Dec 25, 2011

Stockpile - 7''

Ok, this is the second best 7'' (released by Destroy me records) i listened of lately, after the Raw nerves "burnt skin" 7''. Stockpile comes from Philadelphia featuring current and former members of WITCH HUNT, STATIONS, AURYN, HYPATIA... Stockpile is the greatest mix of the usual portland sound along the swedish d-beat. If you like the copy-paste type-of zines of the 80's, this band could easily be on the top-10 of your 2012 list but with more modern sound, produced by Brad Boatright (Check also Sarabante's first full length), he made a terrific work.

This is brutal hardcore, for guys like d-bill or/and bak, for guys that like their coffee without milk, but with old-school d-beat. If you like Warcry's "Not so distant future" with heavy vocals (The vocals are rad and could take any of the Youth Attack kids out), heavy bass-lines and catchy drum changes this is a hell of a record...Influenced by the 80's anarcho-punk bands, but more in the "i-kill-you-motherfucker" it...


Dec 14, 2011

Against Empire - Thieves and Leeches

Some months ago, i've made a post about Dogsholylife and their forthcoming euro-tour. The band came through greece and was a blast. Very nice guys, open-minded and alcoholics as hell. Two members of dogs also plays for Against Empire, Matt and Dylan  delivering the goods for both bands and they truly do a great "job" and julien the drummer runs Threat to Existence records. This is their new lp on Profane Existence records (a very good release for the label after long time).


So, for those who are familiar with their heavy crust days of the "destructive system collapse" 7'' and the "one who bear the scars..." Lp i have to say that the band have made an impressive improvemnet on their sound. Their tracks are sharper and faster with double shouting vocals. I can say they made a step closer to anarcho-punk/crust not only by lyrics (they were a political aware band in the past also) but mainly by the tracks "construction", something like Born/Dead, Aus-Rotten or even the fast tracks of Dogsholylife and as jarred (dogs drummer) told me :"the more the guys play with dogs, the more influence gets to Against empire" and that's true. Seven amazing tracks for headbangers hard and die-hard pogo wolves plus a great CRUCIFIX cover. The rip is taken from Up the fuckin punx blog. Cheers.


Dec 8, 2011

Chokehold - 1995 - Content with dying

Is that really anything to be spoken about this album? Low-tuned, heavy-weight, straight edge and fucking political. This canadian band have been one of the most influential of all time in the hardcore scene with their anti-religious, anti-homophobic and alimal/earth liberation lyrics. If you don't know them please check them out and if you do know them pay respect (a. i'm waiting a review of Trial's "are these our lives").

"They have us fooled reaching for the amerikkkan dream. Trapped in the 9-5 its like swimming upstream. Do as they tell you forethought is bound to fail. We are dying and no one seems to care. To busy rushing to a go no-where career. You think you're free? You just cant see the bars. we're all in prison in these free countries of ours. Your not free, you never were."

Members went on to play in such bands as The Swarm, Brutal Knights, Left for Dead, Haymaker, Our War and Seventy-Eight Days.

download (new rip)

Oct 29, 2011

Expressing ideas through DIY (The Revolution will not be posted on eBay, or anywhere else)

Been having fun, ain't no lie
Expressing ideas through DIY
But some shit sucks, that's for sure
(Like spending) thousands on records that are obscure

Records are collected
Money's invested
Original ideals
Completely neglected

Availability affected
(While) eBay is Molested
What does this say about who we are
And what we're fighting for?

With collecting records we're obsessed
How can we even pose a threat?
Time to get our shit back on track

Time to get our shit.....
Back on track!

Oct 26, 2011

Terrible feelings - death to everyone (2011)

This is my latest obsession. Terrible feelings comes from Malmo, Sweden and delivers the catchiest punk rock i have heard in ages. I can imagine that they have been in numerous other bands but i don't have a clue. If you see a crustie with lots of patches of Framtid and Death Dust Extcractor and a girl in a Repulsion sweater talking on their new favourite band (it happened to me and a fellow hipster friend in a gig some days ago), then you know this worth a listening.

The guy from Tadpole records hooked up with this from a youtube track and i can't get enough lately. This band creates so beautiful environments, a psych  feeling of loss and defeat played with no distorted guitars and nice rolling drums. The songs could be described as a mix of modern punk rock with power pop. They remind me all the female fronted bands that wrote history in the underground hardcore scene but i think they're gonna be bigger. Masshysteri and Gorilla angreb comes to my mind flerting in a bar full of smoke with The Wipers and The Enstranged. "Death to everyone" is the Japanese release of the two 7'' ("tied up" & "impending doom") and the first demo with better sound quality, released from donuts pop records.The song "Hollow" have THE lyrics : "I punish people round me, i know they care for me". Dark, vein-cutting and punk!


Oct 10, 2011

The Ropes - Demo II & self titled 7'' (2011)

-DBill, the Diver of the infinite reality :

Ωμή βία και τα μυαλά στα κάγκελα. Η Ropes είναι η καταλληλότερη μουσική επένδυση αν 
δεν την παλεύεις και δεν σε νοιάζει καθόλου (μα καθόλου), αν το έχεις λείξει ότι μετακομίζεις στην κορυφή της Γκιώνας και θες να το ρίξεις στο μισανθρωπισμό, ή αν απλά ψάχνεις μία ευχάριστη νότα ενώ κοπανάς το κεφάλι ενός λόκαλ φασίστα σε τυχαία συνάντηση στην πλατεία της γειτονιάς σου.
Από τα ψόφια κουφάρια των The Repos σχηματίστηκαν οι The Ropes (μαλάκα, μηδέν επινοητικότητα, απλά άλλαξαν μεταξύ τους τα φωνήεντα!), για να το πάρουν από εκεί που το άφησαν οι τελευταίοι. Ωμό (όπως προαναφέρθηκε) χάρντκορ πάνκ και αβαβάκα. Η demo κασσέτα είναι τόσο μονολιθική, που οποιαδήποτε προσπάθεια να μπεί έξτρα επιθετικός προσδιορισμός σε αυτό το κείμενο φαντάζει τέρμα "φρουφρού και αρώματα"...
5 τραγούδια σε αυτήν την κασσέτα, έξι λεπτά με το ζόρι, και αυτό θα είναι το σάουντ-τρακ της ζωούλας σας. Μηδέν εις το πηλίκο άρα.
Σβήστε λοιπόν όλα τα mp3 στον υπολογιστή σας (ειδικά κάτι μέγιστες παπαριές τύπου Ghost και τ'αρχίδια μου κουνιούνται) και περάστε μόνο το δεύτερο ντέμο των Ropes... (αφού η γαμημένη η Youth Attack τα κάνει sold out από μόνη της και μετά τα πουλάει στο ebay, δεν υπάρχει ελπίδα στον κόσμο καμιά για ορίτζιναλ κασσέτα)...

