Jan 6, 2010

Judgement - 5 7'' ep's

Judgement is a Burning Spirit type hardcore punk band from Japan and have shared ex-members from such bands as Crück (Nori), Death Side (Muka-Chin), Bastard (Iizawa, Zigyaku and Tokurow) and Lipcream (JhaJha). The band has released five EPs.
Vocalists have changed through the band’s history. First singer Nori (from Crück) was on the first two EPs. On the 3rd EP Tokurow joined the band. After he left the band, Judgement recorded the Night Brings EP as a Trio. Later the singer of Lipcream Jhaja grabbed the mic. Also Iizawa decided to call it quits.

I copy-pasted the column above from lastfm and i think
that even me couldn't describe it bettaaaaa....
In a post about burial not a long ago i said : 
Burial (germany) One of the best japcore bands alongside
paintbox and forward...
Hope that every single one visitor of this blog can forgive
me that i  forgot mention these spiritual-healing, ass-kicking,
japanese hardcore powerhouse

Here you get all of their five ep releases :
"Haunt in the dark"
"Just be"
"Night brings"
"No reason why"
"Process" (my personal favourite)

Feel the Judgement


Anonymous said...

judgement are awesome. i have records by both paintbox and forward but unfortunately i haven't been able to pick up any judgement stuff yet. another band in the same vein that i've been listening to a lot recently is crude especially the 1999 lp... fuck! love japanese hardcore! gah!

mikxxx said...

i will post in the near future some albums from paintbox and forward..and i was thinking to post crude's "attitude"

Anonymous said...

attitude is pretty sick too. picked up a copy a few months back while visiting a friend in california. money well spent!

mikxxx said...

make a post for canadian hardcore / punk in your blog dude...cheers

Anonymous said...

i will see what i can do

zak said...


t6h6o6r said...

the ac/dc kicked.in the teeth cover on the attitide record is so bad ass! this collection also rips...