Jul 2, 2012

Origin of M - Struggle

Origin of M comes from Hiroshima city, japan and features mr. Guy, the singer of GUDON and Maru, the guitarist of ASPHALT. The band reminds me of the usual burning spirits sound but with more rock'n'roll and metal stuff in it. Tight and steady sound bringing a huge hardcore wall in front of you. Like a speeding kawasaki motorcycle the hiroshima citizens delivers up-speed hardcore punk with a delightful rock touch like Death Side used to mix Iron Maiden with Chaos U.K. The album starts with gunshots and guitar leads. You know the japanese madness, i bet they'll have you jump around like an evil goat, and in case you like to know the cd version released from Straight Up records in 2010. Danceable burning spirits, punk...


P.S. thanx to alex who remind me the origin of m existence

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Anonymous said...

still a great band after all,even if i dont digg the slowish tunes :)