Down in flames

Oct 7, 2011

Arnitiki Stasi (Negative Stance) - Aggeloi tou pseudous (Angels of deceit) LP (1993)

I have made this post a long time ago, but the rip (especially the b-side) was a crap, so my good friend 7inchcrust gave me a truly helpful hand with the rip of this LP. He ripped the b-side of his own copy and cut the tracks. So, finally this rip is good (not soooooo clean - the a side, the rip is mine. don't be angry mr.7inch) and you can use it at your favourite dj parties when you want to play tracks like "the fall" in a quality better than the 128kbps. So, from the past come the storms :

Arnitiki stasi (Negative stance) was one of the best greek hardcore punk bands outta greece.
Formed in late 80's, the band appeared in many tape-compilations, both greek and abroad. They have released a split lp with Kismet HC, a 7inch (get it here) on profane existence recs (profane claims that this is on the top-5 releases the label has done since nowadays) and a full-length lp.
This one.

 Released in 1993 from wipe out records this masterpiece of pure energy has 11 tracks of perfect hardcore "the-greek-way" punk. I have said before, I think greece's scene (if you can call it this way) have had one of the most technically accomplished bands around the globe. Mainly influenced by the greek punk bands of early 80's, mixing the heavy (and thrash) metal influences of the late 80's era has given a blend of sounds to be named as catchy, strong, technical, from the heart and finally over the top.

 This release is the most "fast" and angry (and the last) the band ever released. Compared to the previous releases that have more melodic and mid-tempo tunes, this one "take-no-prisoners". Give notice to the excellent drum-works and the catchy-as-hell guitar riffs. Members of arnitiki stasi used to play to Viomihaniki autoktonia (Industrial suicide). Also, makis (bass-player) left the band before the release of this one, to join the forces of anasa stahti (ashen breath).

Enjoy @320kbps

I want to say a lot more, but I feel that I’ve already tired you, so...


Oct 4, 2011

Death Token - All Dreams Are Nightmares LP (2011)

When I bought this lp, some weeks ago I expected a full-on ejaculator of dirty Japanese noisy power. But seems that as the years go by, these Danish gents learnt how to use their instruments. As a good friend said : “this is punk to the bone, true badass motherfuckers”, and hell, they are! From the first riff of “war and order” you get an extremely vicious Discharge-d fuelled attack filtered with break-bone throats. “Start the fire – Burn them out” as the lyrics declare and you have to carry the gallons, sir. Music-wise n this diamond you won’t get their Japanese influenced chaos but I have to say that I like it this way more than the previous releases. Songs like “venomous” with that mid-tempo rhythm and the double vocals makes my day fuckin worth a million, coz I can sing-along as I’m walking in this god-damned city of lunatic zombies and drug addict corpses. “Chaos rules – Chaos rules – Post atomic Religion – Melted face – Mutant messiah” and in the end “when dreams turn into beasts – all dreams are nightmares”. Pay attention to the necros, this is an ace.

Sep 27, 2011

Nothing - Double dose of Negativity

Let's talk about candies. I definitely like candies. I like sucking, eating, buying, licking and eating again, what else candies. And know what? I don't care if my teeth get rotten to the core. The good things with candies are the sweetness itself. And know what? NOTHING is a fucking sweet band, so com'on and sucks it, lick and dig it.
If I can judge right from the pics the band have upload in their blog, here we have the two Guitarist (and the one vocalist of course) of the almighty MONSTER. and i damn right, the band's members have been involved with groups like Monster, Highscore, Durango 95, Costa's cake house, Bombenalarm and Nails. What the fuck? The best bands outta germany the last decade in front of my eyes. You know my love for the german hardcore scene of the 00's and i have done lots of posts in this blog, coz they deliver it in the right way. Punishing, mid-paced with lyrics like acid and riffs like nails and this band is no exception. Mid-tempo hardcore punk with a touch of 80's us hardcore, yep it's brilliant. So, if you liked the last Monster's album alongside some Highscore parts (especially the double vocals), some rockish parts like Nails and later Bombenalarm then you'll dig this for sure. And yes, alongside overpower's tape this is the best LP of 2011.period. I just bought this great lp and i highly recommend to everyone of you to do the same.



Sep 7, 2011

Upcoming gigs / September : Dogsholylife (usa) & Crimen (mexico)

The theme for my new post is the upcoming hot september that we are gonna experience. Economical crisis is getting worse, we'll propably have not enough money to buy bread but we are too stubborn to bow down (Όπως λέει και το σύνθημα “Καταλήψεις – Απαλλοτροιώσεις – Οδοφράγματα! Η φτώχεια θέλει καλοπέραση!”), and we gonna rock it (literally and figuratively), right?

So, on 12 of september Dogsholylife will play on Strefi's hill with Conspiracy of Denial and Timetrap.I'm glad that i am among the guys that runs this gig, and you should come and support the venue 'coz every single cent that we make as profit will be given to the "solidarity fund for prisoners in struggle". 

Now, Dogsholylife comes from Los Angeles and delivers amazing short-fused crust with tones of great and catchy riffs, simple playing with exceptional drumming that builts up for their dual vocals. You can download their first album from their bandcamp page. It's called "44 weeks - 44 questions". At the bottom of the post i also have the link for their new Lp called "this is a test", so go on and shout : "destroy their fucking metal and bang your fuckin head".

