May 31, 2010

Despite everything - With my bear hands 7'' (2010) & In desperate times 7'' (2009)

Despite everything is hardcore punk band from athens, greece featuring former (or current) members of bands globally known as 925, nekra katsikia trikavalo, schwartz and anger, endsight and censored sound.
Heavily influenced by the us punk rock scene (fucking boring) they have accomplished to refresh a sound, more or less, trivial. Mixing it with stuff like strike anywhere and late-Propagandhi the band has made it. Angry vocals, beautiful lyrics and up-tempo "hard"core music. Great live acts as the "too-tough-judge-Dredd" Dbill agreed in the past. Even if you don't like this type of music they are so uplifting and catchy that you'll defenetily shake your right leg for sure.. Even if i am jealous about how girls look at Peyio i must declare that the band "has it", the "it" for enthousiasm and love for what they're doing. Don't miss them live if you got the chance.
Maybe my description is a little bit misleading but these two seveninches are damn good. Being obsessed for some time now, i choose to post them 'coz the band had them already posted in their myasspace.
They toured for over a month in europe so the band is tight and this is reflected on the wax.
Also the track "prison" is not included in the vinyl version so this is a "plus".
the seveninches comes in recycled paper, has been printed by the band itself with great sepia inks so don't be fool...

"I feel i'm getting old and i've been singing the same old song
It's all your fault"


7inchcrust said...

i hate 0 comments >:(
i have these but didn't listen yet....

mikxxx said...

it's defenetely not your cup of tea
and defenetely two very good 7inches for what they stand for...