Apr 29, 2010

Psychosis - Unreleashed cd & "Burial of wrath" demo tape

This one maybe not be the best band's introduction, but it's clearly personal and cathartic, that's how it's going :

The first time that my ear listened to the claustrofobic tunes of psychosis i was nearly 13 years old. Over 10 years has passed and everytime i'm putting that cassete - that my cousin has recorded for me back in the great tape-trading era of the late 90's. Yeah, i know. i was a little kid! - on my cassette-player i'm feeling the same terrifying emotions roll my body like it's the first time. Back in the day to have miserable band-names - here in greece - was a "must", maybe nowadays some of them seem a litlle bit naive and childish, but when i was a little kid i was afraid to put some of them in my cassette player (maybe the fear of dragons come out and eat me, i don't know) psychosis included.

I know that you're already laughing (especially if you are among the lucky bastards that have seen them play live and the usual stuff).
Ψυχωση (Psychosis) started back in 1993 in a suburb of athens, greece. They have released a demo tape called "burial of wrath" and have been a part of the legendary greek vinyl comp. "Disturbance of domestic peace".
They had scheduled the release of a cd that never came out (urban legend says that they will release it some day soon, 'coz the original tapes of the recording has been founded at last).

The cd has 8 tracks of Amebix / Axegrinder worshipping crust. Has been recorded somewhere in 1997 and i think these tracks are from the same session with the two tracks from the above mentioned comp.Guitars scissor ears with catchy and destroying riffs, while the drums keeps everything in place before the bass follows and destroy it. Heavy, mid-tempo hardcore / crust by one of the best bands ever (for me, globally)
Psychosis has written some of the best lyrics that i have ever read (and it's a shame that has not been translated) for the rotting hardcore scene, the alienation of human society and our power to change things. Some songs are untitled and with no vocals, but for me that's fine. I hope this cd someday to be released properly.

The "burial of wrath" demo tape has been recorded some years earlier, has more harsh production and the bass it's up to 11, but the quality of the tracks leaves no time to think about it, 'coz you'll press the "repeat all" button after the first listening. Now, that i'm thinking it again, you'll propably burn it on a cd - both files - and you'll listen it for one month straight in every place you'll be.

If an album has the "highly recommended" stamp, it's this one.
Their bassist nowadays plays for the post-rock band incognita sperans.
The rips are stollen from crust-demos, so if you haven't download them yet, here's the right time to do it. Cheers and shouts to billy (7inch).

Η λέρα που εξαπλώνεις σιγοτρώει τα σωθικά μου...


crustcracker said...

psychosi was a great band,also great guys,they paid lot of money to record the unreleased cd,i heard they want to release it in the future,also i saw em paly live and we played together(psychosi and my old band) at villa amalias at 1997,i have it recorded on a tape

doesitmatter said...

I have these somewhere but I'll download them again since I haven't listened to them in ages!

I remember them playing in Villa Amalias quite a few times in the mid-90's era but I never got to see them live either! grrrrrr

Black Trinity said...

se pame!!!

mikxxx said...

Crust cracker (great fori) you must extract it, mate. It's a public demand!

Doesit, ages. i thought you're dead!

black mitso, se pao piso trele!!!!