Nov 28, 2012

Total Fury - 13 songs

It's funny how some very good albums go unnoticed. Total Fury – for me – besides a great name was a band who were totally under my radar, and the connection to them was once again Out Cold and I explain. Too Circle records from japan will release a tribute to Out Cold and one of the participated bands is EYESORE. So, after a quick search through Robert's blog (you know, I respect myself and go there every day, I recommend you : do the same) and the guy had already Eyesore's demo up, where I read : “If you are like me, then you've been waiting for some band to equal the TOTAL FURY's majestic 13 Songs full length”. Total Fury come (or came because they are already disbanded) from japan (Sendai city if i'm not mistaken) and they have nothing to do with their fellow japcore freaks cause they deliver old-school blended hardcore punk straight outta Washington and the year is 1981. Total Fury could be the japanese clone of Minor Threat. They shout, they run, they demolish. If you like speed-up melodic hardcore punk in the veins of early 7 seconds, the Teen Idles and other Dischord bands you probably like Total Fury. This album is already 12 years old, guys. If you like slow shit don't even try it.


Nov 16, 2012

Born/Dead - Our darkest fears...

Back in 2007, a band from Canada called Ballast played in my city - a really crap band guys - but they had with them a huge distro where i picked up this tape without knowing shit about a band that really had a big impact on me. Born/Dead came from Bay Area, California and they were active from 2000 to 2008 if i'm not mistaken. This tape contains the "The darkest fears now haunt us" Lp and the "self titled" ep (also known as "24 hostages" ep) and was co-released from Prank records and Insane society records on cassette back in 2003 (almost 10 years ago). Their musical style could be described as a mix of of up-tempo hardcore punk with lots of elements from uk anarchopunk and early us crustcore. I remember when we wanted to describe fast political bands we were saying "they play like Aus-Rotten and Born/Dead". In this release the band has a more straight forward punk production (and playing) and not so crusty hardcore as their last lp "the final collapse". The first track "A look at the world" kicks in as a great intro for what is there to come, mid-paced and heavy just creates the atmosphere for two small dynamites "waiting" and "accuser", short sharp and blowing. "The last to starve" have all that you call great riffs and bridges while "indigent" is more likely my favorite Born/Dead song and the list can go on while the ep contains more ragers like "deadtime", "homeless" or "no one gets out alive". This shit is critical, dude

"Are you really satisfied to live with all these boundaries? Born, work, pay tax, at 65 get social security. Procreate at 30, create a modern family to complete the cycle of middle-class society"


Nov 2, 2012

Cloud Rat - self titled LP

As you may know the fifth issue of the mighty Mountza fanzine released some days ago, and i was eager to start reading it. I have to say that i tend to be a fanatic of mr. George Skafidas majestic writing (ακόμα και αν είναι άλλος ένας αλήτης-ρουφιάνος-δημοσιογράφος) and the newest mountza is the perfect representation of Skafman's abilities. Beside his big text our Gogo hero did some interviews. Even if i love his writing i can't say that we share the same taste when it comes to da music. Considering his tight pants, or the algerian face with the big glasses, his love for political charged british hip-hop, screamo and emo tunes of the 90's etc i was keen on overtake his interviews.

So, as i was overtaking the pages i saw a shitty artwork of a band called Cloud Rat. I saw the name of interviewer G.S and thought "another some shitty pop-punk or garage or screamo band they'll propably be". But i started to read their interview and guess what, this one of the best interviews i've read recently, and way better than the stupid answers Midnight gave to Panos Asthma. Cloud Rat seems to be a band with a strong political background and that's always a big plus on my book. This record has great hardcore riffs and tones of blast beats and you can call it grindcore. This is maybe one of the best records i listened to recently and i challenge you to buy the mountza zine and read their answers while you listening their blasting tunes. And yep, the singer is female and she's nail it. Huge thanx to mr. G.Skaf....