Jun 2, 2010

Burning leather & Slowmotions - split 7''

A long time now i had this feeling, wake-up, the same old-shit, life get ruined by routine. Ok, no more... And the perfect way to overthrow it - if you don't like rihanna's voice - is by far to put on your turntable some good old Motorhead ('till Ace of spades era) and to start shouting some Lemmy's lyrics like "the riders wearing black" etc... Right? Well, no absolutely 'coz the boys are back in town..

As the summer shows it's teryfying heat and your body keep-on asking for some cold lemonade with pure communist rum, the best soundtrack is BURNING LEATHER!

I have to say some things about Slowmotions, so... Tokyo, japan and neither japcore, nor crust.. What the hell? Up-tempo, well-played punk rock by guys that have already released five seveninches.. Good though.

Now let's get to the point : Burning leather.
Imagine some punks (way over thirty years old) that have eaten the road with a spoon over the years and after one million bands they decided to play simple ass-kicking motorhead's punk''n'roll. Including Steve Harris of diy hardcore aka mr. Kelly Haliburton (Defiance, Detestation, Resist, Severed head of state, Pierced arrows and a hell lot more) on bass-guitar, Brian Hopper (hellshock, atrocious madness etc) on guitar, Marty pants of Nux Vomica on drums, Jason roberts (Fall of the bastards etc) on vocals and Scot gotto (also fall of the bastards) on guitar you know that here lies an All-star line-up that isn't as an All-star shit only in the papers. Hell right. Include as a wasted info that chris carrey of poison idea used to play here also, you get the picture...

I was seeking as hell who the fuck wrote the song "the guns come running" 'coz has that smell of 70's texas bar before some serious fights between some rednecks but the only result i got back was Burning leather. So, if you wanna hear some tracks that motorhead chop-off on the "Overkill" sessions check burning leather. One of the best Portland acts for my humble opinion. Metal Punk'n'Roll up your fucking ass, mothafukkkka!!

download 1 : Burning leather - demo

download 2 : Burning leather & Slowmotions - split 7''

Two in the price of one, make some downloads.....


chrisapproach said...

nice to hear from you!
sure we can x-change links.

keep it up,


chrisapproach said...

nails (berlin):

here we go:

--> http://takenbysurprise.net/nails/

Anonymous said...


mikxxx said...

to 88 elpizo na mhn einai kamia vlakeia....

alhteia mono...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The demo will not download, any way you could fix that?? Thanks!

mikxxx said...

seems to work ok, man
try again later and if you got still problems with download tell me and i'll re-post it

Anonymous said...

hey this is down, can we get a re-up please?

mikxxx said...

it's up

Unknown said...

greetings, i just hope the blogger reads this comment.
Coul you please re-upload the burning leather's demo and the 7" split?
best regards

mikxxx said...

hi edurado
thanx for the nice words
the split 7'' was already up
i just uploaded the demo take care


Unknown said...

Greetings mikxxx
Awesome :D:D:D:D thank you so much!
can you re-upload de demo?

Best Regards