Jan 9, 2010

Negative approach - Total recall

Here we have the total destructive masterpiece..
Way ahead of their time negative approach (from detroit, michigan) was the band that left a huge footprint in hardcore punk scene  for ever...
Angry vocals, pissed-off and totally nihilistic music and lyrics.
Songs that you want to hear again and again and again...to sing along and fight with your own clothes...
They unfortunately released only the : "tied down" lp and "self titled" 7'', that was later released both in one lp under the name "total recall"...
Negative approach's vocalist John Brannon later formed Laughing hyenas, Pitbull and Easy action..

If you approach = negative for a life-time!!!

(i think i'll make a break from the posts for a couple of days, but the future posting plans
has japanese nightmares and north european assaults)

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