was an entire genre based upon his drum beat that he invented because he couldn't really play?

awww, never mind, I'll just go read that first comment again. That's way better than asking a bunch of pointless questions.

Aesop :
-Okay, Wizard. Yes, Discharge is overrated but only because they were so fucking great, make sense. They may not have been as good as everyone says but "Hear Nothing..." remains as one of the greatest records of all time. This Dis bands that followed never really interested me because they adopted the visual aesthetic but never quite got the power and simplicity of Discharge at their best. It doesn't bother me the drummer didn't know of d beat, they never called themselves such, it'd be dumb. Hell I invented all kinds of shit that I have no idea what the kids might be calling it, shit like flim flam, green core, titpunch, and ramshackle!!! Discharge certainly merits the attention they received, unlike hack bands like The Exploited, UK Subs, and the Varukers. When it comes down to it, there were only three truly truly great UK punk bands...

Rudimentary Peni

the Wizard :
-I did choose my words carefully, knowing this would be your response. While I do think that many (though certainly not all) modern Dis bands are indeed more interesting to listen to than Discharge, I would never contend that they are even marginally important in comparison. It doesn't really matter how well you ape something...you are still merely trying to channel something that has already been done (and probably better).
It doesn't bother me in the least about the drummer either, I just found it amusing that there are thousands of kids trying to recreate something he had done totally on accident, and out of necessity.
And as for the shit you invented? Well, that was really just you trying to figure out how Frank Beard might sound were he blessed with a chance to play for a high as shit pop punk band, or some grey met'lers, right?.

You can find the whole dialogue here.

now, here you get Discharge's second ep, "Fight Back" from 1980 released on Clay records. I have to take Aesop's side cause i think discharge albums are way more interesting than the ultimate metal boneheads that came back to punk with labels as Earache with money as their aim (this is what i think, i may be wrong). No chance bands as Raw Noise, Disgust or Death Dealers to get on the scales with Discharge. And if anyone tell to me again that only the first two albums are good, i'll say "all the hipsters say so...".

"I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that Discharge was the greatest punk band of all time, and possibly the greatest band of all time in general"



You do know Aesop & Cosmic Hearse posts NS Black Metal bands on his blog, right? You took down my link, wrote long comments on your opinions (Which were all appreciated & had merit) and then ya put up this?


mikxxx said...

as you may see i do not have cosmic hearse's link to my blogroll links too...and that's cause of the ns posting. is that clear? i found this comments yesterday by accident and that's something i liked. the strange thing is that you come here to comment and the even stranger is that you comment on 7inchcrust that you know thinking of removing the nsbm posts, nearly two years later...i'll cry

Billy said...

apla ta pragmata,το Hear nothing... einai ap ta kalitera punk lp ever k astous na psaxoun to 2012 gia overrated katastaseis,gia to an kapioi mathites (Doom,Anti Cimex klp) ftasan i kseperasan tous daskalous h an oi Varukers itan h den itan kaloi h kakoi.
ithela na postaro to Fight back san proto post tis xronias alla den prolava hehehehe.

ps:first comment "stupid punk bourgeois... etc etc.koryfaio sxolio,makari na vlepame tetoia kathe mera

psII:re Mike pali edo aftos o paparas?

mikxxx said...

loipon m'auton ton ilithio den asxoloumai opos den pairno sta sovara kai ton aesop kai olous tous "no politics/just music" boneheads.
apla ta sxolia ta goustarisa giati eixan oraia kai sfairiki eikona kai antikatoptrizoun nomizo pos polloi apo mas exoume skeftei methismenoi p.x an oi Dismember einai kalh mpanta, an o kaluteros death metal diskos einai to Left Hand Path h to Clandestine kai posos skata einai oles oi Extreme noise terror mpantes pou ypegrapsan sthn koloearache gia na vgaloune leftakia otan to punk pire ta pano tou sta 90's. to comment auto ontos skotonei, o typos einai foul sto lsd....hahahahah.tora, gia to hear nothing ti na leme? STATHMOS!alla kommatia akoma kai apto shootin' up the world emena m'aresoun. Thelo na kano post skitsystem san trelos.auta....


Yes, I still come to your blog. am I kicked off looking at something thats public? strange. yes, I am still thinking of taking that stuff off, but keep it on for sake of discussion. Anyway, was just wondering why ya did that. No biggie.