Four days later (16 of september) again on Strefi's hill we'll have the chance to enjoy some of the catchiest punk/hardcore tunes from some crazy old-wolves from mexico. Crimen. Members of Crimen used to play in the following bands : US AGAINST THE WORLD, INSOLENTES, BIGSPIN, RUINA TÖTAL, ANTIMASTER, 301 IZQUIERD. In their bandcamp you can check their releases. This is the best hardcore punk i've recently listened to. Sing-alongs allowed! Dirty wombs from patra will deliver also their japcore fury (rummours : they play Death Side cover!!!!!)

download : dogsholylife - this is a test (removed by request of the band)

download - Crimen - Nada importa

Aug 30, 2011

Deaf Kids - 6 Heretic Anthems for the Deaf

Fuck yeahh, this is the first post for a brzilian (not thongue) band after two years of blogging existence. And we know brazil for the great coffee, the sloppy national football team, the beautiful women, the black metal bands that copy pastes Rotting Christ's greek accent or the finnish bands that want to play brazilian 80's thrash, but we surely don't know them for their killing d-beat hardcore / crust, or do we?

So, Douglas was kind enough to sent me his band's demo and ep and i'm glad to post it. Even if Deaf Kids is a totally gay (not with sexual meaning) name for a d-beat band (diskids would be more fun) this guys totally have the noise in their veins, so open up your ears, this worths it.

"Deaf Kids is a brazilian anarchist crust/d-beat punk band formed in 2010 in rio de janeiro. Is actually an one man band, one guy who writes and records everything, and in the gigs, counts with friends from some other great brazilian bands on the bass and drums. With influences from Discharge, Kuro and GISM to Catharsis and His Hero is Gone, a fast and hateful d-beat with a lot of reverb. We have released until now a Demo (2010) and an EP called '6 Heretic Anthems for the Deaf'."

download demo and ep

Aug 19, 2011

Sweet Revenge like a tasteful meal

We do not destroy the heretic, because he resist us. As long as he resist us we never destroy him.
We make him one of ourselves before we kill him, we make his brain perfect before we blow it out.” 

For those that likes the mix-tapes I made a new one with songs that really turns me up and can't remove them from my stereo. These are the bands i'm obsessed lately, take pen and paper and we start. When you seek for a sick-o first track it's always a good choice for an intro especially when this intro welcomes you to the “age of continues warfare” of Behind Enemy Lines. “But the darkness was here yesterday” and from the raging Dogsholylife to the last screams before death. Death Rattle (epithanatios roghos) demonstrating their ugly tragedy-influenced d-beat with clouds of despair. Raw nerves with their lethargic mid-tempo hardcore opens the scene greatly for the straight dirt of Burning Love's “lives of the saints” (lyr:That aren't "obsolescence", "system" or "machine"... are you holding out on me?Lives of the saints, be the death of you) and that leads us to one of my favorite bands and maybe my favorite song, Indigent from Born/Dead (“so proud of your modern prison....”). Later I’ll hook you up with the primitive hardcore/punk of Brother Inferior and the ugly darkness of Masskontrol. Pay attention to “this is the way we do it in Leivadia” crust of the Disrupt worshipers Doomed to Extinction that makes “the ending fight” of Tragedy sounds like the new Katerina Stikoudi's pop hit. Sarabante released the best album of 2011 worldwide in my humble opinion and I couldn't include their greek lyrical anthem (“Βαρια τα φτερα μου, πιο βαρια απο μενα”) while Against Empire biting with their japcore title “choose to fight”. Goodnight in flames. Raw d-beat for supper. The best bands in the genre. Go filth go and Kromosom. Play it Loud

Aug 14, 2011

Police Bastard & War//Plague - split (2011)

Have you ever think why you like crust/punk and why you listened to this stuff as you growing older? Is just a kind of music that you like, is it the d-beat trend or just something else? As images of myself pumps up in my brains plasma i can say this. I love this style of music 'coz till this day it makes me wanna explode, my blood pressure goes up and my lungs feeling suffocation, i wanna scream and jump and punch things. Everytime i listen bands like Detestation, aus-rotten, Born/Dead or if we put it under a "genre" the so-called anarchist crust/punk still boils my blood. Here is the Police Bastard entrance.

Police Bastard is a hardcore/crust band from UK with some of the oldest guys in the hardcore scene of the island. They have been in bands such as Doom, English Dogs, Sore Throat, Contempt and Filthkick (to name a few) and have been one of the best bands in my "hardcore" eyes when i first listened to their exxcellent 7'' "Gulf war syndrome". A 7'' that was dirty, heavy, with great riffs, sick to death with great vocals and i only compared it to the two graet 7'' of the swed's Crossing Chaos. Now, the new release (outta Profane Existence "making bucks from punk again") is a little bit "clean". I don't know if that's a bad think, but i expected a fucking sludgy rubbish heap come out of my speakers and i got a very good played crust punk with political lyrics (a fucking plus as always) but not so "tight and strong".
On the other hand War//Plague comes from mineapolis with members from Provoked, Pontius Pilate, Flux of Disorder, Calloused and Path of Destruction to deliver great d-beat crust the old 90's way (the good profane existence..hahahah) with a huge Amebix influence. 8/10

"A day without crust is like a day without sunshine..."

Aug 11, 2011

Conspiracy of denial - 3 track demo

I don't know how many of you have been isolated for your physical environment, but I can tell you this. If you are nailed in bed with your leg shattered inside a plaster you seek for some reasons to hook on simple daily-life things. Even if you read a neo-noir book of Taibo II (“Ε'ιναι το Λεάντρο ένα όνομα για ξεκώλιαρηδες?”) with some Bulgarians communist revolutionaries dressed up like magicians making a real mess the whole world you can't escape to directly connect them with some killer new band that suddenly came up in your mind (ρε κάτσε να βάλω το demaκι των Conspiracy να το ακούσω, καλά παίξανε τις προάλλες) and this turns to be very annoying, especially when your leg aches.

