Nov 20, 2015

Rixe - Coups & Blessures 7''

So, it's already two years and five days since my last post. Time flies and you can't do nothing about it, i guess. I can't explain why i'm posting again, cause i thought i'm done with all that crap of everyday life and to listen some good hardcore or crust or punk rock turns out like a real privilege. But every now and then comes a band that is unique, not because they're playing something completely new - if they were i think i wouldn't pay any attention - but because they are original and fresh. A couple of days ago i came across a twelve minute masterpiece called La force dans la Oi vol.2, a total mind-blowing simple-playing oi/punk comp from france with four great bands, but RIXE totally blow me out. They play a great marching oi/punk - yes, i can hear red army storming Berlin - with heavy bass lines, monolithic steady drums, razors instead of guitars and a voice arming the voiceless. This band made me to want to write some bullshit again so i have to say a big thank you to these guys from Paris. If you like Blitz, Nabat, Criminal Damage, Syndrome 81 you'll totally love this. Rixe members also play - or used to play, i'm not sure - in bands like Youth Avoiders, Lion's Law, Maraboots etc. Best release of 2015 with Fatigue's 7'' by far. RIXE = TOTAL WORSHIP.



Unknown said...

Great to see that you are back with a post for a ripping band man! One of my favourite blogs :) cheers

Unknown said...
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Hobo said...

Welcome back! I thought the blog was an abandoned ruin but it was worth waiting.