Nov 6, 2016

Remiso - demo tape

Remiso is a three piece act based in Malmo, Sweden but guess what: they don't play the typical Malmo crime city hardcore (Harda Tider Copyright). No, Remiso take their influences from the d-beat scandi 90's era plus some good old tech, bear-like german 80s thrash (or at least in my ears). They think they play raw punk but don't tell them they don't, please. They sing brazilian curses and they have swedish dreadlocks so you know if you like to mix your Bathory with some Anti-Cimex you are in the right place. Welle (bassist and vocalist of the band) was kind enough to sent me the link of their demo and i hope he'll sent me for free their upcoming full lenght LP. Also, check out the other band of the chilean guitarist Pato named Maligner who deliver fucking amazing thrash / death. I don't know if Klas (the drummer) has other band-projects but he has dreadlocks so i guess he has. This demo is full of good metallic riffs (as the opening riff of the song Violencia, maybe Slayer????) and two covers on Olho Seco and Ratos de Porao. Good stuff.


Dec 4, 2015

Cinderblock - demo 2015

I don't know a fucking thing about Cinderblock, except they are total ass-kicking. This demo contains five punk dynamites. First track - "Blood on my boots" - could easily picked for a street fight or kicking some nazi ass. It's my personal favourite, but "disco killers" (!!!) and "Disarm" are equally energetic. The band have a fresh "second generation" great britain punk sound somewhere between early Chaos Uk, the Varukers, Blitz but also reminding me the bostonians The Profits. Hope, they will release this demo as an ep and hope they'll release a proper full lenght in the future. Ripping '82 punk.

Who's voice is voiceless?

Nov 20, 2015

Rixe - Coups & Blessures 7''

So, it's already two years and five days since my last post. Time flies and you can't do nothing about it, i guess. I can't explain why i'm posting again, cause i thought i'm done with all that crap of everyday life and to listen some good hardcore or crust or punk rock turns out like a real privilege. But every now and then comes a band that is unique, not because they're playing something completely new - if they were i think i wouldn't pay any attention - but because they are original and fresh. A couple of days ago i came across a twelve minute masterpiece called La force dans la Oi vol.2, a total mind-blowing simple-playing oi/punk comp from france with four great bands, but RIXE totally blow me out. They play a great marching oi/punk - yes, i can hear red army storming Berlin - with heavy bass lines, monolithic steady drums, razors instead of guitars and a voice arming the voiceless. This band made me to want to write some bullshit again so i have to say a big thank you to these guys from Paris. If you like Blitz, Nabat, Criminal Damage, Syndrome 81 you'll totally love this. Rixe members also play - or used to play, i'm not sure - in bands like Youth Avoiders, Lion's Law, Maraboots etc. Best release of 2015 with Fatigue's 7'' by far. RIXE = TOTAL WORSHIP.


Nov 25, 2013

Wasted - Here comes the darkness


Wasted is a punk rock quartet who form in Joensuu, Finland back in 1996 and this is their latest album released some days ago from Combat Rock Industry (a label that i never seemed to get along with - the only album i've ever buyed from them is "Killer" from VICTIMS). In their sixth album Wasted delivers once again great old-school punk rock much influenced from bands such as The Clash, The Adolescents, The Wipers etc. If you liked their previous album "Outsider by choice" i think you'll fall in love with this one because all the great stuff which made Wasted so famous among the punk-rockers all over the globe are here present too. Easy to learn choruses, guitar riffs that goes in your head like a nail in a coffin while you're trying to catch the melody from one of the songs going through your walk in the morning and a moody feeling above the whole lyrics, resumes the intensity of the band's live performaces with exausted crowds and endless sing-alongs. The album contains 10 tracks and all can be described as "radio-edit hits". You're maybe know my love for old-school stuff and this album made it in my picks for "the album of the year", plus if you call yourself a dj you owe to your friends always playing "Death Bells" and let them hit you in the face.

