Jan 5, 2010

Sharpeville - At the late hours

After one day of hard-extracting work
i'm very happy to see that some guys is now followers(Shitword)

So the next posts is dedicated to them!
This one is for cherroky  'cos i think he likes finnish hardcore if i can judge from his other blogs
So, Sharpeville, a finnish hardcore band (if you digging for appendix, kaaos tunes this one is definitely not your cup of tea) with ass kicking recording and very passionate lyrics..
If you have it on lp you can see a very peacefull cover with autumn leaves blah blah blah, but if you open this gatefold you 'll see Dante's Inferno!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

opa,poios einai aftos pou les?an einai aftos pou nomizo me to blog,koita kato kato dexia sta link toy....