Feb 6, 2010

Zone - First blow is the half battle 7''

Yeah, after a while i have my own internet connection so now, i can more easily disturb you... HEHEHE
As i have promised here's zone's 7'' (from 1996) that will blow your mind away.. Crazy ugly guitars alongside the well-known japanese vocals and d-beat till the end... I have no further informations about these lunatics except that is from tokyo and dbill already loves them as the screams from the gutter and no beast so fierce blogs should do also... HEHEHE...
Awesome japanese hardcore once again...
Check a zone's 7inch from 1994 here


Not the dbill's mohawk :
There are bands that grow on you as you listen to them, and there are bands that instantly give this feeling that something just isn't there...Zone has nothing to do with any of the afformentioned categories...

This is frantic japanese hardcore, played by japanese punks, the japanese way. Again you get full-on attack mode guitar assaults, rabid singalongs with the main singer spewwing his guts out, while the rhythm section is rock solid...I don't know haw the japs do it...it must something in their sushi or whatever, but 90% of the releases from the country of the rising sun are energetic as fuck, this one included.

Maybe not the best japanese hardcore band, but they compete seriously with the pioneers of this punk style...dig in.




Hey Mikxxx, have you heard ACID yet? You must if you havent!! I posted a few things by them a while back. The singer Kuro ended up singing for the LIBERATE after ACID broke up!! Amazing JAPCORE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sweet some zone i haven't heard yet thx!

mikxxx said...

i'm glad that i give you some shitty fucking japcore mr.vengeance