Feb 3, 2010

Arxi tou telous (Beginning of the end) - Thorivos (noise)

This band has nothing to do with the 3 piece crust group beginning of the end from uk...
Arxi tou telous (Beginning of the end in english) is a four piece act from athens, greece...
After making some important member changes (bassist and drummer) these guys started  to take their selfs more seriously, and the mini greek tour with usa's anarcho crust-punks Witch hunt is a proof i think..
As you imagine the name is borrowed by the almighty Amebix, and yes indeed these guys you can say that have some later amebix influences, mainly in the battle hymn drum hitting (i think). As it's perfectly clear, the main songwriting was made by the guitarist and mastermind of the band K. A lot of "weird" killing joke's guitars mixed with huge fugazi guitar parts more or less (red medicine era), even some post rock long time "fillers". The bass lines are solid (from the good friend and classmate P.) and clear enough, so you can understand what the hell is happening... The only thing that i don't like is the vocals that is a little bit poetic and clear and i think that doesn't match so good, but then that's my opinion, i guess i would prefer it more screaming...
This is a self release and i think is already out so check it out and buy it to help the band make more great music... I had stolen this rip from greek punk blog so cheers to them


Hour of the Wolvy (in greek language) :
Prwth (nomizw) hxhtikh douleia twn Arxh tou Telous, kai enw den mporw na pw oti me porwnei, par'ola auta anagnwrizw oti einai ena kalodoulemeno kai demeno apotelesma.

Pragmati, akougontai kapoies anafores se Amebix, enw ka8'olh th diarkeia tou diskou uparxei mia atmosfairikh ais8hsh. An eprepe wstoso na to katata3w kapou, gia kapoio periergo logo pio eukola 8a to evaza sto rock, para sto punk/hardcore/crust h' den 3erw kai gw ti allo. Yparxei arketh ki8aristikh douleia...h mpanta demenh sto sunolo ths (opws anafer8hke kai pio prin), enw kai emena den mou poluaresei h fwnh.

Logw tou oti genikws oi hxolhptes ths elladas koliontai na vgaloun kana sovaro hxo, peran tou (asovarou) tupikou ellhnikou pok (..vlepe ''zofo''..), 8a h8ela na dw kai thn mpanta live gia na sxhmatisw mia pio oloklhrwmenh apopsh.

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