Aug 30, 2011

Deaf Kids - 6 Heretic Anthems for the Deaf

Fuck yeahh, this is the first post for a brzilian (not thongue) band after two years of blogging existence. And we know brazil for the great coffee, the sloppy national football team, the beautiful women, the black metal bands that copy pastes Rotting Christ's greek accent or the finnish bands that want to play brazilian 80's thrash, but we surely don't know them for their killing d-beat hardcore / crust, or do we?

So, Douglas was kind enough to sent me his band's demo and ep and i'm glad to post it. Even if Deaf Kids is a totally gay (not with sexual meaning) name for a d-beat band (diskids would be more fun) this guys totally have the noise in their veins, so open up your ears, this worths it.

"Deaf Kids is a brazilian anarchist crust/d-beat punk band formed in 2010 in rio de janeiro. Is actually an one man band, one guy who writes and records everything, and in the gigs, counts with friends from some other great brazilian bands on the bass and drums. With influences from Discharge, Kuro and GISM to Catharsis and His Hero is Gone, a fast and hateful d-beat with a lot of reverb. We have released until now a Demo (2010) and an EP called '6 Heretic Anthems for the Deaf'."

download demo and ep

Aug 19, 2011

Sweet Revenge like a tasteful meal

We do not destroy the heretic, because he resist us. As long as he resist us we never destroy him.
We make him one of ourselves before we kill him, we make his brain perfect before we blow it out.” 

For those that likes the mix-tapes I made a new one with songs that really turns me up and can't remove them from my stereo. These are the bands i'm obsessed lately, take pen and paper and we start. When you seek for a sick-o first track it's always a good choice for an intro especially when this intro welcomes you to the “age of continues warfare” of Behind Enemy Lines. “But the darkness was here yesterday” and from the raging Dogsholylife to the last screams before death. Death Rattle (epithanatios roghos) demonstrating their ugly tragedy-influenced d-beat with clouds of despair. Raw nerves with their lethargic mid-tempo hardcore opens the scene greatly for the straight dirt of Burning Love's “lives of the saints” (lyr:That aren't "obsolescence", "system" or "machine"... are you holding out on me?Lives of the saints, be the death of you) and that leads us to one of my favorite bands and maybe my favorite song, Indigent from Born/Dead (“so proud of your modern prison....”). Later I’ll hook you up with the primitive hardcore/punk of Brother Inferior and the ugly darkness of Masskontrol. Pay attention to “this is the way we do it in Leivadia” crust of the Disrupt worshipers Doomed to Extinction that makes “the ending fight” of Tragedy sounds like the new Katerina Stikoudi's pop hit. Sarabante released the best album of 2011 worldwide in my humble opinion and I couldn't include their greek lyrical anthem (“Βαρια τα φτερα μου, πιο βαρια απο μενα”) while Against Empire biting with their japcore title “choose to fight”. Goodnight in flames. Raw d-beat for supper. The best bands in the genre. Go filth go and Kromosom. Play it Loud

Aug 14, 2011

Police Bastard & War//Plague - split (2011)

Have you ever think why you like crust/punk and why you listened to this stuff as you growing older? Is just a kind of music that you like, is it the d-beat trend or just something else? As images of myself pumps up in my brains plasma i can say this. I love this style of music 'coz till this day it makes me wanna explode, my blood pressure goes up and my lungs feeling suffocation, i wanna scream and jump and punch things. Everytime i listen bands like Detestation, aus-rotten, Born/Dead or if we put it under a "genre" the so-called anarchist crust/punk still boils my blood. Here is the Police Bastard entrance.

Police Bastard is a hardcore/crust band from UK with some of the oldest guys in the hardcore scene of the island. They have been in bands such as Doom, English Dogs, Sore Throat, Contempt and Filthkick (to name a few) and have been one of the best bands in my "hardcore" eyes when i first listened to their exxcellent 7'' "Gulf war syndrome". A 7'' that was dirty, heavy, with great riffs, sick to death with great vocals and i only compared it to the two graet 7'' of the swed's Crossing Chaos. Now, the new release (outta Profane Existence "making bucks from punk again") is a little bit "clean". I don't know if that's a bad think, but i expected a fucking sludgy rubbish heap come out of my speakers and i got a very good played crust punk with political lyrics (a fucking plus as always) but not so "tight and strong".
On the other hand War//Plague comes from mineapolis with members from Provoked, Pontius Pilate, Flux of Disorder, Calloused and Path of Destruction to deliver great d-beat crust the old 90's way (the good profane existence..hahahah) with a huge Amebix influence. 8/10

"A day without crust is like a day without sunshine..."

Aug 11, 2011

Conspiracy of denial - 3 track demo

I don't know how many of you have been isolated for your physical environment, but I can tell you this. If you are nailed in bed with your leg shattered inside a plaster you seek for some reasons to hook on simple daily-life things. Even if you read a neo-noir book of Taibo II (“Ε'ιναι το Λεάντρο ένα όνομα για ξεκώλιαρηδες?”) with some Bulgarians communist revolutionaries dressed up like magicians making a real mess the whole world you can't escape to directly connect them with some killer new band that suddenly came up in your mind (ρε κάτσε να βάλω το demaκι των Conspiracy να το ακούσω, καλά παίξανε τις προάλλες) and this turns to be very annoying, especially when your leg aches.

Conspiracy of Denial live on Arm your Desires fest.
Now, to the point. Conspiracy of Denial is a five piece war machine that will not ask your little sister a romantic date, NO. The only date you go with those nuts will be on amazon jungle with machetes and colt shotguns. Some guys were palying for injekting khaos and katiusha.

The band recorded recently 7 tracks for a proper release but due to lack of time and in front of their participation in Arm your Desires fest, they decide to offer a 3 track demo as a cd-r without mastering. The sound nevertheless is above that you can call decent. If you like all that neo-crust haunting style guitars with lyrics preaching the end of the world with glitters of hope through a personal revival dressed up with Schifosi's dress, From ashes rise's maskara and Massmord's αελαινέρ then...the choise is up to you!

Also, the guys from Arm your Desires fest have uploaded some recordings from the bands that played in the fest. Conspiracy's set is here