Conspiracy of Denial live on Arm your Desires fest.
Now, to the point. Conspiracy of Denial is a five piece war machine that will not ask your little sister a romantic date, NO. The only date you go with those nuts will be on amazon jungle with machetes and colt shotguns. Some guys were palying for injekting khaos and katiusha.

The band recorded recently 7 tracks for a proper release but due to lack of time and in front of their participation in Arm your Desires fest, they decide to offer a 3 track demo as a cd-r without mastering. The sound nevertheless is above that you can call decent. If you like all that neo-crust haunting style guitars with lyrics preaching the end of the world with glitters of hope through a personal revival dressed up with Schifosi's dress, From ashes rise's maskara and Massmord's αελαινέρ then...the choise is up to you!

Also, the guys from Arm your Desires fest have uploaded some recordings from the bands that played in the fest. Conspiracy's set is here

Jul 26, 2011

Overpower - Demo 2011

Wow, what we have here?
A new band from some old pogo wolves of the german hardcore scene.
My knowledge-owner informer told me that the band consists of ex members of brutal masterminds BURIAL and THE NOW-DENIAL. I don't know if that's accurate but I believe him and propably you'll do the same when you'll listen the first song.

This is fuckin' rock-driven, fast forward hardcore punk the good way. Their singer yelling his lungs out – not the japcore style as you might except – with a true sincerity and a knife in his hand. Yep, that's fucking deadfull hardcore guys. The guitar is over the whole production and this is the main reason, I think, this demo is so “strong” and tight. The riffs are the usual speedy freaked-out ala Paintbox illness while the drums and bass lines offers cathcy dancing songs reminding me the first 7'' of Burial without the deathside vocals or the Doomtown Lp (check for example “the power to be” or “24 hours”). This demo have been released as a limited lp (300 copies) and it's maybe the best album I listened to lately alongside the ropes second demo. Thanx goes out to stathis who pointed his finger to this shit.

Check here for the lyrics of the album

Jul 14, 2011

Kafka - Truths

Another great mini-cd that came ten years ago in my mailbox, in the golden ages of tape-trading. Kafka born in genova in 1995 as a melodic hardcore punk band but quickly changed their sound and their influences to more metallic edge paths. They were a straight-edge band, that everyone that have seen them live back in the day in villa amalias have only good words to say.

To understand their sound better, think Blackfish records sound, yep Ian Glasper's label with that early 00's good metallic-hardcore releases. In this mini cd the band have clear influences from the NYHC scene with all that great mid-tempo parts that turns out the delight soundtrack of a violent mosh-pit. Their guitar riffs make clear that the band loves Slayer, especially on the opening riff of Generaziona di stupidita.

Add some really screaming low-edged vocals and Kafka turns into the ultra-chaotic hardcore band in my ears, or it's just that when i buyed that disc i was only 15, so the band sounded to me really extreme, but then i still enjoy this shit. One is for sure, Kafka alongside Frammenti, have very igh standards for the italian hardcore of the late 90's. Two bands worth checking out. Last but not least : "If Biohazard didn't play for money and were from italy their name would propably be Kafka." and "The perfect impact is of course live, with a high shrill voice over a chaotic metallic background that blows anything up.".

Jul 9, 2011

Memories aren't always golden (in our case they are)

me and myfriend going to our first show
 So, lydia created a new blog called "my first punk show" to gather different opinions on how much we love punk or what was the dynamiter that blown away our minds years and years ago...So, i have to tell that behind the love for music, it was something bigger. To be part of something bigger than ourselves, to be active, to respect each other, not to gain profit from our friends or any other person, to help each other out, to communicate and i don't know what other fucked-up thing. Bigger than punk is the small actions that making it true.So, go and read my column here and hit me up. last but not least check also this video:

Jul 2, 2011

My turn - Noble intentions (demo 2010)
So, the time is now for the most boring review of the whole blog-sphere.
Apostolis sent me his band's demo a couple of months ago and i still digging the words to make it through. Here you'll find no nice words.
My turn comes from athens, greece and they play positive hardcore (no, i'm  no kidding... they declare it).
So, in the vein of 7 seconds and with their original name to be Positive Approach, My Turn delivers short-fused hardcore tracks full of of childish freshness (even if they are close to 30).
Add the screams of a young virgin girl and you have the new must of athens city, something like mojito with fresh lime...
Enjoy respectivelly

Jun 22, 2011

IRE - I discern an overtone of tragedy in your voice

On the last masakari's album we can find a song under the title "pain convicted as a tool", perhaps the verb convicted may not be the right one but the canadian powerhouse that combines the three letters IRE is the true description of how the human mind can create or describe a painfull atmosphere. Ladies and gentlemen, from '97 comes the vocabulary of grief, the mighty "I discern an overtone of tragedy in your voice".

Members of IRE have been or still are on famous bands of the canadian scene such as: Cursed, The black hand, Land of Kush and Cobra noir. Not bad at all, huh?

Ire delivers four tracks in more than 24 minutes, mixing the technical hardcore and enmocore of the mid-90's scene aka Catharsis with ultra sink(y) parts, the guitars are deep inside shit, the mind that came up with that riffs is deadly ill while some black metallic blast beats creates a nightmarish environment. Have in mind that we are in '97 and still bands have something to say (i can't understand why people are so impressed with bands like Light Bearer and the other boring kind).

I made an arrangement with bat from fugitive equilibrium to make a short tribute to IRE so here you can find the split with seized and their self titled 7''. He will also post their other Lp "What seed, What Root?".


