Apr 23, 2010

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto - Self titled Lp & helvetin elementit 7''

Once more, a bomb from the north.
The last month, i can say i'm obsessed with the finnish tupatupa punk, so, i decided to post two albums in the price of one. Kyklooppien Sukupuutto hails from tampere, city of lunatics, finland. I say city of lunatics, 'coz if you have seen a pic of the band you may know what i'm talking about. Four silly, cute, juicy, gay friendly, guys playing raging, "badproduction" hardcore punk.
The band has already released a split with death token (get it here), and a demo.
With political lyrics the "extinction of Cyclops" (as the translated band's name is) throws in your face, little-measures of speedy, noisy hardcore punk with an ace in their sleeve the adherence of the unstoppable punk energy.
If you are in love with the new wave of finnish hardcore punk you'll surely dig this one. Alongside Kieltolaki the above mention freaks are the best capture of power coming out of speekers in a 45''rpm Lp.
You must be deaf if you can't enjoy the sing-alongs, the tupatupatupa awesome drumming and the electrocuted guitars. And like my good friend dbill sayed about kieltolaki : "Finish hardcore at its best, blending the original ingredients (Riistetyt, Kaaos, Destructions, Terveet Kadet etc.(and of course Rajahtaa fom greece)) with a strong touch of raw production, a spoonfull of exquisite musicianship and an exposive coctail of teenage angst about the political system and it's selfserving slaves". I must say that this statement match terrific for Kyklooppien's attitude too.

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto, demolishing the earscene again. Crashing with terrible speed, side A drops everything in its path with it’s hacking assault. On side B things decidedly take a turn for the worse as this bent machine grinds to a near halt as it digs its teeth in, unearthing a totally bone-shaking horror scenario. Ride the new wave of Finnish hardcore and witness Kyklooppien Sukupuutto produce their bleak view of disturbed, frustrated, wasted human individuals. Bigotry, with an inability to comprehend or change.



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