Nov 25, 2013

Wasted - Here comes the darkness


Wasted is a punk rock quartet who form in Joensuu, Finland back in 1996 and this is their latest album released some days ago from Combat Rock Industry (a label that i never seemed to get along with - the only album i've ever buyed from them is "Killer" from VICTIMS). In their sixth album Wasted delivers once again great old-school punk rock much influenced from bands such as The Clash, The Adolescents, The Wipers etc. If you liked their previous album "Outsider by choice" i think you'll fall in love with this one because all the great stuff which made Wasted so famous among the punk-rockers all over the globe are here present too. Easy to learn choruses, guitar riffs that goes in your head like a nail in a coffin while you're trying to catch the melody from one of the songs going through your walk in the morning and a moody feeling above the whole lyrics, resumes the intensity of the band's live performaces with exausted crowds and endless sing-alongs. The album contains 10 tracks and all can be described as "radio-edit hits". You're maybe know my love for old-school stuff and this album made it in my picks for "the album of the year", plus if you call yourself a dj you owe to your friends always playing "Death Bells" and let them hit you in the face.

"We gonna steal that what is ours
Death bells are ringing - It's time for new beginning"



Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post...

Anonymous said...

Σπέρνει :)

diogenes said...

Hola a todxs!!!
Sin animo de ser chapas os enviamos un tema de adelanto de lo que pretendemos sacar tras el verano. Se trata de un 7" que incluirá 5 temas que grabamos el 15 de marzo de 2014 en el local de nuestros compis de la VMR crew con el Sr. Marc a los controles y que será editado por él mismo bajo su sello Canya! records.

Esperamos que os guste y el domingo todxs a votar!


The Snake said...

Hey, Being waiting for a new post!
Check out my new blog, thanks!

mikxxx said...

i'm still thinking of doing a new post a year later.....any ideas?

The Snake said...

Not sure. Do a post of some cool band that you don´t see often on blogs :).
Btw, I´ve added you on my blog list.

diogenes said...

we are venganza, a iberic hc punk band from Zaragoza (xpain) and this is the link for our new EP.


djsoup said...

Thank you so much!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks, i left link here -