Jan 6, 2010

Katiusha - rehearsal demo

Katiusha has borrowed their name from a russian artillery
that first used back in world war two.
Musically speaking Katiusha was (in this recording)
a 5-piece crustcore band with male / female vocals
out of athens, greece... (female vox was their ''strong'' point)
They played several gigs in athens, thessaloniki, kavala etc
Clearly influeced by bands like ratos de porao and state of fear
they have / had a sound like a stone that fell down in
some unsuspecting heads or you can just say :
monolithic d-beat crust. If they had better recording they
probably  had been equally mentioned as other ''famous''
crustcore bands


P.S. i use all these ''past'' tenses 'cos now
       they are 6 members with dual male vocals

P.S. thanx to their bassist for sharing this demo


B.K. said...

Hmm... Interesting.

mikxxx said...

they are far more "brutal" live