May 16, 2010

The assasinators - Sigt efter hjertet & 7''

After a while, i'm going back to the k-town posts.
When we started the k-town series i was thinking assasinators as the first band. While dbill doesn't like them or enjoy them so much, we didn't make that post until now.

The assasinators is a hardcore punk or punk rock - say it as you like - band that have released some of the most catchy punk tunes. With lyrics about social themes, social struggles and our passion for revolution and anarchy, i can say that they are "militant" in the way they approach themes lyrically (and one of the main reasons i like them so much).

Former members of Paragraf 119, they have started the band in the dawn of 2006, in the rehearsing rooms of Ungdomshuset. I don't have to say much, here you'll get their ep from 2006 and the "sigt efter hjertet" lp from 2008. Melodic and catchy punk rock, up-tempo with acidic vocals. As Batguano once stated : "This Danish band gets compared to La Fraction excessively, so in my pessimism I figured they sound like nothing of the sort. They actually do, though, with some mixed in accents of other melodic European hardcore bands like Inner Conflict and Post Regiment. The band departs from the La Fraction mould with their less stylized lead vocals, more pronounced harmonies, and a layer of somberness that gets me all excited. The pop sensibilities and melody will compel you to spin this thing over and over, but there's enough punk grit to keep your crust-credentials intact."

Rumours about disbanding may be true, but before that they will release a split 7'' with japan's D.S.B.
Cheers to doesitmatter that i know he likes them a lot.



Batguano said...

The Assassinators rule! Thanks for ripping this awesome LP. So they're breaking up, huh? That completely sucks. The DSB split is really good, but I wish it wasn't their last effort.

Oh, I'm getting caught up with stuff, so some files should be arriving in your mailbox soon...

mikxxx said...

i haven't put my hands (or my ears) on the split yet. hope that rips 'coz both bands are awesome..
dsb's Wait Tremblingly!!! 7'' is great.

assasinators is a hell of a band and this lp was stacked on my turntable for over two weeks when first released and i put it on often still nowadays, but yesterday i was too lazy to wright a proper review, so because "for that is friends" i copy-pasted yours. hehehe.

and one thing is for sure. Forste Dag I Resten Af Mit Liv's opening riff is more crusty than a lot of crusties.
cheers man, and i'm waiting σε αναμμενα καρβουνα!!!