Aug 30, 2011

Deaf Kids - 6 Heretic Anthems for the Deaf

Fuck yeahh, this is the first post for a brzilian (not thongue) band after two years of blogging existence. And we know brazil for the great coffee, the sloppy national football team, the beautiful women, the black metal bands that copy pastes Rotting Christ's greek accent or the finnish bands that want to play brazilian 80's thrash, but we surely don't know them for their killing d-beat hardcore / crust, or do we?

So, Douglas was kind enough to sent me his band's demo and ep and i'm glad to post it. Even if Deaf Kids is a totally gay (not with sexual meaning) name for a d-beat band (diskids would be more fun) this guys totally have the noise in their veins, so open up your ears, this worths it.

"Deaf Kids is a brazilian anarchist crust/d-beat punk band formed in 2010 in rio de janeiro. Is actually an one man band, one guy who writes and records everything, and in the gigs, counts with friends from some other great brazilian bands on the bass and drums. With influences from Discharge, Kuro and GISM to Catharsis and His Hero is Gone, a fast and hateful d-beat with a lot of reverb. We have released until now a Demo (2010) and an EP called '6 Heretic Anthems for the Deaf'."

download demo and ep

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Β said...

καλημερα κ καλως μας μπηκε το νεο φπα πραγμα που σημαινει πως τα ακριβα punk βινυλια πωλουνται ακριβοτερα,θυμασαι που σου ειπα Ανασα Σταχτη σε μια εξωφρενικη τιμη?ε εκεινο δεν ηταν τπτ,δες εδω:
ντου,πισσα κ πουπουλα ρεεεεεε!!!!!!
αντε καλη μας μερα