Dec 4, 2015

Cinderblock - demo 2015

I don't know a fucking thing about Cinderblock, except they are total ass-kicking. This demo contains five punk dynamites. First track - "Blood on my boots" - could easily picked for a street fight or kicking some nazi ass. It's my personal favourite, but "disco killers" (!!!) and "Disarm" are equally energetic. The band have a fresh "second generation" great britain punk sound somewhere between early Chaos Uk, the Varukers, Blitz but also reminding me the bostonians The Profits. Hope, they will release this demo as an ep and hope they'll release a proper full lenght in the future. Ripping '82 punk.

Who's voice is voiceless?

Nov 20, 2015

Rixe - Coups & Blessures 7''

So, it's already two years and five days since my last post. Time flies and you can't do nothing about it, i guess. I can't explain why i'm posting again, cause i thought i'm done with all that crap of everyday life and to listen some good hardcore or crust or punk rock turns out like a real privilege. But every now and then comes a band that is unique, not because they're playing something completely new - if they were i think i wouldn't pay any attention - but because they are original and fresh. A couple of days ago i came across a twelve minute masterpiece called La force dans la Oi vol.2, a total mind-blowing simple-playing oi/punk comp from france with four great bands, but RIXE totally blow me out. They play a great marching oi/punk - yes, i can hear red army storming Berlin - with heavy bass lines, monolithic steady drums, razors instead of guitars and a voice arming the voiceless. This band made me to want to write some bullshit again so i have to say a big thank you to these guys from Paris. If you like Blitz, Nabat, Criminal Damage, Syndrome 81 you'll totally love this. Rixe members also play - or used to play, i'm not sure - in bands like Youth Avoiders, Lion's Law, Maraboots etc. Best release of 2015 with Fatigue's 7'' by far. RIXE = TOTAL WORSHIP.