Aug 27, 2010

Invasion - discography

Yeah, right : Destino final, finally will come to town(s). 24 & 25 of september athens and thessaloniki will feel their grounds shaking and huge volcanos will pop-up when the mountains eventually turn to grey. But before that, it was Invasion. I kindly requested d. (guitarist of black trinity / Go filth go) to sit his ass down and write a proper review about these spanish dudes. He said : "Yeah, why not? Do i have a dealine?" and after 12 hours he sent a ball-breaking review in FifteenCounts headquarters. Enjoy him (and Invasion).

Amazing grace :

something like Invasion (destino final live)
Old school: two words that I really really love to use!
Also two words that I never used when I was talking about Spanish bands the last few years. Fortunately Invasion came to change this!
Here we have the previous band of the vocalist and guitarist of Destino Final. They released a demo and two LP’s. Destino Final is a great band that I like very much and I really wanted to listen to the Invasion stuff too. So, Mike gave me the chance and here I am. And I am very pleased with what I listened to!
Invasion played true old school punk! With the right sound and attitude! Simple song structure, but it has it all! Great riffs, kicking up-tempo drums, delayed spitting vocals. Nothing odd, no exaggerations. Just punk! Everything is where is needed to be. Less is more, as we say…
But what’s really good after all is that they manage to have a quite personal sound. I mean, you can see their influences, but all filtered perfectly in their sound. There are some old Swedish and Finnish punk influences, some late 70’s punk along with some Stooges and G.B.H., some Japanese (their spirit is burning alright!) and also a bit of old school metal for the final touch.
A plus (for me at least) is the fact that they keep their music close to politics.
I got to tell you. I love the raw sound of the instruments, the ultra-delayed vocals (reminded me a lot of the Hellhammer demos) and the evil laughters of the vocalist here and there, the energy and the darkness! And after you finish listening to their records (and you are a bit sweaty because you were banging the whole time) you instantly get the thought “Ah, it would be great to watch them live!”
Hopefully, we can do this with Destino Final. They still play a couple of Invasion songs live (their sound hasn’t changed much), so that’s just great!
Download or piss off!!!

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Downsided said...

Destino final euro tour? do you have more info on that?

mikxxx said...

it's not a euro tour
they will come only for two gigs in greece (i think)