May 27, 2010

Desolation - Rest in panic 7'' (2010)

This is a brand new release and maybe it's a fucked up thing to post it.
I suspect that prank records will ask me to remove it, so if you are "in time" you'll get it.

Desolation is a hardcore / crust band from bay-area. Although, they have released a split with audio kollaps, a self titled lp (that contains a great nausea cover) and a seveninch, i can say that they weren't "the hell of a band" in my ears. A little bit boring, a little bit "i've heard it all before". Even if i expected a lot more from a member of Born/Dead (a band that i love and their guitarist plays here).

But this seveninch it's blistering, fucking great and enormous destroyer for sure. As the band woke-up from hibernation with a new vocalist, this three-track ep is by far their best release and it's damn good. Great d-beat thrash by members of Born/Dead, Scurvy dogs, Abrupt and Strung up. Throw some japanese influences (mainly from the crust side of japan alongside "burning-spirit" excellent drumming). I wouldn't post something so fast after the great Constant state of terror - demo, if it wasn't equally great.

Grab a cold beer and make some headbanging. Did i mentioned the great Vocals? Killer..



Anonymous said...

ya i kinda feel the same way about these guys. i have 2 of their 7"s the lp and the audio kollaps split (the audio kollaps side is fucking killer!) i keep listening to and buying their records but none of their songs have really jumped out and grabbed my attention. born/dead were way better. on the plus side this and the lp both have awesome cover art.

mikxxx said...

Yes my dear friend, fucking SUGI.
tomorrow my local distributor will give the new Masakari lp and i can't wait (sugi again).
This 7'' is a fucking killer, trust me - you won't be dissapointed...

i miss your blog, mate...

Anonymous said...

I am doing research for my university paper, thanks for your excellent points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

- Laura