Feb 7, 2010

Concrete sox - Live (tour japan '92)

I don't know what to say about this band...
I'll try to keep things simple...
Concrete sox is the best hardcore band that came out of uk (after ripcord). For me they were better from heresy (what a blasphemy!! hehe)... They shared members with heresy, city indians and a few tones more...
This is from wiki : 
Concrete Sox are a british crust punk band largely seen as an early style crossover thrash band who incorporated many thrash metal style riffs on their earlier albums.
Started in 1983 from jam sessions with 'Gabba' (Chaos UK/F.U.K.) and 'Kalv' (Heresy/Geriatric Unit) and various other 'friends', the band were formed by Vic Timoveric (Vic Croll) and his friend Les Duly. Not set on a permanent name, they once gigged as 'Concrete Evidence', but the name 'Concrete Sox' (Vics parody of a Hendrix Dead Boy sub-band, called 'The Steam Roller Gloves') became the bands official name. First release was the LP Your Turn Next in 1985 on COR records followed by —a split LP with heresy in 1987. The band went on to record a further album on Manic Ears records entitled Whoops, Sorry Vicar! (1987) and a fourth album on Big Kiss records entitled Sewerside (1989). They later released a further album entitled No World Order in the early 1990s.
They were one of the more important of the British hardcore punk influenced thrash bands during the late 1980s..

Here you get a live recording  from 7 / 11 / 92 outta osaka, japan, and except ten at least arigato from the englishmen you also get a cover from discharge's "death dealers" and s.o.d.'s "speak english (japanese) or die" alongside some killer sox songs...
Also get their silence 7'' here
Now, they are active again and planning a new european tour

extremely hardcore

Dbill from 80's :
Sometimes you wonder with yourself, how an amazing band has been under your nose (or between your other records in this circumstance!), and you never gave them a listen until some years after you passed by the record sleeve, again and again!!

Last night i listened to the silence EP and started banging my head against the walls... Fucking good thrash punk, speedy and angry, a true diamond amongst the UK punk scene. This is equivalent to Discharge, Ripcord, Heresy and the lot...give it a carefull listen and start playing like this with your band!

d bill the 3rd

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