Sep 14, 2010

Out Cold - Goodbye cruel world

We are in 1989, in a small suburb of massachusetts (προφερεται Μασατσουτσετς), called Dracut. Four young kids start to play awful but straight from the heart hardcoreFUCKINGpunk. Two of them were also part of the infamous band Worse than Useless. They started play with some real menace. Especially in some fucked-up years. Metal was starting overthrowing the hardcore scene and to play some old-school Negative approach meets Poison idea punk was "out of trend". These kids not only played this genre but they did it for 20 years!
Καπου στο 2003 : οι Out Cold πατουν τα ιερα χωματα του Βιολογικου στη Θεσσαλονικη
Let's make a good fast-forward to the year 2004. Some of the original members have been out of the band while the first bassist of the band Mark Sheehan (formerly guitarist of GG Allin!) have already taken the vocal duties, behind drums we have also John Evicci while the guitar & bass goes to Deuce and Mikey Flynn (both from the great band called Last in Line). The band after a crazy tour in europe goes back to the studio to record "Goodbye cruel world". Fucking prophetic as it's the band's last full-lenght album.

"I can feel you burning on the inside"
But before we go to the core, i have to say that as i read their interviews in different zines i have to pay respect to one of the most honest and truelly great bands. And what a great spell of dedication when they say : "Unfortunately, most of the bands are broken-up now but that's the great things about records : They endure long after the people who made them". And fuck yeah, Out Cold are missed.

So, let's go the album. The first guitar riff is opening the gates of hell while the maniac drumming skills of mr.Evicci gives "take as needed for pain" the extra credit for what is really is, a track about drugs and for drugging speed freaks. While some of the album's tracks deals with misanthropy ("misanthrope"), isolation / solitude, human stupidity and back-stubber attitude ("i feel the death on the back of me"). Tracks like "Doomsday guy" could easily be someone's soundtrack of his life with all the desperation within the human society. Well, the "Hello disaster" goes to more mid-tempo parts (Θα 'θελες μεγαλε, εδω η φαση ειναι παρ'τα στα μουτρα) and i have to stop right here 'coz i can go on forever..

The rip is from my buddie Sergeant Batguano. Man you are great, thanx again. Everytime i hear their stuff i recall your phrase : "this one is my favorite album as long as I'm not playing one of their others". This one have been released from Kangarro records in europe so go and get it.

This post is dedicated to my good friend K. His greatness has been aknowledged by Out Cold themselves by saying : "We would like to extend a huge thanks to K., who set up all the shows here in Greece and did a really good job holding everything together despite some unexpected shit".

"Out Cold had become a pillar of consistency and it seemed like they would just always be around, recording amazing records and playing shows every once in a blue moon. However with twenty years under their belt, they managed to put almost every other hardcore band in history to shame."

Goodbye cruel world (we miss you, you human-haters)


Billy said...

kane post kammia kafrila re Mike :)

Batguano said...

So, Out Cold is seriously finished? That's truly painful news. The end of an era. I must say, though, this post is a most worthy tribute!

mikxxx said...

geia sou re billy
re file einai analoga ti akouo ekeino to kairo perissotero (ennoo analoga me to post)
ti thes grindcories?mallon dyskolo..xaxaxaxxa
tha doume

yeah, mate i saw on their site the sickening title : "out cold - 1989 - 2009. R.I.P" and i thought "fuck". i wish they could do something like 10 shows as a goodbye. and thanx for all your sharing love for Out Cold (even if i'm still waiting the s/t album. hehehe)

you must make a "farewell to out cold" post

Billy said...

oxi re sy,etsi to eipa gia na grapso kati epeidi den egrafe kaneis, mou spaei ta @@ otan vlepo na mi grafei kanenas tpt,einai sa na sou lene adika kaneis oti kaneis, kleisto to rimadi na teleionoume lol lo lol lol

mikxxx said...

exeis dikio re sy....

Anonymous said...

out cold = hardcore


Anonymous said...

Wow neat! This is a really great site! I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
like this in the past? Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

post sthg new mate!!

chrisapproach said...

one of the best bands!

also enjoying your posts,


Anonymous said...

their singer, mark, passed away about a week ago. shitty news...