Apr 9, 2010

Everyday madness - Preaching to the converted

From the frozen mountains of sweden comes this piece of insult.
Everyday madness was a band active at the late 90's, coming from the city of lund (although, i think they have some type of connection with malmo).
Here's the one - and only - release of them, from '97.
I must admit that i don't know a fucking thing about this band except that here you can find rodrigo from intensity, satanic surfers and putrid filth conspiracy records.

With the first riff, the band catch you from the neck to make you feel the hardcore energy of the european scene of the late 90's.
Influeced basically from the old-school scene of us hardcore punk this six-persons (five boys - one girl) gang delivers the goods. Maybe not, as straight forward as intensity - I could describe them as intensity's little brother (energetic, but more emotional - not emo) -, but with great riffs, clean and heavy bass lines, mainly fast d-beat drumming with male / female vocals...

I'm not in a talk-talk-talk mood, 'cos i feel a little bit tired (but with three new vinyls in my disk-box. hehehe).
This lp has been recorded, mixed and engineered by Jocke Täck at Dundret Studios in the Swedish town Malmö, October 1996 and released by bad taste records.

I think it's impossible to find it, so...


P.S. thanx to d. from go filth go / black trinity who has sent it to me. cheers

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