May 2, 2010

Korova - Another happy customer

Some days ago, Ian from Korova contacted me and asked me if i could post their 2009 album "another happy customer". Since this album has already been posted in a lot blogs i was a little bit hesitant. But then, this album is good enough and you maybe interested in giving it a try. So, i'm letting Ian to make the introduction. Cheers.

"The original line-up got together in late 2001 and was supposed to be a grindcore band, but none of the original people were really into it, so I brought those songs into a band some other friends of mine were starting that was more along the lines of early Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. We put out a couple of demos and were on several compilations (the song "Nazis Ruined Shanved Heads" was on several comps I've totally forgotten about and a lot of bootlegged CDs in Europe) before going on hiatus in early 2006. Some of those early demos were remastered for a 7" called "If There is a Future" that came out in 2007.

I was playing bass in a band with the original drummer of MK Ultra called Government for Hire when Korova got back together in late 2008, and we wrote most of the songs for Another Happy Customer in about 2 weeks. We set a date to record and our drummer quit something like 3 days before we were going to record. Our bassist moved to drums and I moved to bass and we rehearsed exactly once and then went in to record all the songs. A couple of the songs from the CD were older songs we re-recorded and the newer songs were all written in the month before recording. A lot of the lyrics deal with my divorce and separation from my child, but also with the pressures of day-to-day existence and how monotony can drive a person completely insane.

We've played with Demented Are Go, Agnostic Front, Dr. Know, I Object, Bones Brigade, and about a million other bands. We're writing some new songs right now for a demo that should be out next month. Our current line-up is myself, Ian (vocals), Chad (guitar), Jamie (drums), and Kayhan (bass). We're ex members of Die Young TX, Government for Hire, Slag, Accusor, and about a million other bands. 

I think we sound like Ceremony crossed with Cult Ritual, but the recording is pretty slick compared to a lot of underground hardcore coming out right now. Really, we just rip off Black Flag really hard. The physical CD is available from Victimized Records (the label I run..)"
Ian. Korova.


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