May 20, 2011

Active Minds

"The road to fame and fortune is an easy one to take - the door is always open for those who are on the make. If you're dumb enough to stick your head's in corporate mouths, they're ready to chew you up and spit you back out." are the opening lyrics of the song "The road to fame and fortune", a bright piece of "guidance" in my youth years. Active minds were one of my favourites bands of my childhood and they still are, so let's see the reasons why.
It seams that some people stick so badly to their opinions and have the willing to express it, a fact that always attracted me. Those brothers from scarborough have express their views to all the fucking topics that a human mind could ever think about. Like the above mentioned track they do a hard but true critic to all that bands that beginning from diy ethics did the crossover and signed contracts with major labels and multinationals of the music industry, bands like chubawamba and the blaggers. They had the strenght to say "dis is getting pathetic" in a time that more and more discharcge clone bands popping up (still do) or with the whole crap the hardcore scene appears to be, pathetic, apolitical and stagnant. They wrote lyrics about the animal exploitation, the human stupidity (they had a serious theme with metal bands with stupid lyrics (do you remember "stupid lyrics - why bother?'or "at war with satanists")), the straight edge or the alcoholism problem.
this is the backside from the "dis is..." 7''. I love the "put your name here" style
My personal favourites are "The natinal lotta E" and "I'm not atourist..." seveninches. It's so amazing what can do only two persons with a guitar and a drum-kit, full of dreams, ideas, views, and love for what they're doing. Even if you think they are "puritans" i higly recommend to give'em a good listening 'coz here we have some some shining hardcore diamond moments. check out for example "insomnia" with that "hyped-wannabe" rhythm that gives spins to your head.

"What sort of a world are we living in where people are discriminated against for their colour of your skin?" from "Sick world" seems to be the soundtrack of modern life in the centre of athens with so many racist attacks lately. They also run Loony Tunes records and i don't what else to say...

download part 1 : The national lotta "E" & I'm not a tourist
download part 2 : Dis is getting pathetic & Lunatics have... & Capitalism is a disease

also check out a very interesting interview here : part 1 & part 2

Apr 28, 2011

Wild//Tribe - Endless Nights

Found this band on the net "by accident" and fuckin' blown away. Wild//Tribe comes from texas and share members with the great crust/core band Unit 21 (or Tribe is the new band of that fellows, i don't know for sure).

So, i don't really have so much to say.. Here we have a band that combines great japanese hardcore with that Tragedy pogo parts. They keep on reminding me the better stuff of World burns to death (early days) with that metallic edge d-beat or how Masakari would propably sound if they didn't change so much their sound after their first 7''. This is a 6 track album with great tracks that will make your neck ache and knees broke, and by the way this is awwweesome. Cover art by Sugi!

buy here


Apr 22, 2011

Burn Again - Excuses for apologies

Let's get this straight, this post is definitely not for those who don't afford modern styles of music, talent, well played crust and the land finland. It's also not for those who wear police sunglasses, eats ice-cream in a cool shiny day or even think that they live in a perfect world. This world has hate, famine (and Darkthrone) and Burn Again, a band who can drop the whole sky in your little head (as their track "the sky is falling" declares).

As my good friend billy asked for some scandi-crust i felt i owe him a post, not that his taste is similar to burn again, but at least i tried. So, let's start with the infos. "Excuses for apologies" is the cd release of the band's demo alongside the side of the split with Lahdon Aika (also a killer band from finland. Here you can download some tracks the band offers for free). It has been released in Japan by Acclaim, Urban resistant and Reset not equal zero records.

Here we have pure d-beat orgy with tones of modern crustcore guitar leads and riffs, melodic and catchy bridges, fast drums and dual male vocals, both angry and mean. I know you think From Ashes Rise (also Never Built Ruins and the other brutal neo-crust german bands) etc and you should do, but here is something bigger than just "neo-crust" label, it's about heart, passion and beating, or even better i like to think is the legacy of another great finnish band called Sharpeville. So, be ready to feel the sky crushing you.


Mar 25, 2011

Sucked dry - tape & 7''

Some time ago, while i was chating with Dan from, he told me that he will release a 7'' from a new band from Kansas city called Sucked dry. I somehow (or dumbhow) found a digital copy of that 7'' (called "falling apart at the seams'') and i was blown away. Heavy and clear bass lines played super fast, drums that makes the less of the less turns, great angry vocals and catchy riffs. You know that i love everything that combines old-school hardcore played in our time. Fresh, ultra-violent, pessimistic and strong like tornado (Βαγγουρα τσεκαρε). Does Out Cold comes in mind? It should be, 'coz this young lads delivers first-class negative hardcore like the "fathers" did. On the bottom of the post you'll find a download link. The folder contains both the new casseette and the "falling apart..." 7''.
I sent the band an e-mail and we start chating, the rest column you can call it an (extra-mini) interview (but it's not). SUCKED DRY have my respect, time for you now :

FC : Who the fuck are you?
SD: Hi, I'm nic. I'm 21 years old, I'm the guitarist and vocalist. David (drums) is 19, and Jake (bass) is 22. We've been playing bands together since we were 15-ish, but nothing of note, really. Jake and I went to elementary school together. We live in a house on the East side with 3 other guys.

FC: What is like living on Kansas city? any notable hardcore bands i should check?
SD: Kansas City is cool. It's not different from any other smaller sized city. I think we're the 9th most dangerous city in US, but that might be a little misleading. We live in pretty serious Crip neighborhood (listen to Fat-Tone), but we've never had any problems. The neighbors are all really nice to the weirdo white kids, and this group of little girls from down the street are always hanging out with us on the porch and asking us dumb questions. We've got a lot of great hardcore bands, too: Dark Ages, Der Todesking, Sorry Excuse, Kicked In, and No Master (which Jake and David are now in doing their respective instruments after our friend Johnny passed away last year.)

FC : Are you politically active (in general)?
SD : It's hard to be really politically active in the Midwest, let alone the US in general. Political candidates don't really disclose their views or policies very earnestly, so public knowledge on the people you vote for tends to be fairly vague and murky, so needless to say, it's pretty discouraging. Plus, you know, whatever. Fuck those guys. I mean, college tuition in England gets raised a pound and people are burning buildings down, while in the US college tuition is tripling (in some cases quadrupling) the rate of inflation, and there's an immense feeling of, not necessarily apathy, but a kind of impotency. At least, I feel like there's very little I can do to change anything.