"We gonna steal that what is ours
Death bells are ringing - It's time for new beginning"


Oct 30, 2013

Proxy - Police car 7''

Sometimes it's so hard to find the correct words to describe something, a feeling, a movie or even a song and some of these times is happening right now as i'm writing this boring words trying to make 'em something worth paying attention to it. And still, i can't find the proper words. As my pal D. did a brilliant review for a "blog" about Proxy's first album "Something we've all seen before" i've chosen to review the band's latest - the third - release called "Police car". The self titled track have been also part of the mind-blowing first demo of the band two years ago and i have to confess the demo's version was more raw and ugly than this one. The band i think tried to put out a 7'' full of rock'n'roll influences blending the ultra powerfull UK82 style ala Blitz (first era), Varukers or/and GBH (and a little bit of Infa-Riot??? listen the track "Schackled to a corpse" from their 12'' and you'll see) with heavily Motorhead influenced parts and as a result this release tends to by more "funny" and ass-kicking in a good way. "Fountain of Youth" is my favourite track and you can think of me pogo-ing my self while yelling WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT, ANYWAY. Too many good albums and seveninches lately guys, and i can't afford to buy them all, so now you know what i want for a gift for my birthaday. Released by DiscosMMM, go grab it.


Oct 22, 2013

No Problem - Living in the void 7''

When No Problem released "And now This" lp, i was too cool to give a damn although a bunch of friends expressed their belief that (the word that seems to be my favourite word lately) these canadians from Edmonton is one of the few really a-class hardcore-punk bands out there. I didn't take the bait, as i've done with Hoax and other great bands that had no appeal to me. And for sure, i was so deadly wrong about them and i explain : their above mentioned LP is by far the most played album lately in my car and their third ep called "Living in the void" is equally good. The self titled track goes on with one and only riff that stays in your head forever while the vocal changes make you wanna sing so LOUDDD. In the end, is this the magic of punk or what? Three chords, a lot of ungry voices and fists in the air. Yep, that is Punk, and No Problem trully delivers. "What have i become" is somewhere betwwen "enemies", "paranoid times" or "r'n'r deathcamp" and "Happy family" make me think of Ramones playing hardcore....


No Problem @ OCCII from DarcyTrash on Vimeo.

Oct 16, 2013

Replica - Self titled 7''

We've talked about Replica once in the past, when they released their first demo. What chganged since then? Not so much i guess, except that Replica still is a fucking rager. This is their first 7'' released this year from Prank records and Cut the chord that...records. Here we have 5 songs of pure old-school pissed-off, fast and tight hardcore perfectness. the band re-recorded my personal fav "you can't stop the weather" giving it more boost, plus the song "big black boots" got the great dual vocals that i really love. 5 songs in 6 mins and 40 seconds, this is a hardcore shot, drink responsibly. A great release and i'm expecting more great stuff from a trully great band. Check also the live video at the bottom. Cheers...

download (rip taken from no punks in k-town)

Oct 8, 2013

ΛΗΘΗ & ΚΑΤΑΧΝΙΑ live @ Kalidromiou 94

Σάββατο, 5 του Οκτώβρη και όλα φαίνονταν να πηγαίνουν λάθος. Οι αφίσες που κολλήθηκαν τελευταία στιγμή, το ξέχειλο άγχος, το πανό που έφτιαξε η Χ. μπαμ μπαμ χωρίς να γίνει όπως θα ήθελε. Κατα την έκτη απογευματινή αρχισαν να εμφανίζονται οι γνώριμες φάτσες ενω ήδη ο Pale και ο Κ. σκούπιζαν το καταραμένο υπόγειο στον αριθμό 94 ενός δρόμου σε μια κάποια περιοχη.

Ενώ οι ώρες πέρναγαν και εγώ βάραγα τη μια ντάγκλα μετά την άλλη, τα δυο συγκροτήματα έκαναν την εμφάνιση τους και ξεκίνησαν τα sound-check δειλά δειλά. Οι ώρες πέρναγαν βασανιστηκά μέχρι που τελικά κατά την δεκάτη βραδυνή το υπογειάκi ήταν σχεδόν ασφυκτικά γεμάτο - εγώ ανέπνεα πάλι κανονικά και ο κύριος "αγχώνομαι όταν" γιάσονας μου έλεγε "στα λεγα γω" - και τι καλύτερο από ένα γρήγορο μεταλικό τζαζ από την πάτρα. Και τζαζ όχι μουσικό αλλα εγκεφαλικό, γιατί τα άτομα είναι τελείως τζαζεμένα στη σκία μιας πόλης νεκρής.

