Jan 5, 2010

Monster - death before disorder

German post numbaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3

This is the special one..
I' ll tell you a not so short story
When i was young i had lost my energetic love for hardcore / crust!
like you are with the perfect woman and someday you feel bored
and it suxxx
and after a while something happens and you're again in melting love.
so simple...

Monster came in my life one rainy day of 2005.

they were playing alongside 925 and epithanatios rogxos...
and when the first tune came out i felt like a train
mutilating my helpless body...

This post is for good friend
Skliros lekes / Anapodos stauros
who also "loves" them
(dude, sorry i won't give you
my t-shirt)


P.S. i have one more post for "germans" :
Bombenalarm...if anyone thinks that i have to include
some other bands too, feel free to inform me

P.S. don't hesitate to post comments

P.S. in song "system of casts" the beautiful little flower
       called Ajka (insuiciety) make backing vocals

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