Sep 5, 2010

Drugged SS - I hate what you think about my life (tape)

-mikxxx, the stupid white-middle-class boy :
Yeah, i was looking for this tape (fuck yeah another tape) for a while. I finally ordered some copies from a norway-based distro and i payed a bunch of fucking euros. Thankfully this tape deserves it. As my tape-player has no line-in/line-out, i have not been able to rip it. Thanx to who sent me the rip.

Here we have three insane (unsane and mentally deranged) norwegians trying to play hardcore punk. I'm saying trying 'coz i'm not sure if their intention was to play ugly and uncompromising hardcore than fucked-up black metal. I don't care and you shouldn't too, 'coz the guys mixing it so fucking good. They remind me the s/t 7'' of Forced Expression mainly due to the raging tempos, the short tracks, the clever tricks in guitar and the blistering vocals. Six tracks on 4 minutes and 54 seconds. The recording is decent enough for a rehearsal (i guees it's a rehearsal. The "booklet" gives no infos). Check out the second track "enfants terribles" with this sick sludgy bridge on 18 second. Ugly...
Also, the band is part of the Black Hole Crew alongside Okkultokrati and Haust and hates swedish music.

This tape has been released by Ormeyngel records (blame Lars - a member of okkultokrati) and if you have a PayPal-account don't hesitate to order some copies for your friends. You can also give 'em as a gift while you had to write on the card "I hate what you think about my life". A great gift, indeed.

"Three piece hardcore outfit from Setesdal.
Drugged SS takes no part of the already established positive hardcore scene in the big cities - this is war, famine, pestilence, and death in your face!

This is hardcore as it should be in it's most primitive state.
Hardcore without baggage of principles other than wanting to tear up your bedroom walls, where football trophies and diplomas from school hangs like a bloody Jesus on the cross - a constant reminder of failure and reverence.
Finding no inspiration in the Oslo scene, we had to create our own form of negative approach.
Drugged SS are from Setesdal and are going to stay in Setesdal."

Also the band have some weird opinion about the label that released the above mentioned tape (laughing out loud, you fools) :
"Ormeyngel tells me the tape is close to being sold out. whatever. Ormeyngel is just a bunch of Oslo hipsters making money of our music anyway. they're talking about doing a new pressing of the tape. I don't care, I'm gonna go steal some gas for my car now. Fuck you all, and fuck every band from Sweden"
i love what you think about swedish music
-d. the black μπουγατσας from hell :
This is hardcore. Raw, ugly and hateful!

Drugged SS come from Norway and they are darker than almost every black metal band that came out the homeland of black metal the last years! It is a dark time that we live in, so dark is the music.

With no ray of hope left and dripping with venom, Drugged SS takes you down… and keeps you down!

The sound is very raw and primitive, the vocalist spits blood and guts, the songs are short and sharp.

And as they said with their own words: “This is hardcore without any baggage of principles other than wanting to tear up your bedroom walls, where football trophies and diplomas from school hang like a bloody Jesus on the cross  - a constant reminder of failure and reverence”.

I have nothing more to say.

This is war, famine, pestilence and death in your face!

The approach is negative…


Anonymous said...

to rip den itan diko mu ipirxe idi sto mediafire to link

mikxxx said...

thanx anyway re
ego de to eixa vrei....

Anonymous said...

ti epa8e autos apo tin etairia ke katevase to link? eleos 5 kasetes exei akoma sxedon sold out einai. mu esteile ke mena minima kapoios sto lastfm(logika o typos autos itane)ke me rwtage pu vrika to link tromara tu

mikxxx said...

grapston st'arxidia sou more to malaka
kala paidia ala polu metalagmenos solomos kai to exoun kapsei

Billy said...

ειχαμε καποιους αλλους να κανουν φασαρια για δισκους 10-15 χρονων εγαφανισμενους απο χρονια κ που δεν τους βρισκεις ουτε με δικανο κ τωρα ετουτος εδω. ναι ναι αυτη η εταιριουλα θα παθει ζημια,θα χασει λεφτα,κλπ,κλπ
ΡΕ ΠΑΜΕ ΚΑΛΑ ΡΕΕΕΕ??? Τι αλλο θα δουμε..αει σιχτηρ πια ρε εμπορες

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


mikxxx said...

hi charlie
i took it down by the kind request of the label that released the tape...
maybe in some weeks to upload it again.