Ναι, οι ΛΗΘΗ αυτό που κανουν είναι να σε τραβάνε απ' τον αργο νυσταλέο λήθαργο που έχεις καταλήξει αν ζεις σε μια βρωμόπολη και μισείς τα πάντα γυρω σου. Με κάτι στίχους απο τα πιο νοσύρα όνειρα του Tim Burton (και τίτλους τραγουδιών όπως ΨΩΡΑΛΕΑ ΔΥΣΑΝΘΡΩΠΙΛΑ, τι σκέφτονται τα άτομα άραγες????), “Είδα τον Έρεβο μέσα σου άθρωπε / Κάτ'απ'το προσωπείο της συνήθειας / Είδα τη μοίρα που ήξερες άθρωπε / Ένα βασίλειο δυστυχίας, πλανεμένης λογικής”. Οι επιρροές απο Sludge και Doom ηταν εμφανης και μάλλον παιζει ρόλο και οι ενασχόληση των παιδιών με διάφορες τέτοιες μπαντες. Άρα, έχουμε και λέμε, κάργα μεταλλικό ΚΡΑΣΤ που έδειξε να τρελαίνει τον κοσμάκη – και τρελαινει εμένα όποτε ακουώ το lp σπίτι μου, αναμένω την επίσημη κυκλοφορία - αν κρίνω σωστά απ΄τα χαμόγελα στο τέλος του σετ. Να μη ξεχάσω την υπερτέλεια διασκευή στο Conflicting ideas των Tragedy...

Πάμε τώρα στο ζουμί. Είμαι σίγουρος πως οι περισσότεροι είχαν ακούσει δίπλα στο όνομα Καταχνιά αυτό των Επιθανάτιος Ρόγχος και δεν έπεσαν έξω. Λοιπόν, θα τολμήσω να πω, πως η ΚΑΤΑΧΝΙΑ είναι όνομα και πράμα. Μαυρη μαυρίλα (πλάκωσε, μαύρη σα καλιακούδα) και σίγουρα η καινούρια αγαπημένη μου μπάντα. Δυνατό, γρήγορο drum beat με τέρμα καθαρό μπασσο οδοστρωτήρα, μια κιθάρα με ένα φαινομενικά μιζερο ανθρωπάκι να εξαπολύει στίχους βουτηγένους στο δηλητήριο σαν ποιητής λίγο πριν την ύστατη πνοή και άλλον έναν κιθαρίστα που ροκαρε συνεχώς γιατι στη τελική στ' αρχίδια του όλα. Αν οι Επιθανάτιοι είχαν ξεκάθαρες επιρροές από αυτό το φαινόμενο του neo-crust, η Καταχνια ειναι σε πιο back to the basics φάση, θυμιζοντάς μου αυτό το τέλειο 90's ελληνικό hardcore / crust αλα ΝΑΥΤΙΑ αλλά εννοείται με τέρμα προσωπικό στυλ. Μεγάλο σετ που σε αντίθεση με άλλες μπαμτες που λες "αντε μεγάλε τέλειωνε", στην προκειμένη έλεγες “δε χορταινω, γαμω το σπίτι μου”. Πέριμένω σαν διψασμένος το LP τους που είναι σχεδόν έτοιμο και ξεκάθαρα δηλώνω : μη χάσετε live αυτή τη μπάντα για κανέναν λόγο του κόσμου...

Τέλος βραδυάς με ταμείο, μάζεμα κουτακίων, χαμόγελα μέχρι τα αυτιά για ακόμα μια Live-αρα που είδαμε και πήραμε μέρος. Εγώ τέλος, δε μπορώ να μην ευχαριστήσω τους ΛΗΘΗ και ΚΑΤΑΧΝΙΑ που ήρθαν και γάμησαν τ'αυτιά μας, την ηρώ, τον βας, τον γιάσονα, τον ζορζ, τον γερβόα, την Χ. τον σκαλκρασερ όπως επίσης και τους υπογειώτες του 94 που μας αγκάλιασαν και βοήθησαν στα δύσκολα να γίνει το live, όλες οι φωτογραφιες απο τον μέγα Nick Pale.... ΑΑΑΑΑΑ και να μη ξεχαστώ, εγώ θα ξαναδω ΚΑΤΑΧΝΙΑ το σάββατο, γατάκια...