Jan 3, 2013

Shut the fuck up & The Rats - split 7''

This gonna be a short one. Shut the fuck up (don't be confused with STFU from bay area) and The Rats are two totally unknown bands and they are both brilliant. SHUT THE FUCK UP comes from germany delivering some furious fast hardcore punk tunes reminding bands like Tear it Up and Down in flames but with more groove while The Rats comes from Umea, Sweden and as you probably imagine they add more of the famous Umea melodies without being melodic. It's just Umea hardcore blending with old-school hardcore punk. Both bands totally deserve your attention but i don't know if they are still active. The 7'' released by Thrashbastard records back in 2006 and the rip have been nicely delivered to me by oldschoolmike. Thanx dude.