Jan 5, 2010

Tear it up

Hail from new jersey, Tear it up is a well known pissed off,fast as hell, old-schooll hardcore band
here you'll get two releases in the price of one 'cos...no cos!
So we have : ''Taking you down with me'' and ''the december 2000 session''(includes the split with fast times and E.T.A. and ''zero to suicidal'' 7'')

Band members later formed Cut the shit, The rites, Splitting headache, forward to death, Guilt trip, Broken patterns, and The good book


P.S. this one dedicated to mr. trouble on your system (maybe the best blog for fast hardcore!! can i post avo's 7'' again? it's perfect)



hey dude I like your blog add you in an instance..do the same for me man!

and I hope you could help me
I am looking for a band calles SOS they released an demo on LOCKIN OUT and and EP on PERFECT VICTIM RECORDS they were both st.I am not able to get a hold of a physical nor an mp3 copy.
any help would be great!


mikxxx said...

I have to let you down 'cos i don't know them...
but with a speedy research i found that they might be interesting...
if i find anything i'll post it

Do you want to add and the 3 blogs of you?