FC : Your songs are fast and mean. What's the fuel that makes you write those hateful lyrics?
SD :  The songs we write don't espouse a very specific political agenda. The lyrics are more of a reflection on what it means to be a person these days. We're all pollution producing, boot licking egomaniacs. It's almost inescapable.

FC : why are you hating the police?
SD : The boys in blue don't miss out on our dedications. ACAB

FC : Last comment?
SD : We're all vegeterians.


buy the tape here

Mar 21, 2011

Cross stitched eyes - II

Here we have my latest obsession. Cross stiched eyes comes from different countries (uk, germany and usa) to deliver the one and only deadly thing: Amazing hardcore punk. Tim Crow (check out desperately Bad Influence and Zygote if you haven't already) plays the bass guitar.


Now, here we have their recording called "II". It consists of their first ep ("I"), some newer studio recordings and some demo versions. It has thirteen tracks, some of them are highlights such as : "cross', "cast out", "suffer" etc. They blend with a nature feeling totally different stuff with a great spell. Awesome vocals that reminds early uk crust, some Rudimentary peni atmosphere, With a solid foundation of heavy, pounding drums, dark, driving riffage, and an overall evil/scary ambience, they are truelly a great band and i'm glad i finally got to listen their records.


Mar 11, 2011

Burning Leather - Daylight Nights

After some time i finally found the new Burning leather lp. I know you might seeking for this one for some time now, so now you can get it.

In case you're waiting for a brand new album i will let you down. This Lp has 10 tracks, 6 are from the first demo and the rest 4 are new material. The tracks from the demo have more driven sound, some extra guitars, more mid-paced feeling and in general rocks. The new material continues the Burning Leather. Dirty, stinking alcohol, motorhead-friendly and ear-bitting. I think that i prefer the sound of the first demo 'coz it gives you more ENERGY but i honestly believe that this one is rock'n'roll diamond, and remember this statement after ten years. Mesmerised in pain. hahahah. Have a good listening, and check also the previous post about Burning leather here with a lot of infos.


Mar 5, 2011

Words that Burn - Profits of the christ 7''

I'm feeling so lucky when great guys like mr. 7inchcrust sends in my mail some great seveninches to review and post that make me blush. Thanx a lot billy, i owe you.

couldn't find other pic, sorry
So, here we have Words that Burn from wisconsin. Lately i have re-invent my love for hardcore-punk in general, when bands like this one, like mauser or Cross stitched eyes come across my stereo. Words that burn have also another lp called "spawning ground for heroes".

This 7'' has 5 tracks of great heavy and solid crust-punk in the vein of early Profane Existence releases (yep, i mean the 90's, mate) even if "profits..." released somewhere in 2004. The first song "666 pack" has that stupid lyrics about alcohol passion and the rest stupid usual crusty theme (the lyrical approach on crust-punk about alcohol i can say is the only thing i really hate about crust, even more than patches.) but the guitars are thick and they have something like an intro that reminds me a lot the greek hardcore / crust scene of the 90's in greece, bands like Chaotic end or Forgotten prophecy comes in mind. Think something between Amebix and Nausea. Strong, thick and mid-tempo.

And as i like to do, i'll borrow some words : "the more serious tracks attacking corporate greed, war, religion, etc. are fine by me. Typical, but fine. "Badges won't pay for life, Those who choose to serve, To breathe the death, As they stand and fight, Irresponsible technology swallows, His dreams for tomorrow are chemically burned..." Another solid release from Words That Burn. It's really nothing new, but it still delivers."

Enjoy and leave some comments, m/fuckers


Feb 24, 2011

Mauser - End of the Line 7''

Ok, this is a new fucking 7'' from florida's Mauser. I had a long time to listen to a good, solid 7'' and this is what mauser truelly deliver. Catchy, raw d-beat with the vocal-style i like. HEAVY and growling. Each leg of the band is on different ship with the upstabbing discharge feeling being here for good, reminding me "realities of war" 7'', while the other is flerting with the sweds. Skitsystem, anti-cimex and the likes while you can hear some straight influences from all the reverbed vocal bands (Destino final etc). If you like modern d-beat raw bands like morpheme, d-clone and the rest this is a deadly 7''. the rip is stolen from amputeemembers.blogspot


Feb 21, 2011

The Fallout - Dismantlement

I woke up this morning with the tunes of this great canadian band ringing in my ears, so i give you some good old surfing punk rock. And that's coz i can't post again Rajahtaa's demo cd-r.
While i was searching some new bands on the web i came across a very good radio-show from canada, called equalizing-x-distort, where the guy behind the mic played all the tracks from the fucking rajahtaa demo. At last some greek band gets some notice outside greece. In his "show" i saw that he posted a band called The Fallout and i got a flash-back "somehow i know that bastards'. So, getting my head clear i remembered that this band is the same one with the band that have been impressed me a while back. They have been part of two cd-r(s) the magazine Profane Existence gave with the mag. Tracks like "peace, love, anarcgy" and "compassion over killing" made me dance on my bedroom like i am a 15 years old boy that now comes across - for first time - with bands like the Adverts, dead kennedys, Magazine or Blitz. Yep, Fallout combines all the great melodic parts of the early uk punk bands with very good - to the point - lyrics and some hints of modern us punk rock (reminds occasionaly anti-flag or pennywise but in a good way - trust me). This album was released back in 2007 and i think it's their fourth full lenght and their final release. Yeah this is punk-rock to the bone and this is my new week's soundtrack.


p.s. i got some goodies from the 7inchcrust mastermind and i'll post'em in the next few days. cheers on...

Feb 11, 2011

Leatherface (or making a self-inflicted criticism)

Αυτό το Blog χαροπαλεύει, ναι χαροπαλεύει.
Όχι γιατί δεν υπάρχει όρεξη και μπρίο.
Απλά, πλέον δεν υπάρχει ζωούλα.
Όμορφη σαν ανοιξιάτικο πρωινό με μυρωδάτο καφέ φουντούκι.
Η καθημερινότητα δείχνει να επιβάλλεται ολοένα και περισσότερο στο αρχέγονο αυτό συναίσθημα του «παιχνιδιού» και της χαράς.

