Jul 23, 2012

Spanish hardcore

My good basque friend borja sent me another great review about a tape with spanish hardcore bands. I upload it on jumbofiles as i wrote on my previous post where you can see a tutorial if you find it difficult to download.

-Borja, from the wastelands :

I was writing one more time some stupid things and i couldn´t concentrate much on what i was writing, so like i always do i started to listen to music. and i started to listen to the fabulous compilation tape from the 80s called SPANISH HARDCORE from bct records from san diego. an italian friend gave me ones this tape... and i promissed mike two different reviews, but this is a FUCKING MUST!!!!!!!!!!! whatever, this tape is a FUCKING AMAZING HYMNE of spanish HARDCORE (and i write it with big letters), starting with MG-15 (from Nerja), IV REICH (Zaragoza), RIP (Mondragon), FRENOPATICSS (Barcelona), ANTIDOGMATIKSS (la Roca) and ULTIMO RESORTE (Barcelona)...

every single band is incredible. i grew up with this sound. it´s normal that after this the raw and aggressive sound from finnland, sweden and italy makes you crazy. but when you listen to this you realize that the spanish hardcore and punk scene in the 80s was totally unique. other band like GRB, Subterranean Kids, HHH, Codigo Neurotico, Ultimo Gobierno, all this fucking crazy bands from the basque country... there are much more bands i would like to write now...

there are a lot of bands on this tape, but i wanna write about one. exactly the band i know since i am very young. it´s RIP. when i started to listen to punk i used to go to a recordstore in barcelona and i found this record NO TE MUEVAS (don´t move) with this amazing cover. i got an edition where you can listen as well to the songs record on the split with ESKORBUTO, called ZONA ESPECIAL NORTE (special zone north). The tape compilation is missing, RIP appeared also on the MRR compilation WELCOME TO 1984.

RIP play hardcore, fast raw brutal and aggressive hardcore (specially on the split with eskorbuto and on the compilation) and FUCK GORILLA BISCUITS and FUCK VICTIMS and JOIN RIP! DISCOVER real HARDCORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all their songs (you should know spanish for the brutal fantastic lyrics, i knwo they are not anarchists, but their lyrics beat even bakunin or bonanno) are very powerfull. it is very rare to listen to such a band with a combination between beeing raw and dirty and having at the same time clean recordings. i could write about every single song and start cutting my veins in this orgasm of music. now the song ODIO A MI PATRIA (i hate my fatherland) started and outside it is raining. i hope that the lightnings destroy everything (as well me)... i really can say that i love this band. when people talk about hardcore without having listend to RIP, discharge, crucifix, agony, kafka process, wretched, UBR or ripcord (for example)...they never have had listened to hardcore


Jul 21, 2012

MediaFire Account Received Strike

So, mediafire for some reason choose to shut-down my account cause "i violate terms of services". I sent a "ticket" to mediafire support team hoping that they'll give me back my account. i think they'll not grand my request, unfortunately. Some of the files i have upload are dead, so once more if you want a specific album leave me a comment on the specific post and i'll try to reupload it as soon as possible to a new account. take care.

and here's the answer from mediafire:
Thank you for contacting MediaFire.

The account is permanently suspended due to a Terms of Service violation.
We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

So, i'll start to upload in Zippyshare (except some albums will be on my other mediafire account) hoping that i'll have no problem in the futur.

Jul 16, 2012

Disturd – Collapse

Going through my first week of vacations, I came across a band called Disturd from Japan. I was reading an article about them on how fresh and brilliant their first two 7'' were. I searched for their stuff and when I finally got'em I was impressed too, not for “freshness” and “brilliancy” but with their way on bringing excellent Crust back on map. Not crapy Tragedy / From ashes rise influenced bullshit. Sharp guitars with mainly mid-tempo drumming that turns out a bit faster with crazy guitar solos and a bit of thrashy sound. This 7'' (I think it’s their second release) called Collapse delivers two great songs (“Collapse the system” is a fucking 5 minute long anthem) in the vein “more Amebix than Amebix”, with epic bridges and harpist to ensure more dark atmoshpere. They remind me a little bit my favorites Hibernation and the way they construct songs with clean acoustic guitars and then speed up full of distorted energy. With the first listening I felt that I know this band cause the S.D.S, Acrostix and Effigy feeling is in and out, up and down on this 7'', so I asked my good – Japanese hardcore guru – friend milan if there are any members from the above mentioned bands. The answer was not EFFIGY but DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR.


