Feb 10, 2010

A.P.D. - demo

Some time ago dany from torino has sent me some links for the hardcore punk band frammenti, and a couple days ago sent me a link to check out his old band from torino (turin). In his own words : APD (antisocial personality disorder) it's my old band. Shitty, downtuned, crust / grind. Our drummer was the same of Social Inseurity and Afterbirth at they start.
Luka used to live in scortland, and when he come back we started to play to support our friends Ratbull Bite, but they fast broke up and their gutarrist joined us on APD and we played for three-four years only in italy, in our anarcho/punk scene. Alex ,our bass player is living @ EL PASo, our oldest Squat.
4 guys with too many different priorities, work,  politics, stupidity etc... 4 years seems too much time for APD... (bob-voice, luka-drums, alex-bass, marco-guitar, dany-guitar)

Now, some guys from APD created the band Zeitgeist...
Here you get well played old-scholl grindcore with topics against state and gods (in general, including Gantzos religion) with crusty mid-tempo parts before blastbeat attacks. You may not get the new (!!!!) nasum album here but this band is very good for the type of music that plays (i have to admit : i'm not the biggest fan of grindcore)...
Hope you'll enjoy them... cheers daniel


Hour of the chicken :
Never heard of A.P.D. before, and i guess i won't hear anything new since they have apparently dis-banned!

Actually, this isn't bad at all...indeed this isn't your new Nasum-like favorite band, but they definately have their moments...This is something between the older grindcore stuff (Napalm Death, Brutal Truth etc.) and the more modern tunes of bands like Nasum, Rotten Sound (fuck!!!) and Gadget.. Death like riffs, which are followed by some rocking crusty parts, with dual vocal trade-offs from deep gutteral grouwl to screaming scorcher.

Some tracks have a kind of a good production (the ones with the more mature structure and more powerfull riffs), while others don't follow expectations (the older ones i guess..more raw but in a bad way), but since this is a demo they are easily excused!

Not bad at all.


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