Αυτό το blog νεκρώνει, όπως ακριβώς ένας 83 αντάρτης που πλέον δεν μπορεί να πάρει τα πόδια του.
Το μονό που τον νοιάζει είναι μερικά ακόμα τσιγάρα.
Περισσότερο ίσως είναι και η απογοήτευση ενός ανθρώπου που νοιώθει ότι δεν έχει σταθεί στο ύψος των περιστάσεων, που κουράζεται εύκολα χωρίς να βλέπει τηλεόραση, που ξέρει πολλά από άποψη και χωρίς αντίληψη, που μεγάλωσε νωρίς χωρίς να πρέπει, που διαβάζει πολύ χωρίς να μπορεί να το χρησιμοποιήσει.
Που είχε ονειρευτεί άλλα…..

 So, yep. You knew that from the start. This blog seems to go to ER (without george clooney). I might have the power to save it, i may not. I really don't know. My life seems to be more over a sad fairytale than a proper violent commodity.

How, all that stuff could be combined with leatherface? I really don't lnow, perhaps their pessimistic pro-Husker du tunes have the opposite effects on my brain. I have to listen at least one time the day their 7'' "I want the moon" from '91 to feel i'm upon my legs. If you haven't already discover the wisdom skills of mr. frankie Stubbs little gang i've included their first LP from 1989 called "Cherry Knowle", the 7'' "Beerpig" and the "I want the moon" 7'' (the self titled song is the original soundtrack for all the broken hearts). Listen responsibly and start calling...


Jan 26, 2011

Letter from the imprisoned comrade Christos Politis

Stylianos Glykofrydis should have been a really prominent man during his times, while he had served as director and general supervisor of prisons. He had been calling the government to fight against communism “imitating straightly or in a milder way the acts of Hitler” while in 1936 proposed for the Communists waiting for a trial to limit their rights during the visiting and the courtyard time (toavoidcontactwithotherprisoners “that lead to the well-known and unwanted results”).

The thoughts, the perception, the proposals of Stylianos Glykofridis certainly were not left untapped by the modern state.

After our kidnapping, mine and Kostas Barlis’, from Exarcheia on the 4th of January, we get led to the offices of the antiterrorist unit. While my comrade was being set free, they announce the arrest of mine after 48 hours. At the same time, the chief of the Greek Police states cynically that I was arrested “because I was set free about the case of Efeteio”. Namely for a case for which I have been called and examined by the 8th regular investigator judge and I have been released after her decision. The truth is that they are interested in keeping me as a hostage exactly because I am an anarchist. Because during the last 15 years I am active in this radical political part. Inmy case, it is not simplyattempted only theupgrading but also the development of the repression method of criminalizing friend and comrade relationships, the results of which are experienced lately by dozens of fighters. In my case, the antiterrorist unit moves to build up relationships which do not exist in reality while I do not even know personally my co-defendants. After my pre-jailing, while the hooded antiterrorist units were talking more often with the investigator judge than my lawyers were, I get led to Grevena jailhouse, a detention establishment of C Type. Despite that according to the penal code “In C Type jailhouses are kept without communication with prisoners of other categories, prisoners who serve penalty of life-time imprisoning or temporary imprisoning for at least ten years and are accounted as particularly dangerous for the smooth co-existence in other types of jailhouses”. An isolated jailhouse, with law buildings and high walls in order to cut from sight anything from the environment, with cameras and electronic security systems everywhere. A static and stony construction that wants to deprive any exoteric stimulus, to flatten your personality, to destroy you mentally. Obviously, while following orders they put me in a “security” sector, without being asked for something like this from mine, without being threatened by anyone and despite my continues applies to get out of here. The result of this deliberate persistence is to impose on me an aberrational status quo of absolute isolation, trying to – up to a level – to raise my request for my transfer to Korydallos jailhouse.

The economical policy definitely includes as a supplement also a new “quality” of state repression. Today that capitalism can not hide its real face, the social consent can be approached only through violence. Through the courts’ decision that judge the workers’ strikes as illegal, through water cannons, through threatens for levy en mass, through tear-gases, through “antiterrorist” operations. Through the callouts for self-control and through the screams of journalists. Only and only through these methods, the Greek state will become a successful experiment, that will turn the country into a region-part of strong Europe and make it an economical paradise for the bosses. With a population keeping holding on, waiting for someone to come and save them and the persons who are counted as left-over crowding in front of soup-kitchens or inside the jailhouses. Already, since the beginning of the 70’s, the “antiterrorist” policy has overcome the traditional anticommunist policy. It has turned into the answer coming straightly from the status quo, into the repression of an enemy who was everywhere present, diffused, flexible and not specific and static like the formal Communistic Parties or the Soviet Army in Eastern Europe. Already, the new enemy was found among the dynamic and polymorphic movements, among the proletarian parts that do not get homogenized, among the urban guerilla. So today, when more and more actions and political practices are under the targeting of the Counter Authority for Crimes of Special Violence, the “antiterrorism” for the Authorities is something to be commanded in order to keep the people’s rage encaged inside the limits of a pretended realism and conformism. That’s the reason of the persecutions with doubtful DNA samples, of the cascade upgrades on the “terror-law”, of the “wanted” callouts, of the special offences (ιδιώνυμο) against comrade and social relationships, of the continues surveillances, of the hundreds of fighting persons who are judicial hostages and the dozens of persons who are kept inside the jailhouses, of the mass media propaganda that talks about “terrorists” and “co-transportingvessels”… All these, in order to lend fake meanings on words, to isolate and finally smash the internal enemy. To smash all these people who stir up the class hate and escalate the national division, all those who boost solidarity, self-organized action and clash with the status quo.

The bet for us on the time of our seasons is, more urgent than ever, to determinate the line of history. Because Capitalism, its total poverty and misery that are imposed, is not a one-way direction.