Jul 11, 2012

Krigshot - Terroristattack Ep

Krigshot started back in 1997 just after a call Jallo Lehto did to Anders Jakobson and asked him to start a new band  in the vein of Mob-47. To have a fully vision on who's who of these gentlemen Jallo have been playing drums for No Security, Disfear and Totalitar, as much as guitar and vocals for Meanwhile, Dischange and Kvoteringen. On the other hand Anders have been the drummer of the mighty Nasum (and as a founding member he also played bass and guitar plus yelling in their early days) and nowadays he destroys drum kits for Coldworker. So the Krigshot duo forced Mieszko (also from Nasum) to join the band so they could rehearse and record for free on his own studio. They recorded in a few hours the "Terroristattack" ep that later released by Sound Pollution records. The previous lines were a good history lesson, but what stands for it's own is the greatness of this little piece of wax. One of the greatest scandi-hardcore releases of the late 90's alongside Skitsystem's "Profithysteri" or Diskonto's "DIYanarchohardcorepunk". Simple to the bone d-beat with catchy as hell riffs and dual angry vocals. I firstly listened to this band some years ago and through their final lp "Till vilket pris..." (that i do not particularly like!) and hopefully some friend turn me on this 7'' which could be easily in some of my favorite cassettes - with the trademark sound of the exact era - with Doom, Battle of disarm, Detestation, Fleas and Lice and Hiatus. svärta och förstörelse...


Jul 6, 2012

Burning Love - demo 7''

I woke up this morning and i was chatting with my good friend vas about the phenomenon band Burning Love. For those who may not know, Burning Love - the name is taken from the famous Elvis Presley song - consists of the huge Chris Colohan who has offered the hardcore / punk community some of the most hateful, clever, salty, pepper, provocative, political through personal lyrics mainly as a singer of the colossus band Cursed, and Our Father members bassist Dave O'Connor, guitarists Pat Marshall and Andrus Meret, and drummer Easton Lannaman. So, the conversation was going somehow like this:
-V: Do you know Burning Love?
-M: I'll kill you, you messing with me.
-V: Their lp shreds...
-M: Their lp is shit, is that "songs for burning lovers" name for an album? And the sound is really shitty.
-V: I'm talking about "Rotten things to say".
-M: I'll check it
Something that i never did, because when you have a certain opinion about a band and the things you like to hear in certain situations and mind conditions. So, i picked up my own copy of their first demo back from 2009 - released in a 7'' format through Deranged records - and put it on the turntable. Fuck man, "lives of the saints" what a fucking anthem , or that "alien vs. creditor" snake type of a riff, or the badass cover to Battalion of Saints (BL does not fear to do crazy covers, check "Jack the ripper" a cover of Nick Cave and the bad seeds) or everything in the end. Sound is perfectly dirty, Colohan is on top form, the band kills and i don't want to listen anything else from this band. Do yourselves a favor and buy it.


Jul 4, 2012

Sleepless, a night out mix

Αρχίζω να μην έχω καθόλου αυτοεκτίμηση. Ντρέπομαι για τον εαυτό μου, ντρέπομαι για το γεγονός πως έχω επιτρέψει να κυλά ο πολύτιμος χρόνος της ζωής μου χωρίς ουσιαστικά να τον απολαμβάνω, απλά καταμετρώντας τον με μια σχολαστική εμμονή και μια κρυφή ελπίδα πως κάποια στιγμή, με κάποιον μαγικό τρόπο όλα θ' αλλάξουν άρδην κι ένας ευεργετικός άνεμος θα φυσήξει κάνοντας πέρα τα σύννεφα που έχουν μαζευτεί στη ψυχή μου αποκαλύπτοντας νέους ορίζοντες και προοπτικές.

κ.π. Βλαχογιάννης “άυπνος”
εκδόσεις Τυφλόμυγα

Not so much to say, first thought was the creation of a hardcore/punk compilation with the non-clever title "going to Arm Your Desires fest" and that would be it, till i got on my hands the above mentioned book. The writing - in a strange way - made me soliloquize "these words are made for me", and with that in mind i chosen carefully the 16 songs you'll find here. Early anarcho-punk delivered from The System to luxemburg's Petrograd with Born/Dead covering Cress and the london's finest, the Restarts, the greek participation with Ex-Humans, Negative stance and Death Rattle, japanese freaks Bastard and japanese wanna-bes Selfish and Invasion, an anti-fascist anthem delivered surgical from Harda tider, also the swedish "woodcutters" Krigshot and Totalitar delivering first wave noise. Finally we have some rock'n'roll madness from mexico's Crimen and from united states, Severed head of state and Against empire. All in all, a nice comp for your night out or your driving madness. No sleep till...

Jul 2, 2012

Origin of M - Struggle

Origin of M comes from Hiroshima city, japan and features mr. Guy, the singer of GUDON and Maru, the guitarist of ASPHALT. The band reminds me of the usual burning spirits sound but with more rock'n'roll and metal stuff in it. Tight and steady sound bringing a huge hardcore wall in front of you. Like a speeding kawasaki motorcycle the hiroshima citizens delivers up-speed hardcore punk with a delightful rock touch like Death Side used to mix Iron Maiden with Chaos U.K. The album starts with gunshots and guitar leads. You know the japanese madness, i bet they'll have you jump around like an evil goat, and in case you like to know the cd version released from Straight Up records in 2010. Danceable burning spirits, punk...


P.S. thanx to alex who remind me the origin of m existence