Jan 5, 2010

Alltid Jaget - hjelpelos ep & Du Synker Inn I Døden

Well, the almighty mr. Vengeance is mine had a little request :
The posts to be mean...
Alltid Jaget
It's the first band that came to my mind when i read the word mean

Fucking pissed-off, protein-high, old-school HARDCORE
Here you got 2 releases :
hjelpelos ep [1997]
Du Synker Inn I Døden
(and a killer judas priest cover.HEHEHE)


P.S. I had a little request: if anyone has anything from the bands
I.O.U or toamol(both from norway) please contact or share a link. thanx

P.S.2 I'll try the next 3-4 posts to be mean(as it was mean(t) to be)


Anonymous said...

hell ya this shit is pretty sweet. never really heard too much hardcore outta norway.


mikxxx said...

Shit, i'm looking like a schyzophrenic weirdo the ''i owe you'' and ''under filthy wings'' from i.o.u and the 2x7'' ''tragedy of a mind once lost" from toamol and noone seems to have it... shit
i'll post tomorrow toamol's demo if you're interested my friend (But you haven't add me.....-kidding)

Anonymous said...

actually just got done with the add keep up the good work!