Christos Politis
Grevena Isolation Jailhouse
8th January 2011

Jan 14, 2011

Kingterror & Agathocles - split 10'' (2010)

Days go by so fucking fast like tornados, music lately sucks (in all forms) and i stucked with some "emo" desert tunes lately that helps me bite my insomnia. But every now and then some terrific new band comes from the ultimate dark to catch up with my numbness and make me wanna start run in the night, wearing hooters and sport clothes. Dear ladies and gentlemen, Return to Your Seats and Fasten your Seatbelts, here we have Kingterror.

four bald guys, dropdead and negative approach shirts. sweet
So, i'll skip Agathocles 'coz the belgians mince-core founders wants no introduction. Just meat and potatoes style grind. We love them anyway. a band with good political lyrics.

Now, Kingterror! You may remember a band called Rubbish heap. And you may remember that i love rubbish heap. So, a guy called Kim have contacted me and told me that he used to play for rubbish heap and if i'm interested i can check out his new band called Kingterror. Musically the band offers a great blend of old-school hardcore with some fast as hell blastbeats who will fucking nail you. They have great riffs and vocals so fucking check them. Not forgot to mention, this band have some very familiar and also close to me, thoughts about mixing music with politics, read it carefully :

"we are four individuals with somehow common backgrounds and interests. we were in other bands, we have mutual ‘friends’, we have jobs. some of us have children. we are not saints. but we ain’t sinners either. we try to make something here for ourselves within this out-of-hand capitalist system. some of us drink, some of us smoke, some of us just breathe. some of us are creative outside of music. some of us prefer not doing anything at all. we want to have our say. we are not pointing fingers but if you feel offended by anything we say or anything we write... we think maybe there’s something wrong with you or your views. reconsider them first. if somehow you still think we are full of crap, we prefer animated conversations above so not-done barfights. violence and ‘i’m gonna get you’ grudges are not our thing.

we also prefer bands, venues, distro’s and labels that have something to stand for other than how cool their shit is. this is hardcorepunk. if you think it’s boring to hear all that leftist shit at shows and start complaining about biting the hand that feeds and not being able to change a thing, just fuck off.

hardcorepunk without content is totally useless. like beer without alcohol. we want to share information and frustration. say what we think needs to be said. we’re not talking about destroying the system and burning police cars (though that could be nice too). HELL, it’s not like we are throwing molotovs at every demonstration. it’s about awareness and small-scale action. the state will not be overthrown by some hardcorepunk kids, but we can claim a place for ourselves and for criticism. for free thinking and discussion. for squats and other small initiatives. for creativity. for non-capitalist entertainment. a space free of corporate sponsoring and advertisement. creating a bulb of chaos and mayhem. a fucking moment of freedom. where we can talk, dance, smile, cry, love, fight or crash down on the floor."


Jan 9, 2011

"...that is something wrong with this world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter on your mind driving you mad."

Holy crap, i'm so excited to write about some of the best N.W.O.J.N.H. bands (new wave of japanese noisy hardcore) in this post that i can't feel my legs. Here we go. I first listened to these comps mainly to the "italian" monsters Isterismo (songs of the band included on both comps). But here we have some deadly good hardcore, Hit it band-by-band.

Here you'll get two compilations released in japan. Hard Core Inferno and Yotsuva. Both comps have been released in 2009. Firstly, let's see Hard Core Inferno.

First band is Death dust extractor that everybody knows more or less (they have tracks on both comps and you gonna noise your ears really bad with these gents). Ada plus max and Krossa are the highlights on this comp. Ada plus max have that dirty hardcore sound, with some metallic riffs that make me want to lay down and trip out really bad. Krossa continues that noisy hardcore full of vocal-reverbs but they do it really great. I prefer them in compare with other "famous" noisy bands. Deathtribe mixing their technically accomplished crust ala Battle of disarm with fast drums and schizzoring guitar tunes, while Skizophrenia have the most radio-friendly tracks, i don't like the voice (reminds me of UK82 style in a strange way) but the tracks are blistering. Tantrum are good and fast, but nothing extraordinary. Disturd are fucking heavy and a little bit thrashy reminding me how Bolt-throwerish crust should be played. Play them loud and you'll be deaf. Chaotix are more or less "expected" and isterismo are Isterismo. Last but not least, Sacrifice. Good as an old wine, noisy crust.

Yotsuva comp starts with three tracks from Isterismo (can you ask something more?) and continues with three tracks from Death dust extractor (No, you can't ask for nothing more). Lastly (the band) are not my cup of tea but you can say that have this crazy chaotic sound. Zyanose continues the noise odyssey but in an exeptional way. Crazy japanese motherfuckers, sniffing pepper.

VA - Hardcore inferno & VA- Yotsuva

Jan 2, 2011

Crude - Corner 12'' (2010)

Happy new year to everyone, guys. Hope the new year will be much better than the previous one. I had a perfect anniversary evening with lots of friends, good home-style wine and tsipouro, met the guy behind crustcracker blog and slept on a floor. The previous year was in general bad, but it had the so-called highlights.

I start feeling like the official site of Crude 'coz the majority of band's album are posted here, but'on : Crude! PLUS : this month i'll post only japcore albums (what an originality, ha!).

Being among the lucky elitists that saw these sharp-eyed mosters some time ago in a basement somewhere in the world, and being impressed from the shinning smiles of the japanese guys (great for a band that the only english were "ok", "yes", etc) i thought that you might want to listen this album before you buy it.

Here you'll get no fancy, car-stereo, diamond-sound album. The album is recorded on a four-track and i must admit that i was a little bit sour with the sound 'coz you can't listen clear enough neither the bass lines, nor the guitars. After 10 times, i finally believe that the guys do the right thing. The know that these tracks have not the quality of "Attitude" lp so they accomplished to have a dirty and raw sound so the recording to be more "dog-bitting". If you expect some familiar poser-friendly solos or the usual epic Crude guitars you can skip this post 'coz it will led you down for sure. On the other hand here we have CRUDE.