Aug 11, 2011

Conspiracy of denial - 3 track demo

I don't know how many of you have been isolated for your physical environment, but I can tell you this. If you are nailed in bed with your leg shattered inside a plaster you seek for some reasons to hook on simple daily-life things. Even if you read a neo-noir book of Taibo II (“Ε'ιναι το Λεάντρο ένα όνομα για ξεκώλιαρηδες?”) with some Bulgarians communist revolutionaries dressed up like magicians making a real mess the whole world you can't escape to directly connect them with some killer new band that suddenly came up in your mind (ρε κάτσε να βάλω το demaκι των Conspiracy να το ακούσω, καλά παίξανε τις προάλλες) and this turns to be very annoying, especially when your leg aches.

Conspiracy of Denial live on Arm your Desires fest.
Now, to the point. Conspiracy of Denial is a five piece war machine that will not ask your little sister a romantic date, NO. The only date you go with those nuts will be on amazon jungle with machetes and colt shotguns. Some guys were palying for injekting khaos and katiusha.

The band recorded recently 7 tracks for a proper release but due to lack of time and in front of their participation in Arm your Desires fest, they decide to offer a 3 track demo as a cd-r without mastering. The sound nevertheless is above that you can call decent. If you like all that neo-crust haunting style guitars with lyrics preaching the end of the world with glitters of hope through a personal revival dressed up with Schifosi's dress, From ashes rise's maskara and Massmord's αελαινέρ then...the choise is up to you!

Also, the guys from Arm your Desires fest have uploaded some recordings from the bands that played in the fest. Conspiracy's set is here

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Robert Giatontsopou said...

very nice band. in the veins of chaos gr